Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Zaman dulu-dulu

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hi everyone! Happy to see me again? Hehe.

Rite now next to me En. Zulhabri and Midun are playing some old romantic songs which i favour much hehe. Mengembalikan kenangan lama when Yaya and i used to listen to these songs together back our time in Pre-U dulu :)

I have one happy news for you all. I managed to join MBA program in UIA, will be starting in this becoming July insya-Allah.

Currently bz handling reunion for my school batch on this becoming 1 May. I used not to contact my frens during my study time dulu. And now i did, and only then i realized how much i missed them, how much i appreciate and treasure them, in my deepest heart. They were the one who backed me up in everything. Still remember despite of my position as Head Girl and Penolong Ketua Aspuri, my dormmates and i pernah kena denda tidur kat luar koridor for twice sbb buat bising..1 sbb excited nak balik umah, and the other sbb celebrate birthday saper ntah. Dahlah time tu tgh demam, warden tahan tak bagi masuk bilik sampai pukul 1 ker pukul 2 pagi. Pastu dia suh masuk bilik. Hehe.

During kena denda pasal celebrate birthday tu, our warden was very, very SAIKO. Coz she tortured us by giving lecture like this: (i still remember becoz i found it so funny, yet saiko jugak hehe)

Warden : Kenapa tak light off lagi? Dah pukul berapa dah ni?
Kami : Senyap (tak berani nak menjawab)
Warden : Ooo, kamu tak tahu nak light off pukul berapa yer? Nak cikgu terangkan?
Baik, kamu kenal apa itu jam?
Jam adalah sesuatu benda yang menunjukkan masa. Tak tau nak tgk masa light off? Light off pukul 11.15
Kami : Senyap lagi
Warden : Tak tahu nak tgk jam ker masing-masing? Mari sini cikgu terangkan yer (dgn nada berapi-api melecture kitorang)
Kamu kenal tak apa itu jarum panjang? Jarum panjang adalah jarum yang menunjuk kepada angka jam.
Apabila pukul 11.15 mlm, jarum panjang akan menunjuk kepada nombor 11.
Kami : Senyap lagi, but me dah start nak gelak sbb mcm rasa kelakar.
Warden : Tahu apa itu jarum pendek? Jarum pendek adalah jarum yang menunjuk angka minit. Kalau masa light off,
jarum pendek akan menunjuk kepada angka 3. Faham?!!
Kami : Senyap lagi. Semua menikus.
Warden : Angkat tangan masing-masing, saya nak ketuk tangan.
Kami : Serentak angkat tangan dan kenalah ketuk tgn dgn pembaris kayu.

Luckily i was the first person yg kena, so taklah sakit sgt. Yg lain, ada yang hampir nak berdarah. Agaknya warden ngamuk kot sbb masing-masing buat reaksi senyap, dia ingat tak sakit kot. Tu yang makin kuat dia ketuk tangan tu, nasib, nasib. Hehe. Sebelum dia bagi kami masuk tidur dlm dorm, dia kata esok nama kami kena panggil sorang2 kat depan perhimpunan.

Esoknya, i hide myself from others. Dah takut giler kalau kena panggil kat depan. Yerlah, pengawas buat perangai, maunya tak malu nanti kalau kena panggil. Alhamdulillah lepas, warden tak panggil pun. Tapi Ketua Aspuri (my geng juga tapi lain dorm) pandang lain macam jek. Yerlah, dah diamanah utk bantu dia jaga disiplin asrama, dgn penolong2 dia sekali kena denda dgn warden sbb buat perangai. Nasib ler dapat penolong like me.

Yg second case tu, semua kena tidur dlm stor next to our dorm. Giler maut punyer hukuman. Hehe.

Apa pun, semuanya menjadi kenangan manis (kenangan pahit pun jadi manis jugak hehe) di sekolah dulu. Nice nice.

And insya-Allah in next 2 weeks, i'll be seeing all of them. Some has established themselves in career and family, and some are still pursuing their studies. Apa pun, it will nice to see them after abt 7 yrs being separated from each other. How Allah has shown me that i am still lucky of having these people as my friends by giving me opportunity to contact and handle the reunion. Alhamdulillah wa subhanallah di atas segalanya :)

Utk Hany, i know it's been quite long we have not met each other. Terserempak dgn Ika and Farah pun during lunch tadi kat kantin. Rasa mcm nak peluk jer Ika tapi segan ler pulak depan org. And tadi dengan beraninya sentuh perut Farah yang semakin membesar hehe. Semoga Farah and kandungannya sejahtera selalu.

Ok, panjang pulak dah citer ni. Later k.

Wassalam. :)

ps: Utk someone yg merasakan tekanan kerjanya di tahap volcano nak meletus, sabarlah. Perbanyakkan sabar, insya-Allah everything will be fine. The time will come where all problem will fade. Just be strong k :)

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Fraudsters in FMD

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I know you are not going to believe this!! There are fraudsters in FMD!! Seriously!!

Wanna know who?

Keyrul, Suhaini and ME!! I repeat, ME!!


Actually this evening after office hour, i have completed my task and suddenly these 2 persons came to me and invited to have a drink together. And i went. Waktu tgh minum tu, byk bende kitorang cerita, and i never expect that Keyrul at one day will admit something to me, eventhough it was indirectly meant (and i think i was the only one who understand since i knew the whole story). I'm not going to tell ya what was it, but heck, it was something came honest from his heart eventhough it looks like he was pretentious not to look so. Haha, gottcha!

After finishing our drinks and his dinner, we discussed on the SME that we had presented on last Monday. Discussed on the comments given by Tn Hj and the overall results. SME result was out, but with no personal comments to each presentation that we made except those comments given right after our presentation session was done.

We want to know what was in Tn Hj's mind and opinion on our presentation results and skills, one by one. And suddenly Keyrul came up with this idea! Apa kata kita pergi geledah and tgk result SME kat tempat Midun? Takkan dia simpan dlm cabinet kot? I was so surprised hearing that actually, yerlah becoz we never do that kind of stuff before,kan. But not that long i was also become very fonded with that idea and we agreed to be come the fraudsters of FMD, by curi2 tgk comment Tn Hj pasal kitorang personally!!

Crazy! Yes, it was. Bukannya bende tu rahsia sgt pun, sbb Midun mmg invite kitorang utk tk sendiri comment Tn Hj pada kitorang. Masalahnya dia ada kes siasatan kat Penang skang ni, ntah biler nak balik, tu yg tak sabar nak tgk tu.

Balik ofis, the first thing we did was visiting Midun's place and searching for the folder. We couldn't find it. Keyrul didn't want to give up and checked bawah meja pulak. Here were they! And he just grabbed those papers and start looking for Tn Hj's comments on us!

And you want to know what Tn Hj's comment on me?

Alhamdulillah, i was very satisfied on what he did comment on my performance. No need to be stated in here. Every praise is returned back to Allah as He is the One who qualified for those praises. Syukur alhamdulillah :)

Dear readers, I would like to have your favour. Please, and please. Do not tell this thing at anybody, especially someone from FMD. Eventhough the results were not secret actually, tapi kami dah violate hak privacy dan kepercayaan Midun.

The only thing that i can learn from this whole experience is....


Sbb tu ramai yg terjerumus sbb dosa itu seronok, mudah manakala nak berjuang ke jalan kebaikan itu, jalannya amat payah, derita, mengorbankan keseronokan diri sendiri dan sebagainya.

Next time i won't do it. What do you feel if someone geledah your things just to have some stupid results that you gonna give it to him anyway? The time is the only barrier.

Biarlah rahsia ini antara kita, aight?


Iringilah satu-satu kejahatan itu dengan kebaikan, moga dengan kebaikan itu ia akan dapat memadam akan kejahatan tadi (Pemahaman diri sendiri berdasarkan sepotong hadith yang dah tak ingat susunan wording dan sumbernya)

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Assalamualaikum and wbt,

Semalam i was extremely happy sampai dpt migraine :)

I was very happy due to my successful presentation for Subject Matter Expert, my group was the only group yg terima comment yg paling ringan berbanding group2 yang lain. Tn Hj comment takde comparison dgn entity lain, takut FMD buat procedure syok sendiri jer hehe. Alhamdulillah, i was very contented and happy :)

Semalam Mak Teh tak sihat, so i went to Arabic class by myself alone. This was my second time pergi kelas Arab sorang2. Tapi best jugak, cuma takut jugaklah sbb pegi kelas malam-malam. Kalau ikut rasa, macam tak nak pergi sbb sorang-sorang jer yang nak pegi kelas, tapi bila fikirkan nanti tak dapat ilmu, pergi jugalah. Rugi rasanya tak pergi sbb selama ni pun asyik tak dpt nak attend sbb selalu pergi outstation.

Ustaz Rahimi ajar ttg wazan2, pening kepala sbb ada 10 wazan nak kena hafal and practice. Pasni nak kena study bebetul balik. Tak faham dibuatnya. Next month peksa pulak tu. Aaaaa.

Soalan :Apa buku yang anda sedang baca sekarang ini?
Jawapan : Tiada kecuali buku Arab, tu pun sebab pergi kelas.
Soalan : Susah ker nak buka buku apa pun?
Jawapan : Takde masa sekarang ni, balik kerja jer penat. Rasa nak tidur terus. Tu yang tak buka buku tu.
Soalan : Habis tu biler agaknya boleh buka buku?
Jawapan : Mungkin during weekends kot, tu pun mungkin novel, majalah. Penatlah, nak relax jer during weekends.

Familiar with the dialogue? I believe most of us facing the same problem, susah sangat nak buka buku. Skang ni apa kata kita mulakan kempen " One page for a day". Should be nice,kan? :)

Apa nak baca hari ni ek?

Browse Internet jerlah.....(kat Internet pun kita boleh dpt ilmu,kan? ;)


Thursday, April 01, 2004


Assalamualaikum and greetings,

What a hectic day for today, serius terasa mcm nak nangis n rasa nak berhenti keje, tak larat nak keje jer rasanya.

Lepas solat Asar tadi, duduk sekejap merenung karenah diri selama 24 tahun ni. Teringat kembali zaman kecil-kecil sampai dah besar ni. Banyak kenangan manis dan pahit yang dicipta, alhamdulillah untuk kesemuanya. Kak iqin tunjuk gambar kami waktu ketika ke pondok kat Kelantan dulu hehe. Nama group kitorang Pondokeers, kelakar pulak rasanya hehe.

That was my first time wearing tudung labuh sejak keluar sekolah menengah dulu. One statement i issued out waktu kat pondok dulu was my reluctance to wear jubah. Rasa mcm diri hipokrit. Alhamdulillah skang ni takde perasaan tu lagi. Keinginan diri yang diperkenankan Allah. Dulu selalu doa kalau dah kuar MMU nanti, tak nak rasa segan pakai jubah kat public. Cuma skang ni tak mampu nak pakai tudung labuh jer kat luar. Sumer tudung labuh dah hilang gi mana ntah. Dulu kat U malas nak pakai sbb malas nak gosok. Besar sgt hehe. Lama-lama hilang dah tudung tu. Ada satu yg warna pink dan warna kuning jek. Yang putih dan hijau ntah gi mana ntah. Hehe. Ntah bilerlaa nak pakai lagi.

Dah 2 hari teringat kat Yaya. She is my best buddy kat Pre-U dulu, my roommate. I was very happy to have her as my roommate. Rajin, pandai dan wacky jugak kekadang. Perangai and ketrampilan kitorang mmg berbeza habis. But we managed to stay and have fun together. Masih ingat lagi panjat bumbung hostel nak tgk meteor rain sampai pukul 4 pagi. Ah, zaman Pre-U mmg best!

Oklah, i couldn't take it anymore. Actually just drop by sbb nak hilang tension bekerja ni. Skang nak balik and have a review on articles abt Customer Handling. Sekarang ni hidup mcm agak cacamarba sket sbb byk keje yg berlainan bidang yg nak dicater. Nak cater customer, cater legal cases, cater fraud account, tak larat sebenarnya.

Sabar iena, sabar. Jangan mengeluh. Banyakkan bersabar krn kerja ini tidak akan habis sehingga anda berumur 55 tahun (sekiranya umur masih panjang dan tiada faktor lain yang mengakibatkan tempoh bekerja menjadi singkat). Hehe.

Ok, assalamualaikum.