Friday, October 29, 2004

My younger sis buat havoc

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Guys, better believe me, my younger sis's Master project had caused an accident and someone had died!

She went to IWK (Indah Water) to take some water samples from the company's waste water treatment plant, and supposedly her assistant from UM is the one who should take the sample. What happened was, this one particular Indian guy from IWK offered his help to take the sample. Unfortunately, he slipped over and went drown despite of my younger sis and other UM and another IWK staff's efforts to rescue him. They really tried hard to save him, but to no avail.

I was the first person in the family that she informed about this, and followed by my auntie. We advice my sis not to tell our parent about this, coz i believe that my mum won't let her continue the project, for her safety reason. But my younger sis insists to tell our father, and she did this morning when my mum was not around.

Hmm..i'm not sure what will happen to her project, but what can i see, UM has no problem to let her continue her project despite of this tragedy. IWK, hmm.. not so sure. But this is not the first time accident did happened to their plant.

Last night went to see this pakcik who actually was with my sis to take the sample. He was afraid if his police statement today will be contradict to my sis's. We went to his house, and guess what, instead of we feel any nervousness, scared or whatever, we ended up laughing like nobody business coz this pakcik is seriously funny. Ada ker citer pasal burung Flamingo tercekik kat dlm kolam tu. Aiyyaa..cannot tahan gelak. Dah lama tak gelak mcm tu punyer gelak, kelakar betul :)

This morning Eqa went to UM to make police statement with other 2 UM staff.

Macam macam perkara terjadi.

Dugaan...and dugaan ini tak sehebat dugaan saudara-saudara kita di selatan Thailand.

Doakan mereka dan umat Islam seluruhnya tabah dan kuat di bulan Ramadhan ini.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

FeeL sLeePY aLL ThE WaY

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Feel sleepy, tak tau naper, since first Ramadhan tu i have this problem of feel sleepy easily especially during afternoon.

Aiiyaa.. help me! Help me!



Monday, October 25, 2004

To love ourselves and others

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Just wanna share the things i've learnt during Nisa' seminar on last Saturday.

I was so shocked to see students all around Malaysia excluding Sabah n Sarawak were coming down to join the seminar (abt 50 students), which initially i was told that the meeting was for Nisa' committee which will not be more than 20 people, so i booked the hotel for 20 pax for the first time, and the amount of pax was being altered to 50 pax as being requested at the very last minute by Nisa' team. Ended up abt 80 people turned up. Very much happy actually :)

I'm not going to touch on political thingy as i think we all were 'tepu' by my last posting abt the Gov and Opposition potential relationships in Malaysia. Enough of it, i guess.

Masya-Allah, terkejutnya rasa apabila delegasi student one by one appeared and said they were coming down all the way from Penang, Kelantan, JB, Perak, gosh! How strong they were to come down to KL just for a-1 day program! They arrived here on Saturday morning, and went back to their place rite after our ifthar, on that verily night!! I felt so shameful of myself during that day for i know i have no courage to do as what they did. They have this passion to travel far away just to attend one day program, and i have to admit that i dun have that.

Shame on me, shame on me :(

Never mind, i've learnt one thing by looking at them. Do not take things for granted, and belajar untuk mengenal erti susah.

The best part during the seminar was the motivational talk given by Kak Sabrina assisted by her younger sis, Kak Nora. They touched abt love and support, changes to be thought and done,and lastly about 'ilm. Strive for knowledge.

It is common for us to say I Love You to other people, but it is quite rare for us to say physically that we love ourselves, and allow other people to love and support us for we used to mistrust people at certain times and at certain occasions. I have to admit that i never say to myself that i love myself, i sometimes do feel contented, yes, that is for sure, but to say to myself that i love myself very much, never in my life. And actually it was never appear to my mind pun to say that. I've read lots of books telling that to love others, we have to love ourselves first. Yeah, i do get the point, but in this seminar then i realized what these book writers that i've read before were saying exactly actually.

Love is not about feeling, it is about ACTION. When you love something or someone, prove it by action and not by jiwang2 or whatsoever. That is meant by love actually.

And there were some other stuff being explained during the course, and we were served by a multimedia presentation which i am 100% confident that the presentation were being done by Ija Mazlan and Asey as i saw their pictures in those presentation. Bangga pulak rasanya anak sedara and junior sendiri rajin contribute tenaga dlm hal-hal sebegini :)

That is i think for now. Insya-Allah we'll meet again tomorrow.


Friday, October 22, 2004

Voice out your opinions!!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Tetiba this morning terpk bende ni, just wanna make a survey and spark our interests on the issue of deciding which type of leadership do you favour most for our beloved country, Malaysia :)

Do you personally feel that there are rooms for improvement for government and opposition parties to sit and collaborate together for the betterment of Malaysian and ummah?

Give your comments ya!

Wanna see your perceptions towards today's Malaysian politics, after this we might go for ummah leadership pulak ;)

Thursday, October 21, 2004



Akhbar THE SUN keluaran hujung minggu lalu dikira menarik kerana memuatkan wawancara pemberita terkemuka JOYCELYN TAN dengan tokoh wanita PAS, DR SITI MARIAH MAHMUD yang juga AJK PAS Pusat.Banyak isu yang telah disentuh dalam wawancara panjang lebar tersebut. Jelas dalam wawancara ini Dr Mariah telah menonjolkan suatu imej yang jarang-jarang didengari oleh orang-ramai khususnya rakyat Malaysia. Selama ini rakyat dimomokkan seolah-olah wanita PAS adalah warga kelas dua yang tidak mendapat tempat dalam parti tersebut. Melalui wawancara ini Dr. Mariah seorang profesional, pemimpin kanan PAS yang duduk sebaris dengan Presiden, Timbalan Presiden dan Naib-naib Presiden PAS di dalam JK Pusatnya, telah berjaya membuktikan betapa wanita di dalam PAS sebenarnya berperanan besar dan sentiasa bersama arus perdana parti tersebut.Satu isu yang menarik perhatian saya adalah apabila JOYCELYN menyoal berhubung isu pendidikan dan jurang antara penduduk bandar dan luar bandar, Dr Mariah telah dengan berani mengulas langsung isu meritokrasi yang menjadi isu perdebatan besar dalam masyarakat hari ini.

DR SITI MARIAH MAHMUD - AJK PAS PUSAT Kata Dr Mariah beliau bersetuju dengan meritokrasi sebagai suatu syarat di bidang pendidikan, namun meritokrasi itu tidaklah semata-mata bergantung kepada pencapaian akademik semata-mata tanpa mengambil kira faktor lain. Beliau melontarkan beberapa syarat tambahan yang perlu diambil kira, termasuklah jurang antara sekolah bandar dan luar bandar tadi, pendapatan ibu-bapa, taraf hidup dan seumpamanya yang perlu turut dijadikan garis panduan kepada perlaksanaan meritokrasi.Dr Mariah menyebut:So, a Malay in the urban area compared with a Malay in the rural area, definitely they are far apart. So, to me, in this set-up, if you want to look at meritocracy, it's not only grades. I do not agree with just grades. You have to have criteria for everything in education. For instance, academic performance, you give a certain weightage. Schools! Which school do you come from? If you are in VI [Victoria Institution] and someone else can score a better result in, say, Sekolah Menengah Pokok Sena, where I come from, which is very rural, definitely, we know who will perform better. So, the schools will also have to be graded. Urban, rural, family background. Come on, if I am a doctor and my children are hopeless, there's something wrong. There must also be family criteria. If my son can only get the same result as someone in the rural area, then the farmer's son deserves better than mine. Similarly, when you draw up these criteria of meritocracy, we have to look into all aspects to be fair. And weightage to be given, everybody sit down ... MIC, MCA, DAP, PAS ... everybody, all walks of life, sit down and together we make the weightage, the criteria, for meritocracy, not just academic. And from there, we stick to it. We will fight about it, never mind. We [can] sit down or throw chairs at each other and say how this should be... and if we all Malaysians can accept this sort of meritocracy and criteria, then everybody will be happier.

Bermakna disamping kecermerlangan akademik, murid di luar bandar dikenakan standard yang berbeza dengan yang di bandar, pelajar dari keluarga yang kaya dikenakan standard yang lebih tinggi dari yang miskin dan begitulah berikutnya.Saya kira idea ini sungguh bernas dalam situasi masyarakat berbilang kaum dalam negara kita. PAS perlu mengkaji cadangan ini dan dijadikan sebagai dasar perjuangannya berhubung isu pendidikan. Rakyat malaysia di luar menunggu-nunggu pandangan PAS berhubung isu-isu seumpama ini. Jangan persiakan pandangan baik ini.Jelas dalam wawancara tersebut JOYCELYN begitu tertarik sehingga bertanya adakah PAS akan mengemukakan tuntutan seumapam ini dalam isu meritokrasi.

posted by Roslan SMS 8:50 AM

Excerpt from msm yahoogroups.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Life is a gift

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Today before you think of saying an unkind word
Think of someone who cant speak

Before you complain about the taste of your food
Think of someone who has nothing to eat

Before you complain about your husband or wife
Think of someone who's crying out to God for a companion

Today before you complain about life
Think of someone who went too early to heaven

Before you complain about your children
Think of someone who desires children but they're barren

Before you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean or sweep
Think of the people who are living in the streets

Before whining about the distance you drive
Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet

And when you are tired and complain about your job
Think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who wished they had your job

But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another
Remember that not one of us are without sin and we all answer to one maker

And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down
Put a smile on your face and thank God you're alive and still around

Life is a gift
Live it...
Enjoy it...
Celebrate it...
And fulfill it.

And while you are at it give love to someone today
Love someone with what you do and the words you say
Love is not meant to be kept locked inside of us and hidden
So give it away "Give Love to someone today!"

Excerpt taken from kroni yahoogroup.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Ketenangan di bulan Ramadhan :)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Kaifa haal antum? Khayr?

Ana alhamdulillah, di bulan Ramadhan ini terasa hati lebih tenang, masya Allah :)

Semalam bermesyuarat di rumah Zainal bersama Kak Aza, Mudin, Ustaz Md Noor dr Melaka dan seorang bro dr Kolej Yayasan Melaka (tak tau saper nama dia), alhamdulillah, byk perkara yg dikupaskan dan dipelajari. Lama dah tak join usrah Tokcik, tu yg sekali join tu, seronok rasanya. Ingat lagi ketika di SRC, setiap minggu ada usrah selepas Subuh and wajib hadir, kalau tak kena keluar surat tunjuk sebab naper tak hadir hehe. Gembira bertambah bila di dalam perjalanan pergi ada rezeki yang hadir tak disangka-sangka, dan di dalam perjalanan pulang, berjumpa dgn geng rapat yang sama nama, Zurina grad Accounting UIA, alhamdulillah :)

Di sebalik kegembiraan tak tersangka-sangka tu, ada juga dugaan yang menimpa. I was having running nose yang agak heavy juga sampai menghabiskan tisu rumah Zainal dan memaksa dia membeli tisu baru (extra 3 kotak tisu lagi tu untuk ana) sbg supply tambahan. Hehe. Takpelah,kan..tak dpt jamu minuman, jamu tisu pun ok ler hehe. Having heavy flu sampai kepala pening, balik umah terus tidur tak prepare juadah berbuka pun :) Betullah di dalam bulan Ramadhan, kesabaran hati lebih menebal. Nak marah orang, biler ingat kita sdg berpuasa, tahan jer hati supaya jgn marah. Kalau di bulan-bulan biasa, mmg senang jer nak terpamer kemarahan tu samada melalui mulut ataupun di hati.

Semoga kita semua mendapat rahmat, kemuliaan dan keampunan Allah di bulan mulia ini. Siapa yang tidak takut jika ini adalah Ramadhan terakhir kita? Banyak lagi dosa yang tidak terbasuh, maka sama-sama kita berusaha mengejar kebaikan dan rahmat di bulan mulia ini, insya-Allah.

Pagi-pagi lagi bro Tomie kenalan dr Mesir memberitahu bahawa sahabatnya meninggal dibunuh di Mesir. Membaca berita di Utusan, astaghfirullah, zaujah dan anak-anak turut menjadi mangsa. Di bulan Ramadhan, masih tergamak untuk membunuh orang? Allahualam, manusia sudah semakin hilang kewarasannya, apatah lagi apabila melibatkan harta dan wang.

Apa pun, semoga roh mereka mendapat keampunan dr Allah.

Doakan juga saudara-saudara kita yang sedang di dalam perang dan cabaran agar mereka tabah di dalam menghadapi Ramadhan ini. Kita yang mampu beribadat tanpa sebarang rasa takut dan halangan besar di Malaysia ini, perbanyakkanlah syukur. Selagi ada kudrat, pergunakannya untuk Allah dan Islam.

Moga kita menjadi di kalangan mereka yang terpelihara, dunia dan akhirah, insya-Allah.

Akhirul kalam, wassalam :)

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Self assessment :)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the centre of attention, but sufficiently well balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate and understanding; who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

Click here to find out yours :)

Love all of you guys, always :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hmm...sabarlah hati..sabar!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Aaaaaaaaaaaa...tensenyaaaa, this morning my GM buat i sakit jantung by requesting Kak Fida to lead the meeting for Business Plan today as he received an e mail from Dato' Khir requesting our BP to be submitted to him before next week. And yes, Kak Fida is still absent and who is the one that he'll search for kalau Kak Fida absent?? Me ler, saper lagi sbb pernah duduk ganti tempat Kak Fida as BC for 3 months yang lepas.

Ok, bab yg tensenya ialah i dah start imagine akan dok lepak2 di kampung for about 4 days starting from tomorrow since mmg every year di kampung akan buat kenduri ' mantai', and guess what? Dgn selambanya GM cakap dlm meeting pagi tadi " Zurina, awak kena cancel cuti ler sampai end of this week". What??!! Cancel cuti?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..tensenya!!!

Managers lain dah gelak2, lempang kang baru tau. Ingat senang ker org nak balik kampung. My weekends mmg akan penuh dgn kelas MBA, mana sempat nak balik kampung. Sementara tgh semester break ni laa, org nak ambil kesempatan balik kampung, and heck, he's asking me to cancel off my 2 days leave??? Tensionnyaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!!!!

Ok, sabar sabar. Ni ler nasib jadi org bawahan ni, kena ikut cakap ketua. if yes, yes, if no, then no. Hmm...tgklah camner nanti. Balik jugak kot Sabtu pagi and balik petang Ahad. Rindu ngan Atuk n Uwan, dah lama tak jenguk derang. Isk isk, tulah masalahnya kalau kelas are conducted during weekends, you cannot balik kampung atau pegi kenduri org kawen :(

Okes, till then, see ya!!


Sabar itu separuh drpd iman.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Tak sabar menunggu Ramadhan, diri ini sudah terlalu berkarat dgn dosa, hopefully masih dpt menghirup nafas untuk menyambut bulan mulia ini dan membersihkan diri. Dulu waktu ana kecik-kecik, bulan Ramadhan ler yg ana paling tak suka nak sambut sbb tak boleh nak makan (tapi Raya ter'over' suka pulak hehe).

Hari ni dpt belajar sedikit ilmu dr Zainal, ilmu dakwah dan doa.

Pasal ilmu dakwah tu, ana tak dpt nak terangkan kat sini sbb dengar sket2 jek. Stored dlm kepala, tapi x tau camner nak tulis kat sini. Ingat sket2 jek point dia, tu pun kabus-kabus lagi mcm di Tanah Tinggi Genting Highlands :)

Ttg doa, hmm, kdg2 kita tersalah doa cthnya "Ya Allah, Kau tabahkanlah hatiku selalu", biler kita berdoa mcm tu, Allah bagilah kita segala pelbagai dugaan dan musibah sbb nak kabulkan doa kita agar tabah. Get what i mean?

So, please pray correctly. Actually i used to pray the exact doa kat atas tadi. Pasni nak kena tukar doa lain, and not be forgotten, BE SPECIFIC (ikut nasihat Aida hehe)

Khamis dan Jumaat ni, ana balik kampung untuk kenduri 'mantai'. Kenduri ni kami buat utk sambut Ramadhan. Bestnyaa, gembiranya kalau dpt sambut Ramadhan kali ini, moga ia akan menjadi Ramadhan yang lebih baik dr Ramadhan ana yang lepas-lepas :)

Ana ada satu berita gembira, semalam dapat result Arabic, alhamdulillah ana mumtazah :). Rezeki Allah, subhanallah walhamdulillah. Ada sorang bro ni dijemput bercakap Arab di depan kami semua ketika majlis penyerahan sijil, isk, jelesnya rasa. Terasa nak sambung pulak next session regardless i ada kelas malam ker tidak. Tgklah nanti camner. Berdoa dipermudahkan usaha dan jalan untuk ana k :)

Dapat satu berita gembira dari sorang adik tersayang, 'hari besar' insya-Allah pada tahun hadapan. Alhamdulillah :)


Monday, October 11, 2004

Rama-rama Dan Cinta Lelaki..

Wahai wanita, anda adalah perhiasan.
Dunia ini menjadi indah kerana adanya anda yg bernama wanita.
Tanpa anda dunia pasti diselubungi sugul.
Para lelaki yg mendiami bumi ini akan ketandusan kasih.
Dunia pasti tidak menarik untuk didiami.
Rasanya dunia akan penuh dengan kekejaman dan perbuatan2

'sampai hati' sesama sendiri

Wahai wanita, anda ibarat rama-rama yg mengindahkan lagi alam.
Anda telah menyempurnakan keindahan bunga.
Sempurnalah keindahan apabila bunga dikitari sang rama-rama.
Namun anda yg bernama wanita,
mengapa ramai sekali yg sengaja merosakkan diri

di tengah2 kebuasan lelaki.

Memang keinginan untuk berteman fitrah insan,
tapi tak usah mangsakan diri anda
untuk lelaki yg kurang perasaan.
Tamsilkanlah diri anda sebagaimana rama-rama.
Keindahan anda mudah terlerai sebagaimana
mudahnya rama-rama terlerai daripada keindahannya
apabila ia disentuh.

Tatkala rama-rama sudah hilang keindahan,
tiada siapa akan pedulikannya lagi.
Memang ramai wanita berasa bangga

apabila digilai ramai lelaki.

Tapi wahai wanita, sayap anda yg indah itu

pasti luntur sedikit demi sedikit,
melekat di jari lelaki tatkala dia menyentuh anda,
sebagaimana sayap rama-rama

berpindah coraknya ke jari anda
tatkala anda menyentuh serangga yg kecil itu.

Apakah anda tidak berasa rugi?
Apakah anda tidak berasa apa2 yg hilang?

Jika anda seorang wanita sejati,

anda patut berasa rugi sebab ketahuilah,
lelaki amat berbangga sekali

apabila dia dapat meletakkan tangannya
ke atas tubuh anda sedangkan dia tahu,

dia tidak berhak berbuat begitu.

Bezanya lelaki dengan wanita,
lelaki tidak kehilangan apa2
biar berapa ramai wanita yg berada di sekelilingnya,
tapi anda pasti rugi setiap kali ada tangan2
yg tidak berhak hinggap di tubuh anda.

Hanya dengan sekali sentuh
corak rama-rama sudah boleh musnah,
kalau dua kali sentuh mungkin seluruh coraknya tiada,
kalau tiga kali sentuh tidak mustahil
sayap yg asalnya indah itu terkoyak.
Jatuhlah sang rama-rama di atas tanah
tanpa siapa mempedulikannya lagi.

Lihatlah kehidupan dari sudut yg begini.
Agar dengan itu anda dapat memelihara diri
daripada menjadi habuan sang lelaki
yg hanya ingin mencalitkan noda ke atas diri anda.
Apa untungnya digilai dan diminati,
kemudian berkorban sesuatu
apabila ditagih atau diragut dengan kasar,
kemudian anda ditinggalkan pergi.
Dimanakah nilai anda setelah jatuh ke tanah
dan kedua2 belah sayap anda telah tiada.

Wahai wanita, kasihilah diri anda
dengan menjadikan diri anda berharga.
Nilai anda tentu terletak pada harga diri
yg hanya sanggup dibayar
oleh seorang lelaki dengan harga kejujuran.
Apalah ertinya digilai kalau yg menggilai
hanya lelaki yg tidak tahu diri.
Anda sama sekali tidak berharga
biarpun tinggi nilainya di mata lelaki
yg tahunya melihat anda sebagai `alat'.

Tapi anda ibarat mutiara dipuncak bukit
di mata seorang lelaki yg jujur.
Memang sukar sedikit untuk mencari mereka.
Biar terlewat, sebab bersikap pemilih daripada tersalah pilih.
Lelaki terbaik tidak mudah ditemui di mana2.
Dia satu dalam seribu.
Sudah tentu untuk mencarinya payah.

Itu lebih baik daripada bertemu insan yg salah,
sudahnya hanya mencemarkan hidup anda.
Biar hidup sendiri dan selesa membina pahala
daripada hidup berdua
tetapi menjadi pencetus dosa ke neraka.

Biar hidup seorang dan berenang menuju TUHAN
dengan selesa dan bahagia,
daripada hidup berdua dan merasakan
diri masih menggoda untuk semua.

Biar hidup sendiri dan masih kekal serinya
daripada dikelilingi lelaki
tetapi telah hilang maruah diri.
Biar lambat bertemu jodoh tetapi tinggi peribadi
daripada cepat jodohnya
tetapi tidak lama ditinggalkan pergi.

Biar menjadi rama-rama dengan sayapnya yg terang dan indah
daripada sang kelkatu yg menerjah api.


Note: Wanita dijadikan dari tulang rusuk kiri,bukan dari tulang kepala untuk memerintah lelaki dan bukan juga tulang kaki untuk menghamba diri pada lelaki,tetapi tulang yang dekat dengan jantung lelaki...untuk merasai setiap degup jantung lelaki yang mencintainya dengan penuh kehormatan dan kasih sayang." --> this is not a hadeeth, please note that. Tq.

Friday, October 08, 2004


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Ana postkan perbualan ana dgn bro CPol, sahabat baik ana this morning.

iena_panadol: ameen (meng'ameen'kan doa CPol)
nursaiful: mudah-mudahan Panadol... kita cuma berdoa. amin...
iena_panadol: :)
iena_panadol: yer kita cuma berdoa, tapi doa tu pun usaha juga,kan?
nursaiful: na'am... sebab tu la Allah amat sayang hambaNya yang berdoa... kerana mereka berusaha sebelum bertawakkal...bukannya sekadar menyerah nasib tanpa sebarang ikhtiar
nursaiful: bahkan sahabat pernah bertanya kepada Rasulullahnursaiful: "jadi perlukah kami tambahkan berdoa
nursaiful: Rasulullah jawab...
nursaiful: kurniaan Allah itu lebih luas (lebih banyak daripada apa yang kamu mohonkan)... berdoalah...:)
iena_panadol: :)
iena_panadol: anta buat hati ana sejuk pagi ni
iena_panadol: syukran :)
nursaiful: taklah... sekadar mengingatkan diri sendiri dan kawan2 je...
nursaiful: tak rugi kongsi ilmu kan... :)
nursaiful: afwan
iena_panadol: betul betul :)
iena_panadol: hmm..kalau kita berdoa jer terus,tu dah dikira considered berusaha sebelum bertawakkal ker?
nursaiful: USAHA tu maksudnya apa yang terdaya kita lakukan...
nursaiful: kalau doa je yang terdaya
nursaiful: usaha juga tu...
nursaiful: tapi kalau boleh usaha dengan anggota badan, usaha dulu...itu lebih baik.
iena_panadol: kalau kita tahu kita boleh buat dgn anggota badan
iena_panadol: tapi ada faktor yg menyebabkan kita tak mampu nak berbuat demikian atas sbb malu etc, memadaikah dgn berdoa?
nursaiful: hmm....susah jugak nak jawab, ana pun bukannya arif sangat...
nursaiful: tapi hanya kita je yang tahu dengan kemampuan kita
nursaiful: dan Allah lebih mngetahui akan perihal diri kita...
nursaiful: berdoalah... mohon kepada ALlah agar Dia berikan kekuatan untuk berusaha
iena_panadol: insya-Allah :)

Guys, start praying now, as pray is one of our strengths in facing this live, herein and hereafter, insya-Allah :)


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Exam Arabic soalan fun fair??

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hmm..actually guys, i did have this feeling to give up my Arabic exam on last Monday nite, as my head was spinning like hell and was so extremely painful that you want to bang your head on the wall, seriously. Balik rumah, Mak Teh was there reading Anis (she singgah at my house lepas habis kelas Quran dia dekat my house), i was straight away called Along insisted her to urut my head and tarik-tarik rambut untuk keluarkan angin di kepala. Kuat giler bunyi biler Along tarik rambut sampai ingatkan rambut dah tercabut dah. Banyak sgt angin ler tu. I told Mak Teh that i want to skip the exam, since our certs are not meant for the exam, but for our participation for the course. Mak Teh said, if i'm not ready at all to sit the exam, better don't do it at all. My younger sis Eqa dah start stare at me very strangely and popped up the question "Angah tak nak ambil exam?!! Eh, rugilaaa!!". I replied back, " Dah kalau Angah tak study apa, kepala pulak tgh sakit camni, nak study camnernya?". Eqa kept quiet, and i went to sleep.

The next morning( i mean yesterday morning), my head was still not fully recovered from rasa 'kebengangan' , which i opted to take Urgent Leave. Lantak ler Datuk Wahid (our CEO) nak dtg ker tidak, i dun care. I woke up back at 11, kepala dah ok tapi panas sgt, went to have my bath and settlekan pakaian yang perlu dibasuh. Dalam hati berkira-kira nak ambil exam ker tak nak, study tak start apa pun lagi. Nanti kesian jek kat Ustaz, penat-penat dia ajar kitorang selama 5 bulan, tak score. Mesti dia sedih nanti, ingat dia tak reti ajar kitorang, padahal kitorang yang tak usaha. Kesiannya nanti kat dia, dah ler dia ustaz yg best sgt, my ustaz yang paling kuat bersuara, bercerita dan beriyer-iyer menunjukkan expressions yang mmg kekadang buat me gelak tak tahan dgn 'keselambaan' ustaz ni berlakon dan bercerita. Best sgt, kalau dia boleh ajar lagi in future, nak belajar dgn dia lagi insya-Allah :)

Last-last kol 3.30 petang baru start buka buku, kalau by 5 boleh habiskan syllabus, i'll go for the exam, if not, considered no. Pastu biler dah start study, mulalah kepala pening tgk wazan2 yang banyak. Nak kena tau masdarnya pulak..haiyaa, camner nak sit for the exam ginih. Last-last kol 5.30 petang, call Mak Teh kata nak pergi, at least i've try my best to sit for the exam( walaupun sebenarnya effort mcm hampeh) sbb terasa rugi pulak kalau tak sit. Cuma hati dah prepare result sure takdelah gempak mcm level2 yang terdahulu, sbb dulu took time for about 2 days kalau nak bebetul comperehend the subject, yang kali ni 2 jam setengah jer.

Dalam keta Mak Teh, buka buku lagi. Kepala dah pening and rasa mual dah sbb banyak sgt wazan, tutup buku and terus baca ' Bismillahi tawakkaltu 'alallah'. Dah tak leh nak absorb apa dah. Buat jerlah nanti.

Sampai UIA, tak seperti biasanya kami pergi makan dulu, kali ni Kak Rin tak nak. Dia nervous kot sampai tak lalu nak makan. Me pulak terbalik, mmg nak makan, mungkin sbb malas dah nak pk pasal exam ni, hentam jerlah nanti camner. Kitorang terus ke masjid UIA untuk solat Maghrib, sepanjang laluan nak ke masjid tu, dlm hati berkata' Rindunya kalau aku tak jenguk masjid dan U ni untuk 2 tahun lagi'. Actually i was planning to withhold my Arabic class for another 2 years sbb nak concentrate on MBA, tapi tgklah, kalau tak tertahan rindu, akan sambung balik asap.

Masuk kelas, Ustaz datang and tanya ada apa-apa ker nak tanya before we start our exam which is scheduled to start at 8.30 p.m. Ada lagi setengah jam. I took the opportunity to ask about how to determine the masdar (kata terbitan) kalau untuk ruba'ie, khamsy and suddasi (4, 5 dan 6 huruf) sbb dah confuse baca petang tadi. Ustaz pun terangkanlah, and guess what? The questions about masdar bebetul keluar dlm paper exam, alhamdulillah, kalau tak sia-sia jer markah burnt camtu ajer sbb salah determine masdar.

Actually, biler buat paper tu, mmg menyesal sgt sgt kalau tak sit for that paper, sbbnya, soalan dia mudah sgt!! Mcm soalan Level 1 rasanya, sampai Dato' Sujak ketika submit the paper boleh cakap dgn Ustaz, "Ustaz, saya tak sangka soalan ni mudah sgt, saya hafal mcm nak rak" Ekekek, i laughed and angguk jer, tanda setuju. Patut ler Ustaz kata before the exam soalan ni dia buat mcm soalan fun-fair. Ada ker dia kata soalan fun-fair?? Tapi mmg betul pun, tak pernah lagi sit for exam yg ada soalan MCQ, ni ler first time ada paper Arab ada soalan MCQ, kacang gilos pulak tuh. Huish, alhamdulillah Allah bantu dgn bagi Ustaz yang set soalan yang mudah :)

Oklah, semuanya exam dah selesai, sekarang ni kena concentrate dengan kerja pulak. Banyak dah yang tertunda, perlu dicatch-up kembali.

Till then guys, assalamualaikum wbt :)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Stay The Same

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Sdg tekun membaca majalah Anis, kemudian berehat sebentar di kerusi dengan berteleku kedua kaki di atas kerusi, dirapatkan ke dada.

Tiba-tiba kedengaran MP3 di PC, lagu Stay The Same. Terimbas kenangan ketika menjadi OC di Melaka tahun 1999 dahulu, lagu ini lagu penutup majlis penutupan minggu orientasi tahun tersebut.

Stay The Same
Don't you ever wish (*chorus)
you were someone else
you were meant to be
the way you are exactly

don't you ever say
you don't like
the way you are
when you learn to love yourself
you better off by far

and i hope you always
stay the same
coz there's nothing 'bout you
i would change

i think that
you could be
whatever you wanted to be
if you could realize
all the dreams you
have inside

don't be afraid
if you've got something to say
just open up your heart
and let it show you the way


Believe in yourself
reach down inside
the love you find
will set you free

Believe in yourself
you will come alive
have faith in what you do
you'll make it thru


And i hope you always
stay the same

coz there's nothing 'bout you
i would change...

I do hope everything will stay the same as before, but that is impossible. Things keep changing, so do humans. I do miss my pre-U life, i really think that my pre-U life was the most easiest episode in my life, seriously.

Actually before dengar lagu ni, i was kinda susah hati. Tak tau naper, but one whole day i feel everything went as not what i had expected, perhaps due to my tension since this morning as Mak Teh lambat keluar rumah lagi menyebabkan i was late again coming to my office about 10 minutes. Hmm..lain kali jangan marah-marah di awal pagi. Nanti sepanjang hari semuanya jadi tak kena :)

The song, alhamdulillah melegakan sedikit hati. Apa pun kita tidak boleh menyesal dan tidak berpuas hati dgn diri kita. Dgn siapa kita tak berpuas hati sebenarnya, dgn diri kita atau dgn Allah yang menciptakan diri ini? Na'uzubillahi min zalika, semoga semuanya dipermudahkan urusan, di dunia dan di akhirat.

Ok, sebenarnya tadi takde mood nak belajar Arabic, esok dahlah peksa. Skang ni mood dah ok balik, kali ni, terpaksa men'chaiyo' kan diri as sebenarnya tak sentuh apa lagi ni sbb concentrate dgn exam MBA Ahad lepas.

Permudahkan segalanya Ya Allah, kerana Engkau yang Berkuasa memberikan ilmu, menyimpannya di dalam hati-hati kami. Ameen.


Monday, October 04, 2004

Exam MBA has finish, exam Arabic is just around the corner

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Missed me? Hehe, you better did, and i know all of you did, ekeke (perasan!)

Ok, alhamdulillah my exam was over, and we will have 3 weeks break before continuing for a new semester. Kelakar jek biler habis exam and nak balik, sumer pakat bagi ucapan farewell semoga berjumpa lagi 3 minggu lagi, isk, terasa mcm org nak grad pulak. Baru tak jumpa 3 minggu, ucapan farewell mcm tak akan jumpa 3 tahun lagi hehe. My Arabic exam will be on this becoming Wednesday. Percaya tak apa pun tak study lagi sbb bagi komitmen kat paper MBA :)

Alhamdulillah paper MBA were ok, after reramai berkampung di UIA 2 3 hari before the real exam took place. Tak tahulah kenapa i never been so immersed into my study during my degree dulu. Takde ler nak sit and have discussions like we did for MBA ni, exchange past year final exam papers, buat latihan sesama, jumpa Dr and Prof mcm nak rak sbb nak make sure jawapan and presentation betul. Serius terasa lagi rajin dr di degree dulu. Exam MBA ni rasanya, mcm nyawa kot, bebetul nak secure result. Dulu waktu degree, jgn harap ler nak discuss jawapan atau spot exam questions before 2 3 hari nak exam. Masing-masing dgn buku masing-masing, dapat jawab ker tidak, it was up to your own effort. But guys, believe me, the new style of study that i'm encountering ni is more fun and more effective coz each of you are trying to make the best of others, share the knowledge together, assist for those who weak in certain area. And yeah, it was so much fun in there!

Yg pentingnya di sini, betapa manisnya berbuat sesuatu bersama-sama, and in Islamic term, secara berjemaah. Betul terkesan dengan keberkesanannya. Tak sempat study semua pun, other people will back you up. Kalau tersedih sbb result mid term tak berapa excel, other people will console you and encourage you to perform more. That's what i feel, and really happy for that. Alhamdulillah :)

Kalau dlm berbuat kebaikan dan mencegah kemungkaran di muka bumi ini kita berbuat bersama-sama, Insya-Allah terasa ringan. Kadang-kadang lidah kita ini sekadar mengucap sesuatu, hanya sekadar di lidah kerana belum terkesan oleh pengalaman. Tapi sekali sudah merasa, kata-kata yang keluar dari lidah kita itu lebih bermakna, kerana disokong oleh perasaan sudah merasa!

Belajar dalam kelas Arabic and ustaz suka sgt sebut ayat Quran ini (tak ingat dlm Surah apa)

Adakah yang lebih baik tutur katanya bagi mereka yang mengajak kepada kebaikan dan mencegah kemungkaran, dan mengaku bahawa kami adalah di kalangan orang Muslim.

Ustaz ulas, pengakuan yang paling baik adalah apabila kita mengaku sebagai orang Muslim, dan bukannya mengaku kita ni PAS, Abim, Jim,UMNO,tabligh dan sebagainya, tapi cukup sekadar mengaku bahawa kita ini muslim.

Ketika mendengar ulasan ini, teringat lagi ulasan ustaz pada kelas-kelas sebelumnya.

Memegang Islam dengan kukuh di zaman ini adalah seperti menggenggam bara api.

Faham maksud ana?

Mengaku kita Islam di ketika banyak cabaran menduga ini, yang bukan sedikit-sedikit, terasa bahangnya. Tapi itulah ujian bagi kita,kan? Sejauh mana kita ingin bersama Islam. Kalau orang yang tak fikirkan iman, mungkin sudah lama meninggalkan Islam kalau ingin mendapatkan pengiktirafan dan "approval" dunia untuk melakukan sesuatu.

Berpegang kuatlah kita dengan tali Allah sehebat mana cabaran yang bakal mendatang. Mungkin akan ada yang lebih teruk dari sekarang ini. Moga-moga iman kita cukup kukuh dan kuat bagi menghalang sebarang godaan yang menghasut kita untuk berpaling dariNya.

Peliharalah kami ya Allah. Peliharalah kami.