Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hati ini menangis lagi

Hati ini menangis lagi

Ya Allah
Hati ini bagai merayu

Ya Rabbi
Kau Yang Maha Mengetahui
Yang nampak jelas
dek mata
mahupun di nurani

Ya Allah
Kabulkanlah doa ini
Dari seorang hamba
yang masih punya
banyak salahnya
yang masih punya
banyak kurangnya

Hanya satu
Doanya hanya satu
Agar dipelihara diri
dan imannya
kerana dek sering
tersasarnya haluan
di atas kelemahan sendiri

Menangis lagi hati ini
Entah untuk berapa lama
Dan sampai bila

Hati ini menangis lagi.

Kak Yumni....tiada ungkapan yg bisa digambarkan sekarang ini..doakan saya akak semoga menjadi muslimah yang kuat hatinya.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,


Bulan ini byk peristiwa terkejut2 yang saya terima, yang saya tak sangka akan berlaku pun. Yang pasti, saya gembira dgn berita-berita ini. Tak boleh nak reveal apa berita-berita gembira ini sbb sudah berjanji, tapi yg penting kita kena panjatkan kesyukuran kepada hadrat Allah atas segala kurniaanNya.


Ya Allah, i can't stop smiling rite now. I'm happy actually despite of rasa tense gak ler kena dtg ofis hari ni utk 2 meeting walaupun saya sepatutnya on-leave today, tapi tgk2 org2 yg sepatutnya join the meeting sumernya bercuti hari ni except me and GM. Sabar je ler :)

For Azie kat UK, aku rindu kat ko, jeles plak tgk gambar2 ko and Naz kat sana, ko tunggu aku kalau aku ada rezeki pi sana ek hehe.

My younger sis agree to go to Denmark to continue with her PhD next year, insya Allah. Itu pun lepas i consulted her panjang lebar sbb dia tak nak pegi memula. Rasa mcm nak sekeh jek budak nih, dah dpt offer tak nak pergi pulak. I said to her, go and grab all opportunities that she has in life especially yang sudah tersedia di depan mata, becoz takut takut dia will regret for life nanti. Dulu waktu nak minta dia sambung Master pun jenuh tahap naga, sampai ler ada this particular blind man called her and wanted to hire her to be his eyes to read all his materials to him so that he can study. I said to her, dun she feel grateful for whatever she has now, even org buta pun masih eager utk sambung study, dia yg masih sihat walafiat masih lagi terfikir2 nak buat Master atau tidak. Nasib baik dia pegi enroll kat UM.

Actually memula i was merajuk with her sbb dia tak bagitau pun yg dia dpt offer ke Denmark. I knew abt it from my mum. I was so excited that i called her several times but she refused to talk abt it that i felt a lil bit annoyed. Last week she called me asking for an info for a program, i told her straight away that i was merajuk with her and was reluctant to call her anymore unless she make the attempt to call me at the first place. I know why she relunctant to go to Denmark, but her reason was too weak for me to accept. Being a big sister to her and she used to talk to me whenever she had problem or dilemma, we discussed abt it and she agreed to go. Alhamdulillah :)

My younger bro dpt offer to continue his Master in UKM, but i think he will not go for it. Now he is setting his target to be an airforce pilot. I had told him before, if he want badly to be a pilot, go for commercial so that i can get a free ticket to oversea every year. He was laughing but he agreed though hehe. MAS now got problem, i dun think they will hire new pilots, but still i asked him to apply MAS and Air Asia. I dun want him to be an Airforce pilot, sbb pesawat pejuang kat Malaysia ni rasanya mcm tak selamat jek, asyik terhempas sana sini. I said to him, dun commit suicide by joining Airforce. Tapi dia dgn selambanya bercakap.."Angah...kalau Allah dah tetapkan ajal tu, kat memana pun kita akan mati Ngah..tak jadi pilot Airforce pun kita akan mati jugak"...dusss...kan dah kena syarah dah hehe. long as you are happy with your own choice :)

Oklah, nak gi makan skang ni ngan Hany, later k.

Apa pun, i'm very happy today.

Ahlan wa sahlan to Humaira :)

Congrats to Puan XX, you know yourself better kan Puan? Hehe...congrats again. Sampaikan salam dan tahniah saya pada En. YY yer? ;)

Syukran for everything Ya Allah, syukran :)


Friday, December 23, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

(1) Pening

Hmm...entahlah...this morning my GM called me into his office.

I sat there and waited for whatever he wanted to say, he called me in a rush actually, so i dun expect it will be a common discussion that we used to have sebenarnya.

He asked me whether i'm willing to take over Kak Fida's place to be a Business Controller, and Kak Fida will be placed at Kak Maznah yg sudah VSS last year.

I know i supposedly be happy to hear this proposal, but i dun know why i'm not that happy.

I feel scared becoz of the responsibility. I know how big it is, becoz i had replaced Pn Fida to be the Business Controller twice due to her maternity leave for 2 consecutive years. It's not an easy post actually, i'd been cramping my head heavily everytime i replaced Kak Fida dulu. Luckily this year when i was replacing Kak Fida, it was during my semester break. If not i'll die i think.

Business Controllers at other places, they are required to manage either Financial or HR matters only, or both. But in FMD, Business Controller has to manage Business Strategy,Financial, HR, Call Centre and Admin. And to shoulder all these responsibilities alone, i'll become a dead meat actually.

Tn. Hj had told Kak Fida that he'll arrange a new executive to help me out for those tasks. Rite now i'm doing the Business Strategy alone, and to tell you, doing the business strategy and reporting solely is not as easy as what you think. And now i have to cater other things too.

I love the job, especially when dealing Financial thingy. But i'm scared. I'm scared if i can't deliver whatever i should to, i'm scared if i can't do well, i'm scared becoz my MBA is not yet completed by next year. I'm scared becoz the responsibility is too huge, i'm afraid i couldn't do it.

I asked my GM when he asked about my opinion.. "Do you trust me to do this?"

"I put trust on you, but i won't say that the tasks are easy". Of course ler, i've been in that position twice, i know how hard they are.

Talked to Hany during our lunch about this thing, and Hany commented that this is a good offer.
Supposedly it is, but i don't know why i'm not happy at all. I just don't know why.

Is it becoz of my GM, becoz i need to liaise with him directly? Part of it yes I think, but the biggest issue here is that the RESPONSIBILITY that I need to hold. I dunno whether i can make it or not.

Ya Allah, again you had fulfill my du'a from last 3 years. But now i dun feel excited about it. Am i being a non-grateful person to You for not being happy for this?

Ya Allah, forgive me. I dun have any intention to become someone that don't know how to be grateful for whatever You have granted to me.

It's just that i'm not happy and excited, and i dunno why sedangkan inilah khabar yg diidam-idamkan dr dulu.

Have to table out my future plan as Business Controller to GM on next Tuesday, i am supposed to be on leave for 1 whole week next week, and i have to come and have meeting with GM. Urrgghh...

Aiyaarrkk...tak tau ler pesal miserablenya rasa skang ni.

(2) Mother

Lagu ni best. Serius. Saya and Hany ternangis dgr lagu ni. Habis jer dgr lagi ni saya terus call ibu tanya apa dia nak, saya akan sediakan tak kira berapa pun harga dia. Terasa saya sanggup berkorban apa sahaja utk ibu saya. And saya juga tetiba terasa saya nak jadi a mother time2 ni gak sbb terasa betapa tingginya martabat seorang ibu. Kena kahwin cepat ni nampak gayanya ekekek.

Saper tak nangis dgr lagu ni, tak tau ler. Aida Aini, nak dgr lagu ni sila prepare tisu byk2 k. Aku yg lom jadi ibu lagi ni pun dah menangis dgr lagu ni, korang aku tak tau ler hehe, lagi nangis kot becoz you both are mothers :) Hany dah nangis dah hehe :)

I dedicate this beautiful song to all mothers in the world, especially to all my friends saya yang sudah bergelar ibu.

Congrats to Yati Bims yang selamat lahirkan baby bernama Mohd Umar Khattab on last Tuesday. Congrats juga pada Kak Aza ;)

And for Ika, sabar k. Allah Maha Mengetahui segalanya :)

Lirik Mother.


Blessed is your face
Blessed is your name
My beloved
Blessed is your smile
Which makes my soul want to fly
My belovedAll the nights
And all the times
That you cared for me
But I never realised it
And now it’s too late
Forgive me

Now I’m alone filled with so much shame
For all the years I caused you pain
If only I could sleep in your arms again
Mother I’m lost without you

You were the sun that brightened my day
Now who’s going to wipe my tears away
If only I knew what I know today
Mother I’m lost without you

Ummahu, ummahu, ya ummi
wa shawqahu ila luqyaki ya ummi
Ummuka, ummuka, ummuka ummuka
Qawlu rasulika
Fi qalbi, fi hulumi
Anti ma’i ya ummi
Mother... Mother... O my mother
How I long to see O mother
“Your mother, Your mother, Your mother”
Is the saying of your Prophet
In my heart, in my dreams
You are always with me mother

Ruhti wa taraktini
Ya nura ‘aynayya
Ya unsa layli
Ruhti wa taraktini
Man siwaki yahdhununi
Man siwaki yasturuni
Man siwaki yahrusuni‘
Afwaki ummi
You went and left me
O light of my eyes
O comfort of my nights
You went and left me
Who, other than you, will embrace me?
Who, other than you, will cover me?
Who, other than you, will guard over me?
Your pardon mother, forgive me

English lyrics: Sami Yusuf & Bara Kherigi
Arabic lyrics: Shaykh Zakariya Siddiqi
composition: Sami Yusuf© 2005 Awakening


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Make A Prayer

Assalamualaikum wbt,

For the third day in a row, my GM is not in the office due to illness.

And for me, it is like heaven to me in this office without him, jahatnyalaaa kuar statement nih hehe. Tapi takpe, Hany memahami,kan Hany kan? Hehe.

Kak Yumni, syukran for your lovely pictures, hope you will be in state of peace and tranquality always with your family, iena pray for you :)

Hari ni tukar lagu lain pulak, from My Ummah to Make A Prayer.

Ya Allah, saya rasa hati saya seperti dicarik2 apabila mendengar lagu ini. Terasa sungguh malu tidak tahu di mana mahu wajah ini dihadapkan sebenarnya. Kita mmg terlalu selesa di sini, sehingga kadang-kadang kita lupa saudara2 kita yang lebih perlukan pertolongan dr saudara2 mereka sesama Muslim.

Make A Prayer

O people
In a hut made of tin and clay
A small boy dreams away
Of clean water and a meal a day
And not to fear mines as he plays each day

O people
Somewhere dark and out of the way
Aids has found yet another prey
To save his life he just couldn’t pay
Tell me what we’re going to do

For our brothers in Durban
For our sisters in Darfur
Show me what we’re going to do
Are we just going to sit there?
Nice and cosy on our armchairs
Will we not even make a prayer?

You might ask yourself
Why should I help these people?
They’ll tell you why
We’re not so different from you
We have dreams just like you
But they were buried with the
bodies of our loved ones

O people
Are we deaf, dumb, and blind?
What is going through our minds?
Don’t we care for the rest of mankind?

O people
We claim to love peace and justice
Why do we preach what we don’t practice?
Let’s help them out of this darkness

Tell me what we’re going to do
For our brothers in Ethiopia
For our sisters in Rwanda
Show me what we’re going to do
Are we just going to sit there?
Nice and cosy on our armchairs
Will we not even make a prayer?


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Aku dan engkau adalah muslimah

Aku dan engkau adalah muslimah

ya adeq
itulah ujian
Kun Fayakun
baik buruk ketentuan Tuhan
segala-galanya kepunyaan ALLAH

Ya adeq
namun kamu tetap seorang muslimah
berbanggalah dengan jati dirimu
aku seorang muslimah
adab dan akhlaqku muslimah
berjuanglah mati-matian
bersedialah untuk syahid
menegakkan akhlaq muslimah

ya adeq
jangan berbangga dengan kecantikanmu
jangan berbangga dengan keintelektualanmu
jangan berbangga dengan memiliki cinta insan lain
tapi berbanggalah kamu dengan akhlaq islamiyyahmu

ya adeq
jika itu manifestasi sabarmu
menangislah jika itu melegakan hatimu
jika tidak ada perit
tidak ada lah sabar
jika tidak ada ujian
tidak ada lah redho

ya adeq
dosa-dosa mu terlerai
bersama setiap titis tangismu
itulah matlamat ujian
bila sudah hilang segala dosa
maka dari situ bersihnya hatimu
dari situ makbulnya do'amu

ya adeq
hatimu takkan tergelincir
selagi dipagari dengan zikrullah
kamu mencari redho ALLAH
bukan mencari redho insan
sayangku padamu kerana ALLAH
sayang yang meningkatkan taqwa
sayang yang saling menutup 'aib
itulah ukhuwwah islamiyyah!

Nukilan : Kak Yumni

Barakallah Kak Yumni, moga Allah membalas jasa baik akak selama ini, puisi ini cukup bermakna buat diri saya :)

~ Peliharalah hati ini Ya Allah, Kau yang memiliki hati-hati kami~


Monday, December 19, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hehe, last nite Ika and I went to Samira's wedding at Hotel Mutiara, Crowne Plaza.

This our adorable sister, really made us choked to our highest lungs last nite.

We went there at 8 p.m, with several people approaching us, ready to place us at a reserved table. We checked our name in the guest name list, but we can't found either Ika's or my name in it.

Quite malu jugak ler, awat ler our name were not there sedangkan we had confirmed our attendance from last 2 weeks.

There was another name list pasted on a board, so we went and checked. And there, our names written as Kak Ika and Kak Iena were placed at VVIP guest list.

Ok, fine, we were flattered already, considering we are very close to Samira in MMU dulu.

An usherer showed us our table, and my God, at that time we were really got surprised and felt like want to strangle Samira on that verily moment.

At our table, there were 4 Belgiums waiting for us, and were like...."Oooo... Samira, bertuah betul budak ni, ingatkan dia nak placekan kita kat tempat bebudak MMU, rupanya kat tempat org2 putih ni!". Bebetul ingat kami akan dapat placement dgn Amla sbb kami sama2 MMU.

So we sat and introduced ourselves to them, and rupa-rupanya all of them are Nasir Hadrien's (Samira's husband) best friends. Samira's husband is a Belgium, and all his friends mmg speaking French. I thought Nasir is an American, rupanya tak. And then another 2 Belgium friends of Nasir came and sat with us, and Kak Sabrina with her friend Irwin.

So we met Nicholas, Joe Phillipe, Medmed (he is an Algerian and i dunno how to spell his name), Melina from Germany, Hoho ( i dunno how to spell her name also but she's very pretty) and Eric. We were very fortunate as I sat next to Hoho and Ika sat next to Melina, so we felt quite comfortable a lil bit. Hoho is working with UNICEF, and she was so excited to watch Malay dance performance from Kumpulan Warisan Johor, all the dancers are kids, so she was very interested in it, asking me lots of questions about Malaysian culture and customs. And she claimed that baju songket worn by Nasir and Samira were very astonishing. Hehe.

Overall, it was a very lovely nite. Our table was really opposite to meja beradab pengantin, so we managed to have eye contacts with Samira while she was eating with her husband. Dia kenyit mata kat kami hehe, bertuah betul budak ni.

Ika ternangis semalam, sbb mcm tak sangka adik kami yang gila2 ni dah kahwin dah. Samira used to 'kacau' kami dulu almost every nite rite after she got back from her study at MMU library. She used to kacau Ika tidur by lying herself on top of Ika's body during her sleep, tak bagi Ika tidur. Suka mengacau budak nih hehe. She once pernah cakap, kalau ler abg dia belum kahwin lagi, mesti dia akan introduce kami kat abg dia so that he can choose one of us to be his wife. Giler betul budak nih hehe.

Samira is a cute person, and she has a special place in Ika's and my hearts sama seperti we treat special to Mudin, Laili, Sok, bebudak umah Laili and Sok dulu (Farah, Ina, Deq Nor), bebudak IU batch Mudin (Sha, Amla, Zarp, Mudin, Ise, Sue and the rest, byk sgt, tak larat nak type) and for myself, ada lagi sorang yang saya sayang, Mijie nama dia, budak lelaki committee Ika yang selalu tolong SRC dulu, tak tau mana nak cari dia skang ni.

Paling best semalam, Nasir's father buat ucapan dalam Bahasa Melayu for the pengantin. Riuh satu dewan tepuk tangan bila he delivered his speech dgn penuh puitis.

I'm very happy for Samira. This our gila2, cute and adorable sister, has her own way and destiny now. I wish her all the best dalam menjalani kehidupan sebagai seorang insan dan isteri bersama suami di dalam suasana kehidupan Islam. I trust her, i know she can lead Nasir to become a good Muslim. I have full confidence on her, this my lovely sister.


Rindu pulak saat2 bergurau senda dgn Mira kat MMU dulu, kalau dia ada, mmg kecoh bilik kami tu :)

Oo ya, semalam saya dapat berita gembira from my mum, my younger sister Eqa told her that her Prof for Master had submitted her name to UM for PhD program in Denmark. I felt happy for her actually eventho Eqa and i had made a promise that we will further our studies for PhD in UK together. Tak kisahlah kat memana pun nak belajar, kalau ada rezeki pergi jerlahkan, even me myself pun tak tahu biler lagi nak sambung PhD, Master saya skang ni pun habis lambat lagi, tu pun belum consider kot kot saya kahwin ker, or saya meninggal dulu ker, so might as well Eqa pergi sambung PhDnya dulu :)

Berundur dahulu, saya ada 2 report yang perlu diselesaikan dan satu slide presentation for USM to be submitted before this Wednesday.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kak Iqin

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Last Friday saya bercuti, berpergian ke rumah makcik saya di Desa Petaling. Hence saya tidak dpt mencatatkan apa-apa di blog ini.

Last Friday on 16 Dec 2005, genap setahun pemergian Kak Iqin.

I don't know how to describe my feeling rite now actually...

Apa pun, saya berdoa arwah berbahagia di dunia sana..begitu juga dengan ahli keluarga dan sahabat handai arwah yang tinggal.

Kak Iqin,

At certain times terasa rindu nak cakap dgn akak, especially time iena tgh ada problem. Menangis juga kadang-kadang biler teringatkan akak.

Anyway i believe akak berbahagia di sana. Iena doakan for you always. I will be always become your cute and naughty sister (walaupun tak senakal Hany and Ika sbb iena baik sket dr derang hehe)

I want to pen off now, can't stop myself from crying rite now.

Salam to all of you.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Ummah

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Saya tukar playlist blog ni sbb i need a change :)

Herewith, i present my too-handsome-and-famous boyfriend (dlm mimpi jek ek ehek ehek), Mr Sami Yusuf with his song "My Ummah".

Syukran Musafir for alerting me about this new song.


Moga dpt iktibar bila mendengar lagu ni k. Here is the lyric of the song.

My Ummah

My ummah, my ummah
He will say
Rasulullah on that day
Even though we've strayed from him and his way

My brothers, my sisters, in Islam
Let’s struggle, work, and pray
If we are to
Bring back the glory of his way

Ya Allah ya rabbal ‘alamin
Ya rahmanu ya rahim
Ya rabbi
O Allah Lord of the Worlds
O Merciful and Beneficent
O my Lord

Let the Ummah rise again
Let us see daylight again
Once again

Let’s become whole again
Proud again
’Cause I swear with firm belief in our hearts
We can bring back the glory of our past

My ummah, my ummah
He will say
Rasulullah on that day
Even though we strayed from him and his way

Look at where we were
And look at where we are
And tell me
Is this how he’d want it to be?
Oh no! Let us bring back our glory


Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,


Memula ingat nak tukar playlist blog ni ke lagu terbaru Sami Yusuf "My Ummah", tapi kalau compare dgn bacaan Quran sedia ada, terasa lebih menenangkan hati, better stick to the existing one :)


Tak tahu apa yang nak diceritakan sekarang ini sebenarnya.

Cuma satu yang ingin dibawa untuk tujuan peringatan saya sendiri sebenarnya.

Apabila diri dikuasai nafsu, amat mudah kita terjerumus di dalam dosa, tak kiralah sama ada ia kecil atau pun tidak.

Sukar untuk pelihara hawa nafsu ini, kecuali dengan bermujahadah dengan sekuat-kuat hati.

Kuatkah hati kita sekarang untuk bermujahadah?

Bagi mereka yang sudah sedia kuat, alhamdulillah..perkasakan lagi sifat mujahadah antum. Mana yang masih belum termasuk diri saya yang mmg cepat terpesong fokus ni, mari kita sama-sama usaha ke arah tujuan itu.

Biarlah kita bermujahadah untuk menjadi insan cemerlang dunia akhirat, untuk menjadi hamba kesayangan Allah dan moga menjadi sebutan makhluk di langit dan di muka bumi ini.

Saya pun tak tahu saya sendiri boleh sampai ke tahap itu atau pun tidak.

Tapi apa pun, kita kena usaha juga,kan sedaya mungkin?


Mengundur diri dahulu, moga berjumpa di lembaran yang lain.

"ALLAHUMMA".... :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Find my own way back

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Terasa sudah betapa jahatnya saya sekarang ini.


Apa telah jadi dengan diri saya sekarang ini? What had happened to me within these 2 3 months?

I've been busy with works and studies. But is that all i care about in life?

Ya Allah, what had happened to me actually?

I feel like want to cry now actually. Feel sad. What type of person i had become recently?

Zurina, go back and find your true self.

This is not some kind of life or type of person you want actually.

Find your true self back, before it's too late.

Ya Allah, forgive me for all sins that i have committed before. Praise to You my Lord for giving me chance to reflect back who am i, and guide me to know what type of person i should become.

Betapa manusia itu lemah dan mudah hanyut dalam kehidupan. Saya hampir terlupa masih ada satu lagi kehidupan selepas mati.

Friends, if ever you see me do something that i shouldn't do, tegurlah saya. Agak2 saya sudah sedikit hanyut, tegurlah saya. Teguran antum amat bernilai sebenarnya.


Thursday, December 08, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hari ini saya penat sgt, baru balik dr berkampung di Multimedia College selama 3 hari lepas kerana menganjurkan Seminar Pegawai Penyiasat.

Penatnya masya Allah, tetapi diminta pula mengiringi GM ke lunch treat by HP di Restoran Seri Melayu. Dah ler pakai baju tak cun hari ni, wajib pula kena ikut. Takpelah, murah rezeki hari ni :)

Last Monday sempat menziarah Kak Sarahani, Ismail and Raudhah di rumah mereka. Best betul dpt berjumpa ngan Kak Sarah sbb dah lama tak sembang ngan dia. Memasak di rumah Hany bersama Ika lepas ofis, pastu terus ke rumah Kak Sarah. Jumpa juga Nufayl, entah mengapa di pandangan mata saya, Nufayl sedikit kurus.

Apa yang ingin diceritakan hari ni yer?


Nothing kot, except one.

I am happy.

Why am I?


I can't explain, the only thing that i know is Allah has bestowed me His mercy, eventho the outcome of whatever happening to me rite now would not according to whatever dream that i ever had dulu. I bet Abg Faizal is smiling and gelak dlm hati baca my posting kali ni hehe.

Gelak ler Abg, you deserve it after had listened to my karenah since i was in First year in MMU dulu hehe. Barakallah for being such a wonderful brother with Kak iqin dulu. Kelakar jek rasanya, mcm nak runtuh dunia jer pulak rasanya time tu hehe, padahal kalau pk skang ni, it was not bad juga sebenarnya.

A bitter experience, but a good one.

Becoz it had developed me to be someone like what i am today, to be quite strong as compared to before.

Let the past gone with the wind, and i shall taste this life with more serenity and in peace.

Ya Allah, syukur atas segalanya. Apa pun yang terjadi, pasti itu adalah yang terbaik untuk setiap hambaMu.



Monday, December 05, 2005

Gone mad

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I think i have gone mad for last 2 days.

Dunno what had happened, but something that i never expect to happen had happened on last Saturday and yesterday.

I think at this moment, i feel like want to find any quiet place and re-think whatever had happened.

Before it go too far and uncontrollable, i shall do something.

I bet all won't understand what i'm talking about :)

Hany,i just want to smile at you. You know what does my smile mean, insya Allah (as a replacement to a pat at your back and a hug from a friend :).


Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm an auditor at heart

I was browsing to Mudin's blog when i read his latest posting on pattern of brain ni, so i pun sajer mengada2 try. My result is at the bottom of this posting.

Am i a dreamy person? Hehe, apa2 jer ler, but for me dlm byk2 gambar yg dia suh pilih, ini je ler yg menarik hati sbb cantik, yg lain tu sumer dull, tu yg tak pilih tu kekeke.


This morning my GM takde, that's why i take this opportunity to write eventho not so much i can tell about during these days. Time flies so fast that sometimes i could not catch up, but i'm trying to control whatever possible rite now. At this moment i manage to do some, but end of this week and next week will be another most hectic times in November after last week's event.

I heard Mafus is quitting from TM. He got a job offer from a MNC, a highly established one. Good for him actually. I think dlm banyak2 geng Accounting kami, he's the one who had the guts and opportunity to do something that he really want at the first place. The rest had switched our focus as TM had placed us in non-accounting departments. Shelly di Product Marketing, Rahimi di Billing tapi jaga system, Yati di customer contact center, Elly di TM Net (tak sure dia buat apa), Halim mmg buat Accounting di GITN, Zarid jaga Payment System di Credit Mgmt and me in Fraud doing business strategy.

Takpelah, i believe Allah had gave us the best for us eventho initially this is not the plan for me personally. I heard Finance Group has so many vacancies and it is easy to get a placement there, but must get our current GM's approval first. At this moment, i dun think my GM will let any of us here go, especially last week he had a personal discussion with Dz, asking what's wrong with FMD that so many executives especially the young ones like Dz, Zahan and me would like to transfer out of FMD.

I pity Zahan becoz he's doing IT in which it's not his line at all. Eventho he can perform his job with excellent, but the reality is that he cannot become a manager here becoz Keyrul is someone senior and he has a better prospect as he is a real IT person. I think Zahan must get out from FMD as fast as he can so that he can get back into Accounting line. Zahan had submitted his resume to Internal Audit, but i'm not sure whether he had been called for an interview or not. I hope he will get the post rather than staying here doing something that perhaps does not suit to his own interest.

GM had asked Dz what is so green outside that we wanted badly to go out. For me, this is not about whether the outside is green or not. This is about reaching your own dreams and goals. That's it. I dun want to be stucked up here for life and do not even give a single try to change my destiny, biiznillah of course. FMD is a nice place, really. It's just that i wish i can perform accounting job before i move out from TM to do something that i really want after this.

Tapi apa pun, i have to be grateful for i had given a chance and trust to perform business strategy here. I like it actually, but as what Tn Hj Romlie had mentioned in his closing speech in our MTFG closing ceremony last week, "I'm an auditor at heart!". I was very proud to hear his statement actually :)

Oklah, apa pun kena bersyukur. Sometimes we had to remind ourselves that whatever happens in our lives is something that had been decided by Allah, and for that we must be grateful. Allah always gives us the best, therefore we must be always grateful and thankful to Him, no matter what. Setiap sesuatu itu adalah anugerah dariNya, correct? :)


Oo ya, before i end my posting,i would like to say my highest thank you to Ayu and Jie for inviting me to their houses for makan2 on last Saturday. I had to sacrifice my class to go to Jie's house. Takpelah, me jarang skip kelas kecuali ada something important, so pergilah jugak rumah Jie. Kang tak pergi karang, takut makcik ni nangis lagi, susah plak nak pujuk (habislaa kalau Jie baca my posting ni, sure kena cekik nyer pasnih kekeke).

One interesting statement from Aini during our makan2 at Jie's house yg buat me mcm tersentak jugak ler mendengarnya. She said i am a giler-giler person, but when it comes to blog, i had sound like someone not a giler-giler one. Ekekek, yeah, dulu di Pre-U mmg i was someone yg funky jugak ler, skang ni tak tau ler masih giler2 lagi ker tak. Byk bende nak kena pk sampai dah hilang dah ke'giler2an' tu. I think i had started loosing that characteristic when i had been appointed as SRC di MMU dulu. Byk sgt student problems and bende serius yg nak kena pk sampai diri pun dah tak jadi funky sgt hehe. Nevermind, mungkin boleh ditimbulkan kembali ke'funky'an itu dlm diri saya hohoho :D

Aini, thanks sbb bagi tumpang ke rumah Ayu and Jie. It was nice to meet you, Auni and your husband after such a long time have not been together, same to Aida and Abg Mufis also :)

Ok guys, later k.

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

Your Brain's Pattern

You have a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy.
You have the ability to stay forever entertained with your thoughts.
People may say you're hard to read, but that's because you're so internally focused.
But when you do share what you're thinking, people are impressed with your imagination.

Friday, November 25, 2005

A simple hi

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Seminggu ini saya sibuk menguruskan Malaysia Telecommunication Fraud Group Forum (MTFG) yang dihadiri oleh participants from Maxis, DiGi, Timedot Com, Celcom and TM Net. PDRM, JPN and MCMC had also sent their representatives to assist us.

Alhamdulillah forum berakhir semalam, saya dan En. Budi sudah boleh menarik nafas lega kerana kami adalah Sekretariat forum ini.

Lots had been learnt from this forum, and friendships had blossomed nicely eventho we are competitors in a way.


I wanted to write more, but i do have limited time nowadays. Please consider this as a simple hi from me to all of you. Getting busy and busier with so many office events from now onwards till January 2006.

I have to go, till then.

Ingat ALLAH selalu.



Monday, November 14, 2005

Which one need to be sacrificed?

Assalamualaikum wbt,


Maaf di atas sepinya blog ini. Ada keuzuran dari segi kesihatan dan masa.

Rasanya sudah berminggu tidak menulis. Tapi sungguh saya tidak punya masa untuk menulis. Tuntutan kerja sebelum dan sesudah Raya amat menuntut masa saya kerana FMD sedang bertarung dengan masa yang sungguh sedikit ini untuk menjalankan pelbagai program besar, menyebabkan kami satu division lelah sedikit bekerja.

Raya alhamdulillah, seronok beraya di Pedas, N. Sembilan. Saya sudah hampir setahun tidak pulang ke kampung atas tuntutan kelas di hujung minggu, maka masa saya dipergunakan sepenuhnya di kampung. Berasa sedikit jahat kerana enggan balik ke kampung belah Batu Kikir menjenguk nenek di sana sedangkan ibu memujuk sungguh2.


Saya demam 3 hari di kampung sejak Raya kedua. Had heavy flu and cough. Saya tak mampu nak balik sbb demam and sememangnya saya mmg kurang gemar berjalan jauh. Sudahnya, nenek belah Batu Kikir datang menziarah ke rumah saya untuk berjumpa cucu-cucunya Selasa lepas.

Terasa jahatlah jugak sebenarnya. Tapi takpe, saya rasa adik beradik saya adalah cucu2 dia yang paling dia sayang sbb kami jer cucu2 dia yang cium pipi dia setiap kali bersalam untuk pulang ke KL, cucu2 lain takde hoho (agak2 valid tak reason ni? kekeke..takdelah..just kidding :). Uwan saya sayang semua cucu2 dia tanpa pilih kasih rasanya :)

Plan ingin join team building Nisa' pada weekend lepas, tetapi saya punya white paper submission to GM. Tertekan sekejap saya kerana whitepaper submission tu, and ditambah pelbagai agenda wedding dan kelas yang ingin dipenuhi dalam weekend yang sama. Saya terpaksa sacrifice sesuatu, dan itu yang memeningkan saya.

Antara sahabat, janji, tugasan kerja, kelas, dan tuntutan masa bersama Nisa'. Yang mana satu ingin dikorbankan? Berjanji dengan sahabat baik sekian lama untuk ke wedding, tiba-tiba ada program Nisa' yang mmg buat hati saya serba salah sgt2 kalau tidak hadir hanya kerana alasan peribadi, dan kelas yang sememangnya saya tidak akan mahu skip kecuali ada perkara yang tidak dapat dielakkan (outstation cthnya). Saya sudah lama tak merasakan pressure sebegitu kecuali ketika saya berada di semester 3 di mana saya terpaksa outstation ke Penang sedangkan ketika itu tuntutan exam dan assignment yang melambak2 yang akhirnya menyebabkan saya fell sick di sana.

Sejak pagi Jumaat lepas saya sudah runsing kerana program Nisa' akan bermula pada sebelah malam di mana saya juga sudah berjanji dengan Sarah untuk hadir ke weddingnya di Shah Alam ,kemudian keesokan paginya saya punya janji dengan Ika sejak berminggu2 yg lepas untuk ke wedding Ida dan belah petang perlu ke kelas sehingga Maghrib. Saya masih boleh join program Nisa' tetapi harus saya tidak tidur malam untuk menyiapkan whitepaper GM kerana keesokannya saya akan ada kelas pagi sehingga tgh hari. Betul2 whitepaper GM ini memberikan saya tekanan yang bukan sedikit. Saya pergi lunch dengan Hany dgn hati yang tak tau nak digambarkan walangnya bagaimana kerana saya berada di dalam dilema dan rasa bersalah dalam hendak membuat pilihan mana satu yang perlu dikorbankan.

Last-last Allah bagi jalan penyelesaian yang paling mudah tetapi di memang di luar dugaan saya.

I had a very terrible stomache ketika solat Asar sebelum plan pulang bersama Hany dan Zainal untuk ke wedding Sarah pada sebelah malamnya. Selesai solat menuju ke cubicle perut saya dah sakit mencucuk-cucuk sehingga saya terpaksa berpaut pada tubir meja. Berjalan menuju stesen LRT bersama Hany dengan jalan ala wanita Jepun sbb kena jalan lambat2 dan sikit2 sbb sakit. Terduduk saya di tangga stesen LRT Masjid Jamek dan di pintu BCB kerana tidak tahan sakit selepas meminta Hany dan Zainal pergi ke wedding tanpa saya kerana tidak mahu menyusahkan mereka. Akhirnya saya menuju ke Mc D menghubungi makcik saya dengan juraian air mata yang tak tertahankan. Sakit sungguh-sungguh, bak kata Hany 'umpama rahim jatuh' hehe. Tak tau ler saya mcm mana rasanya sakit rahim jatuh, tapi saya mmg dah tak tau nak describe sakit macam mana lagi. Saya tak boleh berjalan langsung sbb sakit sangat2. Mmg menangis dibuatnya. Saya rasa pengunjung2 Mc D yang stare kat saya ingat saya frust bercinta kot sebab bercakap kat telefon sambil nangis2. Hehe. Sakit giler. Barulah saya faham apa yg Ika cuba describekan kat saya ketika dia pun sakit perut sangat2 dahulu. Bezanya saya dan Ika ialah saya tidak ada orang yang nak beri 'cooling effect' time tgh sakit2 tu, tul tak Tikot? Hehe (Ika, you wait k after i get some free time, i'll make a special posting for you on COOLING EFFECT hehe)

Saya tidak pernah hadapi sakit sebegitu rupa actually except sakit pinggang kerana menelan pil di Madinah dahulu. Time tu Hany jugak yang temankan saya yang berjalan lambat sampai kami kena marah dgn consultant kami sebelum masuk ke Masjid Nabawi untuk menziarah makam Rasulullah. Sakit pinggang sangat2 sampai saya berjalan lebih lambat daripada consultant kami yang ketika itu mengandung 7 bulan. Bayangkan orang mengandung 7 bulan bukannya boleh jalan laju sgt pun, tapi saya jalan lagi lambat dari orang pregnant. Terasa juga hati sedikit kerana dimarahi sbb saya ni mmg org yg sensitif sket n jarang kena marah. Kasihan juga pada Hany yang sia2 jer kena marah sekali sebab menemankan saya yang berjalan lambat. Tapi mmg tak boleh nak buat apa, mmg sakit pinggang yang kalaulah tak mengingatkan diri agar byk bersabar dan tidak mengada2 di sana, mahu saja minta disorong dengan kerusi roda. Alhamdulillah sakit pinggang di Madinah hanya sehari. Sorry yer Hany on that nite Hany temankan saya berjalan lambat tu, betul2 rasa bersalah sbb buat Hany kena marah gak. Tapi lepas keluar masjid consultant dah minta maaf sbb marah kita,kan? Hehe. (Tapi dlm hati time tu mmg sedih gilerlaa kena marah, tension jek rasanya)

Makcik saya dtg menjemput saya di Mc D dan bawa ke klinik tak lama lepas saya call. Katanya dia takut sangat dgr suara saya dan ingatkan saya kena rompak atau kena tikam sbb tak pernah dgr saya menelefon kesakitan sebegitu rupa. Hoho, nak tergelak pun ada juga time dengar statement tu, tapi sbb sakit tak mampu nak gelak. Hanya mampu suh makcik drive laju sket ke klinik. tak tahan sgt sakit.

Doc bagi injection pain killer and asked me to rest. The next 2 days saya berehat di rumah sahaja dan tak pergi ke kelas minggu pertama setelah sebulan bercuti. Wedding Mizie dan Ida juga saya tak dapat pergi kerana perut masih terasa sakit. Sent SMS to Ida minta maaf sbb tak dpt hadir, tak tahu pula pengantin hilang henpon :) Takpe Ika, kalau Allah nak pulangkan barang derang, insya Allah sampai juga ke tangan tuannya :)

Saya tak pergi ke dua-dua kelas saya. Dan saya juga tak ke mana-mana kerana menyiapkan white paper submission.

Yang pasti saya menghadap notebook sampai 2 pagi menyiapkan whitepaper untuk 2 malam berterusan.Dan berjaya menyiapkannya despite of my ill condition dan manage to submit it to my GM on Monday as promised. Tapi pada keesokannya saya bercuti kembali kerana kurang sihat.

Zainal menelefon awal2 pagi Isnin bertanya khabar. Katanya Allah kabulkan doa kita dengan pelbagai cara. Kita berdoa mohon diberikan kelapangan ketika ketidaktentuan arah untuk memberikan komitmen kepada perkara yang mana satu, last-last Dia bagi kita something yang menyebabkan mmg kita lapang sungguh2 walaupun mungkin faktor kelapangan itu bukanlah something yg kita favour. Kalau difikirkan logic mmg ler rasa tak best sbb painful (sakit yg mmg giler2 punyer sakit), tapi kalau difikirkan lebih mendalam, kalau Allah tak anugerahkan saya sakit perut yang menyebabkan saya terpaksa berehat dr berjalan, pasti saya diselubungi rasa bersalah teramat kerana terpaksa men'sacrifice'kan team building Nisa' untuk memberi laluan kepada kelas, wedding sahabat baik dan whitepaper submission saya. Last-last, semuanya terpaksa dikorbankan kecuali whitepaper submission saya :)

Pasni saya nak doa kalau ada lagi situasi mcm ni, moga Allah lapangkan saya tapi kalau boleh tak nak sakit, bleh tak ek? (agak2 ada rasa nak sekeh tak orang yg sedang menulis ni? Hehe :)

Guys, just kidding k. Apa pun yg Allah bagi, kita wajib syukuri sbb kita tak tahu hikmah di sebaliknya.

Oklah yer, panjang dah catatan saya kali ni. Ini pun berpeluang untuk menulis kerana baru selesai sesi presentation Fraud Subject Matter Expert saya yang terasa seperti sesi presentation project di depan lecturer sahaja rasanya kerana dinilai oleh GM dan 2 manager. Esok akan kembali dengan jadual sibuk saya sekiranya masih dikurniakan peluang untuk bernafas. Tak tahu bilerlah lagi akan punya peluang untuk meng'update' blog saya ni. Mungkin bulan depan kot kerana bermula minggu hadapan jadual kerja saya akan sgt2 tight kerana punya 3 event besar untuk diberi tumpuan sehingga hujung bulan ini.

Ika, syukran kerana memahami dan sanggup berkorban masa dan janji yang telah dibuat bersama berminggu-minggu sebelum itu. I actually felt guilty for can't fulfill my promise to accompany you to Ida's wedding. Maaf yer, maaf sgt2 :(

Di kala ini saya terasa seperti ingin cepat2 grad so that i will have time for all people that i care about. So that no one will hurt and cry anymore coz i spend less time and concentration on them.

Believe me, eventhough i did not make any sound for being busy whatsoever, i'll be always praying for you all in my prayers, insya Allah :)

To Jie, Siha, Farah Wahidah, Kak Wiyah n geng2 Nisa', i do miss you guys actually. Kalau boleh nak spend masa sama2 mcm dulu, tapi buat masa sekarang masa saya sedikit terbatas. Rindu nak berkumpul semula mcm dulu2. Insya Allah study saya habis hujung tahun depan, sehingga itu kena banyak2 sabar dgn saya yg tak punya byk kelapangan masa ini :)

Hopefully no more cry, you little girl (you know who you are), dah jadi ibu org pun nak nangis2 lagi :P

To Siha, hehe, i wish ya all the best in Penang with your new Master course. Welcome to the club of fun + tension when byk keje n assignment + exciting sbb belajar benda baru + pressure tahap naga biler time exam hehe :D

Ok guys, permisi dulu.

Sehingga ke catatan baru saya nanti, do miss me k :)

Doakan kesejahteraan dan kesihatan saya yer.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Erti sebuah persahabatan

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Maaf di atas sepinya blog ini, say menghadiri kursus dan kemudian sibuk dengan tugasan sedia ada.

Hari ini saya dapat result exam, alhamdulillah bolehlah dikatakan cemerlang walaupun sebenarnya aim nak dapat 4 flat hehe. Saya kurang gemar subject calculation, tapi alhamdulillah dimurahkan rezeki utk score Quantitative Decision Making (QDM) sem ni. Begitu juga dgn subject Finance yang saya ambil semester lepas.


Hari ini saya gembira kerana saya dapat good result, plus saya sudah present monthly report saya di dalam monthly management meeting this evening.

Tapi di dalam kegembiraan, terselit juga perkara yang meninggalkan kesan di dalam hati saya.

Ketika saya sedang menyiapkan presentation slide for management meeting petang tadi, saya terima satu panggilan.

Saya akui saya sudah lama tidak mendengar suara pemanggil. Ketika menjawab, saya dapat kesan suaranya tidak seperti biasa. Suara seperti ingin menangis.

Dan memang suara itu seperti ingin menangis, cuma saya tidak pernah sangka yang si pemanggil akan menangis kerana saya.

Beliau terasa hati kerana kami seperti sudah tidak rapat seperti dahulu. Fikirnya, saya sudah punya kawan-kawan baru yang lebih sefikrah dengan saya. Sebab itu sudah jarang berhubung dengannya.

Saya pujuk beliau agar tidak menangis, dan berjanji saya akan bertemunya nanti.

Tamat perbualan, saya pula yang menangis. Tangisan yang terharu atas perhatian seorang sahabat, dan hati tak henti-henti menyalahkan diri kerana tidak terus menghubungi beliau setiap kali saya teringatkannya. Sering kali saya teringatkan beliau kerana kami memang sangat rapat, tapi tangan saya seperti tak tercapai untuk mencapai handphone untuk bertanya khabar.

Tapi saya juga turut gembira kerana saya berada dekat di hati beliau walaupun beliau sudah punya komitmen yang lebih besar dan lebih utama. Saya betul-betul amat gembira.

Bukankah kita akan biasanya akan makan hati dengan orang yang kita kasihi?

Syukran pada si pemanggil, dan jazakallah pada semua yang mengenali dan sudi bersahabat dan bersaudara dengan saya.

Hari ini saya belajar bahawa kita perlu menyediakan masa untuk bertanya khabar dan berhubung dengan sahabat-sahabat dan saudara-mara. Masa itu bukan hanya patut diperuntukkan untuk diri kita seorang.

Insya Allah akan cuba untuk menjadi seorang sahabat yang lebih prihatin. Sememangnya saya mmg kadang-kadang seperti glacier di Antartika yang memang hanya bergerak sendiri secara senyap dan tidak peduli kadang-kadang dengan apa yang berlaku di sekeliling. Memang bukan seorang yang boleh dikatakan caring orangnya. Saya menyedari sifat ini ketika saya mempunyai 2 orang adik angkat di sekolah menengah dulu. Kasihan mereka kerana dapat kakak angkat yang tak caring mcm saya :)

Apa pun, i've learnt a valuable lesson today, and i'm very happy for having such a caring friend that take me very close to her heart.


Monday, October 17, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Saudara-saudaraku sekalian,

Sekiranya kemalasan mahupun tabiat buruk masih menghambat diri ketika kita berada di bulan Ramadhan ini, mahu dipersalahkan syaitankah lagi?

Tidak bukan?

Pastinya salah nafsu yang tidak dididik dengan baik.

Pastinya kerana bad habits atau kebiasaan buruk yang tidak dikikis habis sehingga terbawa-bawa ke bulan mulia ini.

Bulan Ramadhan ini bulan didikan dan tarbiyah, untuk kita hapuskan segala dosa dan noda yang telah terkumpul sekian lama.

Yakin sudah kita akan berjumpa dengan Ramadhan tahun hadapan?

Belum tentu.

Maka kerana itu kita perlu rebut segala peluang yang ada ini untuk beramal.

Masa tidak menunggu kita, masih bermain-mainkah lagi kita?

Rezeki di depan mata melimpah ruah, tidak tahu bersyukurkah kita dengan mengerjakan apa yang diperintah dan meninggalkan apa yang dilarang olehNya?

Sekiranya di bulan mulia ini masih terikut-ikut dengan perangai lama yang sepatutnya diubah, maka tak mustahil nanti kita akan menyesal.

Jangan ditunggu sehingga masa penyesalan itu tiba.

Tak gerunkah kita?

Note: Catatan ini dibuat hasil refleksi terserempak dengan seorang pemuda Islam yang smoking dengan selambanya sambil melintas di depan saya di siang hari di bulan Ramadhan. Mmg terasa tersirap darah dibuatnya.

How dare he, how dare! Di depan public? Tak terasa malukah?



Thursday, October 13, 2005

Selamat Hari Lahir

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Just wanna wish..

SELAMAT HARI LAHIR to Ika and Hany yang recently celebrate their birthdays :)

Moga Allah panjangkan umur antuma, sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki dan sentiasa diletakkan di bawah lindungan kasihNya.


Maaf tak dapat mencoret panjang, saya ada urusan yang perlu diselesaikan.

Wassalam :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Kaifa haalukum?


Moga semua sihat dan berada di bawah lindungan Allah selalu.

I was on leave yesterday. Today i went to TTC for TM Brand training (compulsory) and came back to office at 12 p.m. Hoh, boleh plak terjumpa pokcik Rahimi kat TTC (cheaa,Rahimi dah tukar style rambut sket aa hehe).

Balik2 jer GM dah dtg kat meja kata ada something nak discuss on BP 2006. I was like a lil bit geram jugak ler coz i was not the one who actually handle the documentation part, and my face had became so gloomy that anyone who saw me before the Zuhr prayer could tell straight away that i was not in good mood. Midun had several times asked about my condition whether i was ok not. Obviously not. I was afraid actually becoz i was not the one who did the documentation, and plus the GM wanted to see me alone in the meeting room. Nanti kena marah ker apa ker, sengsorang jer yg tanggung.

Allah itu betul Maha Pemurah, dalam discussion tu my GM and i gelak tak ingat biler buat BP review. Mana taknya, figure budget and strategic objectives statements tak sync langsung.GM asyik tanya why do you write like this and that, aiyaaa..mau jer cakap " Tn Hj, BP ni bukan saya yg buat, saya cuma bagi input jer, group Documentation yang karang everything", tapi layan jer ler. Sejak first review dulu he always looked at me and asked justification why this and that like i was the one who draft everything instead of Group Documentation. Mmg bebetul masak ler dibuatnya sbbnya mana ler saya tahu Group Documentation maksudkan apa yang they all tulis, saya cuma bagi input jer. Gggrrrr.

"Kalau macam ni, mau sasau dibuatnya!" my GM commented on the overall BP 2006 biler tgk figure and objectives statements tak sync.

Hehe, mmg tak tahan gelak aa time tuh, siap suh Tn Hj berhenti cakap dulu so that i can laugh a lil bit longer.Klakar betul. Asyik gelak jek kitorang dlm bilik meeting tu.

Ingatkan biler masuk diskas tu kena prepare jer ler utk gantung diri, rupanya ok. Best best.

And yeah, my GM had approved my 4 days training which i thought he won't at the first place since on last Monday he queried what is the relevancy of that course with my job.

The course actually was offered to me, i didn't apply it at all. Quite dissapointed jugaklah when he asked me that question becoz it showed his reluctancy in letting me go. Yer ler, dah mmg patut ler dia risau. I am the one yg pegang semua data, kalau tetibanya CFO nak anything, mau kelam kabut dia nak mencari info.

Hehe, takpe. I'll try to make everything is in place before i go for the training :)


How's your Ramadhan until today?

Mine? Err..err...tak tau ler naper terasa sedikit jahat pada Ramadhan ni. I think i need to do something to improve on the existing situation.

Wajib! Kalau tak, menyesal. Zurina Zurina, you better do something, will ya?

Ok yer, nak balik berbuka dgn my beloved family. Setakat ni tak pernah miss lagi berbuka dgn family kecuali ketika berbuka puasa di rumah 'Voice from the past', En. Mudin kita.


Syukran laka yer atas jemputan berbuka hari tu. Tak sempat nak bersembang lama. Tahniah juga atas perkhabaran gembira. Take care Ida bebaik ek, bantu mana yang patut :)

And happy juga for my buddy En. Mizie, dah nak nikah dah pokcik ni. Tahniah ek, pasni aku dah tak leh laa main torpedo ngan ko lagi, tapi takpe Ida ada utk jadi proxy aku. Kali ni bebetul punya torpedo ek, just beware! :D

Ok guys, later k. Moga Ramadhan ini lebih mendidik diri saya dan antum menjadi insan yang lebih baik, baik sebaiknya :)


Monday, October 10, 2005

7 list

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I did this nak kata half-heartedly mcm jahat pulak bunyinya, tapi dek kerana janji saya pada Aida, terpaksa juga saya teruskan. Saya tak selesa reveal apa impian saya pada sesiapa, tapi nanti karang penuh pulak 7 list ni dengan perkataan 'reserved' kalau saya tak tulis. Hehe.

Aida, keranamu kuturutkan jua 7 list ni. Pasni banjer aku ayam golek tau! Hohoho

seven things you plan to do before you die:
1 - Further studies in UK
2 - Perform Hajj asap
3 - Get fluent in Arabic
5 - Become a lecturer in UIA
6 - Establish my own education centre
7 - Further studies at ISTAC or Misra kalau boleh (lepas fluent Arabic)

seven things I could do:
1 - Read books/zines
2 - Play Othello/Chess
3 - Swimming
4 - Hope can become a good Muslimah (tiru Aida)
5 - reserved
6 - reserved
7 - reserved

seven celebrity crushes:
1 - Tom Cruise
2 - Takashi Kashiwabara (Big Wings)
3 - Kim Sung Soo (Full House)
3 - Sami Yusuf (ni mesti ramai tak puas hati ni especially Shima hehe)
4 - 7 (blank gak mcm Aida)

seven often repeated words:
1 - Ibu
2 - Tikot
3 - (pasni tak ingat dah sbb byk sgt cakap)

seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:

1 - Religion
2 - Boleh buat me gelak (hehe)
3 - 7 (reserved)

seven tags go to:
1 - 7 (sesaper nak buat, buat ler..tak nak paksa :).

Yeaa..sudah tertunai janji pada Aida walaupun kebanyakannya adalah jawapan reserved.

As i have said before, i am a reserved person. I dun tell too much on my personal, and if i do tell, i do it indirectly. Those expressions that you guys can digest from all my past postings were just the surface,they didn't reveal too much about me, and i like to remain that way as long as i could afford.



Thursday, October 06, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,


Kaifa haal antum fi hazha Ramadhan kareem? Khayr?


Saya jadi jahat sket semalam, tetiba addicted tgk VCD Full House.

Aaaa, help me. Rasanya nak kena sorok VCD tu. Ika ler ni yg promote,langsung tak leh nak stop tgk citer tu.

Hehe, selamba jer blame Ika padahal kita sendiri yang pilih nak tgk VCD. Acah jer Tikot, sure ko mesti rasa nak cekik2 aku kan? :D

Hany sdg dalam keadaan tak sihat skang, moga Allah cepat sembuhkan Ummu Nufayl ni. Kalau dah sembuh, Hany kena banjer saya ayam golek tau Hany hehe.

Ok, nak pen off dulu.

Moga pengisian Ramadhan kita lebih baik dr hari ke sehari k.

Saya tgh mencuba untuk melawan addiction saya pada VCD Full House ni. Time-time Ramadhan ni ler VCD best ada kat umah saya huhu.

Bak kata Li Yeung Zhi dan Han Ji En (watak lelaki dan perempuan utama dalam citer Full House)


Go Go Fighting!!

Waa..kena mujahadah lebih sket ler skang ni sbb dugaannya sungguh ler menarik hati hoho :P


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

If we help Allah, Allah will help us back

(1) Top 8 ways to boost your Ramadan spirit this year
by Sound Vision Staff writer

1. Dua
Ask Allah to make this the most awesome, spiritually uplifting Ramadan you've ever had. Only He can make it happen and relying on Him completely is one step in boosting our spirits.

2. Quiet your mind, turn off the...
TV, internet, radio, cell phone, pager, iPod, etc. No, not all day, but for at least 10 minutes a day. Find a quiet place, close your eyes and connect with God. At first, your mind will swirl with the useless and not-so-useless info in your head. But force it to think of three things in these few minutes:

a. Allah
b. your purpose in life
c. are you living your life on purpose?
d. Do this every day of Ramadan if you can. If that's not possible, try it at least three times a week.

3.Learn about great Muslims
Even if you've read it before, read or listen to Abdul Wahid Hamid's Companions of the Prophet again this Ramadan. Read about or listen to the story of a Companion daily. Well-written and short, this is a wonderful way to see how other Muslims retained their strength of faith against incredible odds. A sure-fire spirituality booster.

4. Connect to the Quran
The Quran is God's way of talking to us. It's one of the most important keys to spiritual upliftment. This Ramadan, connect to the Quran in a new way. If you already read Quran regularly, perhaps you can choose a new theme to focus on or select a Surah you haven't read in a while. If you don't read Quran regularly, maybe you can read just two minutes of Quran a day, reading only from the first page you encounter when you open up the Book.

In addition, try to keep a Quranic journal to record your reflections, questions, thoughts, etc. about what you've read.

5. Take care of others
Whether it's someone who's away from their family, a person who's having problems with a spouse or their kids or a fellow student struggling with their grades, make an extra effort this Ramadan to help others out. The spiritual boost you get in return is well worth it.

6. Feed the hungry
While your stomach shrieks in protest, give that panhandler some change, volunteer at a soup kitchen, get involved with your local food pantry or make a couple of bag lunches to give to the hungry you meet on your way to school or work. And don't forget the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, as well as those suffering from hunger in Niger and Mali.

7. Give up one lifelong bad habit
Ask yourself what some of your defining traits are. Then decide which is the worst of them. Is it a hot temper? Apathy? Laziness? Impatience? Whatever it is, use this Ramadan to put an end to it. Practice the opposite of your bad habit every day until the end of the month. By then Insha Allah, you'll look back and be amazed at what a change you've made for the better.

8. Use those Nights of Power
The last ten nights or Ramadan aren't called the Nights of Power for nothing. Use these precious times for deep, heartfelt Dua (supplication), self-analysis, reflection and serious thought.

(2) Jumpa Kak Mas

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Semalam terjumpa Kak Mas and Sufia di surau KLCC ketika my auntie and I nak perform solat maghrib. Dah lama sangat tak jumpa Kak Mas, and biler jumpa tu mmg overwhelmed, happy sgt sampai lepas dah jumpa tu my kepala pening sket. Mmg biasa ler kalau i become overwhelmed with something, jadi pening sket, samada dlm keadaan over tension or over happy. Both could lead me to migraine hehe.

Kak Mas had asked me to join one project Nisa'. Alhamdulillah i had gone thru all the final exams, and i will be having my semester break for a month. Will be back to school one week after Raya. Hopefully i can contribute something within semester break ni. Kak Mas ada nyatakan satu isu yang telah menyebabkan Sis Adinura terbang ke bumi Misra, pening juga isunya. Diharapkan dgn usaha yang telah dan akan dibuat,Allah akan permudahkan segala usaha dan niat yang telah disandarkan kepadaNya.

Insya Allah, kalau kita bantu Allah, Allah akan bantu kita kembali. I had hold to this statement very strongly since i was in SRC dulu. And mmg sudah terbukti dahulu. Remember Ika, yg aku nangis2 lepas solat sbb tension time nak organize program 'Treasure of Knowledge' utk Institusi Usrah dulu? Time tu betul2 risau pasal first time buat program sendiri, pastu budget tak cukup and dun know how to cover expenses for canopy etc, but alhamdulillah the program turned to be great (at least from my personal opinion) especially for malam yg kita organize theatre and nasyid (import from UKM and UIA) in which Ika jadi menjerit 'kehisterian' sbb director malam tu agak blank sket mcm mana nak organize. Nasib baik kita ada adik2 and commitee yg power2 time tu kan Tikot. Ingat lagi Abg Nafis,Drafizan, Sharizal and the rest bertungkus lumus 1 hour before the program. Panic kan time tu, tapi mmg best. Hihi.

I still remember what did you say to me when i was crying after solat Zuhur time tgh handle program and risau ttg budget (tu yg payah jadi accountant ni, siap pernah debate ngan Abg Nafis biler buat budget review for this program ni, i wanted it to be minimized as much as possible meanwhile Abg Nafis tak setuju sbb hujah dia, kalau nak quality kenalaa bayar lebih sket, but for me, try hard to reduce cost to the lowest level that you can go and then produce the maximum output as many as possible. Mmg accountants berkira sket pasal duit2 nih, tak caya refer postings Aini yg tak puas hati biler ada top mgmt yg spend duit syarikat lavishly padahal derang try giler2 nak selamatkan duit TM, 1 cent pun akan berkira kalau buat international settlement).Hehe.

Ayat yang Ika cakap waktu nampak i cried lepas solat Zuhur time handle program:

"Siti, aku tak risau kalau ko buat program usrah ni, Allah mesti tolong sbb kita bantu Dia. Tapi kalau ko buat program lain, ko patut risau ". (Kalau utk program lain mmg patut kena risau sbb time tu budget mmg tak cukup utk accommodate perlbagai programs yang akan dilaksanakan dalam minggu Treasure of Knowledge tu). Alhamdulillah, tgh hari Ika cakap benda tu, petang tu terus ada solution utk cover duit, mmg bebetul bersyukur time tu :)


Lama dah actually tak bergiat ngan Nisa, kekadang jek join alumni. Itu pun kadang-kadang sekiranya tidak bercanggah dengan schedule study. Tapi kebanyakannya mmg bercanggah :)

Takpelah,kan. Kita cuba sedaya mana yang termampu. Yang penting masih bersama. Tak dapat bagi tenaga, bagilah wang ringgit atau idea. Bergantung kepada kemampuan masing-masing.

(3) Ramadhan datang lagi
I just wanna wish Selamat Berpuasa pada semua. Bulan ini bulan mendidik sahsiah dan peribadi kita. Moga kita menjadi graduan cemerlang bulan Ramadhan tahun ini sebelum menunggu Ramadhan yang akan datang next year.

Kiranya ini Ramadhan terakhir buat kita, sama-sama kita mohon maaf dan juga memaafkan orang lain yang pernah buat salah pada kita. Juga perbanyakkan taubat dan zikir, moga apabila Ramadhan berakhir, kita juga turut menjadi suci seperti bayi yang baru dilahirkan tanpa dosa dan noda.

Wish all the best juga pada Rollie and my friends yang akan ada exam malam ni and malam esok.

Assalamualaikum :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

A missing smile

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I had already sat my last paper exam for Corporate Resources and Strategy yesterday. The questions were ok i think.

After exam, met some of my other classmates who took another paper, MIS. They complained about not been notified that the paper should be completed in 2 and half hours instead of the normal 3 hours that we used to go through for all our subjects before.

Most of them could not completed their last question due to the above reason. I can only expressed my sympathy to them. But if i were at their place, sure i make a complaint to the lecturer.Hoho.

After we had gathered most of our classmates after the exam, we went to Allahyarham Prof Unvar's house to pay a visit to his family. He had 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. The eldest in still in college, 20 yrs old and just get married to her husband last 40 days before Dr Unvar passed away.

His wife is a housewife, and the youngest is still in Standard 4. Luckily Dr Unvar had kept his savings and had once showed them to us during our lecture on unit trust investments. He had kept quite a lot actually. Not to our worry, alhamdulillah. Tapi kasihan juga pada anak2nya. Very much look alike to their late father.

Actually on the day Dr Unvar passed away, satu rombongan besar ex students Dr from Bank Negara datang melawat Dr di belah pagi hingga tengah hari yg ketika itu still in coma. Mereka berbaris panjang depan bilik ICU utk lawat Dr. They were still in a very long que when they got to know that Dr had gone, and all of them took half day leave on that day and straight away went to Dr Unvar house. Kak Win, my classmate who live very near to Dr's house mentioned that she never get to see so much people had made any visit and solat jenazah to anyone at her place before like what had happened to Dr. She felt that Dr was a very lucky person. Even ambassadors from Arab countries had came and paid their last respects to jenazah on that day.

One of my classmates had made a remark: I am sure i'll be missing his smile nanti.

And i think all my classmates and i will be missing his smile too.

A missing smile, from someone that had taught us with hikmah and wholeheartedly.


Friday, September 30, 2005

A slap on the face

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Actually starting from last Monday, i kept regretting myself for giving wrong answers for this one particular question that i felt very much that i can score in my last final exam . I am someone who easily get regret for something that i know i can score but then i had done it wrongly. And i hate that feeling actually, but seriously i can't help it from appear in me, and i only starting to realize that i had this kind of feeling when i was in Pre-U. There was one time in Pre-U that i could not sleep becoz i kept regretting my false answer for Math paper in the first semester. And now that feeling had appeared again.

I had that regret feeling for my qdm paper until last Wednesday, before i received news about my Prof had passed away.

When i heard the news that he has gone, automatically the regret feeling had faded away from me.

Perhaps it was because i started realized that if i were to compare my regret feeling with the sadness faced by my Prof's family members, the weightage of them are not similar at all. Not at all.

And last nite when i was in STAR train, reading news paper, suddenly there was a couple with a heavy bag and their daughter came in.I presumed they were from occasion balik kampung or from somewhere quite far away from KL.

I offered the couple to sit since they were holding a little girl. And i was quite surprised to know that there are still people who get very selfish to offer their seats to those who are more in need. Duh, this people have no civics. No manners and yeah, merciless with little or no heart at all. Should put them in the zoo rather than let them live and moving freely in this world actually, huh!

Anyway, the attitude of some irresponsible and inconsiderate people is not my main intention or issue when i highlight about this couple. It is about courage and gratefulness potrayed by this couple that had captured my interest.

When i was offering my seat to the couple, initially i did not look at them directly becoz i was busy putting my newspaper into my office bag. When only the husband looked at me and thanked me, then only i came to realize that the husband has quite an abnormal/damage face. I was shocked to look at his face when he thanked me becoz i never see a person with that kind of face before. His right eye was dislocated, and i dunno how to explain more becoz i did not dare to look at him further. I felt so sorry for him.

And his daughter actually is not normal. From the first look, you will know that this kid is not normal because her head is quite big compared to most normal kids at her age.

This guy thanked me several times for offering my seat to his daughter and wife.Several times ok, not just once. I was touched becoz eventhough he has no good looks, but he has a good heart. Not like some of normal people who have pretty faces but with no/ugly hearts sometimes.

I truly admire this man. The courage that he has in himself had proved that even without a pretty look ( i dun want to use 'ugly' becoz i just feel it is not rite for me to use it in this case). He dares to face this world and live with whatever he has calmly, i think. And if i were to be put in his shoe, i really don't know whether i can own the similar courage that he has, to be just stay alive in this world and face its robust challenges.

It was suddenly appeared in my mind when i was walking home that sometimes you really need to slap your own face to wake you up, to make you realize that there are so many other people in this world that have disadvantages in life as compared to you.

Be shame on ourselves who sometimes do not know how to be grateful with whatever had been granted by Allah to us all these while.

Be shame, seriously.


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dr Unvar

Profesor UIA meninggal akibat denggi -Utusan Malaysia, 29.09.2005

KUALA LUMPUR 28 Sept. - Sehari selepas kerajaan mengisytiharkan tahap kritikal kes demam denggi di tiga buah negeri, seorang lagi mangsa meninggal dunia hari ini.

Timbalan Dekan Kuliyyah Ekonomi dan Pengurusan Sains Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA), Prof. Madya Dr. Unvar Rahman Abdul Muthalib, 47,meninggal dunia pukul 1.35 petang di Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur (HKL)selepas lebih dua minggu menderita demam tersebut.

Sepupu Allahyarham, Mohammed Mosin Abdul Razak, 42, memberitahu, Allahyarham menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya di hadapan keluarga terdekatnya di HKL.

Katanya, Unvar Rahman sebelum itu dibawa ke sebuah pusat rawatan swasta di sini pada 14 September lalu sebelum disahkan oleh pusat tersebut menghidap denggi dua hari kemudian.

``Beliau sebelum itu mendapatkan rawatan biasa di klinik universiti dan tidak menjangka sama sekali akan terkena denggi kerana dapat bertugas di pejabat seperti biasa selepas itu.

``Tapi semuanya tiba-tiba berubah apabila beliau hilang selera makan dan demam teruk, jadi kami bawanya ke pusat rawatan tersebut dan doktor mengesahkan Allahyarham terkena denggi,'' katanya ketika ditemui selepas solat jenazah, di sini hari ini.

Katanya, Allahyarham kemudiannya dimasukkan ke Unit Rawatan Rapi (ICU)pusat rawatan tersebut Sabtu lalu, sebelum dikejarkan ke HKL bagi mendapatkan rawatan kecemasan pada pukul 2.30 petang semalam.

Mohammed Mosin memberitahu, pada peringkat awal rawatan di pusat rawatan tersebut, Allahyarham seolah-olah kembali sihat dan boleh berinteraksi seperti biasa dengan ahli keluarganya.

Bagaimanapun katanya, bapa kepada empat anak itu tiba-tiba tenat pada pukul 9.30 malam Sabtu lalu sehingga menyebabkan beliau tidak dapat bernafas sebelum dimasukkan ke ICU pusat rawatan tersebut.

``Selepas beberapa hari menerima rawatan di ICU, beliau terkena demam kuning dan dipindahkan ke HKL, sebelum meninggal dunia hari ini,''

Jenazah Allahyarham dikebumikan di tanah perkuburan Islam Ibu Kota, Danau Kota dekat sini kira-kira pukul 7.20 malam.

Allahyarham meninggalkan seorang balu, Rukhsana Begham, 47, dan empat orang anak.

Kerajaan semalam mengambil langkah drastik dengan mengisytiharkan kes demam denggi di Pulau Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor dan Selangor berada pada tahap kritikal.

Sehingga Sabtu lalu sebanyak 27,569 kes demam itu dicatatkan di seluruh negara berbanding 21,786 kes dalam tempoh sama tahun lepas.

Ini berikutan jumlah kematian akibat wabak itu semakin meningkat kepada 70 orang tahun ini berbanding 68 dalam tempoh yang sama sepanjang tahun lalu.

Ahad lalu, Pulau Pinang mencatatkan satu lagi kes denggi berdarah melibatkan seorang wanita sarat mengandung yang meninggal dunia di Hospital Pulau Pinang (HPP).

Mangsa, Fairuz Aziz, 25, dari Taman Sahabat, Teluk Kumbar yang hamil kembar sulung berusia tujuh bulan meninggal dunia menjadikan korban wabak itu meningkat kepada empat kes.

Pada 17 September lalu, seorang peniaga kraftangan, Siti Fauziah Jamaludin, 46, dari Bukit Gelugor di sini meninggal dunia di Unit Rawatan Rapi (ICU) HPP diikuti seorang lelaki berusia 21 tahun dari Kampung Binjal, Bayan Lepas.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Al-Fatihah to Dr Unvar

Assalamualaikum wbt,

This morning i had been called for an ad hoc request by my GM to help my IT manager on business forecasting and financial projection to furnish his proposal paper to be sent to CIO Office by today.

My GM, IT and Operation Manager, Khairul and I were concentrating on the details of the proposal from 10 a.m up to 3 p.m in the meeting room non-stop even for our lunch at 1 p.m. At 3 p.m we stopped for a while before the last finalization, and Khairul and i were planning to lunch together at our canteen instead of going to Maybank since we were so hungry, especially i did not take my breakfast this morning.

While i was walking to my cubicle to get my purse, i saw 5 missed calls on my handphone screen. 4 calls were from Amzari and Mazlisham, my 2 MBA classmates. I then called Sham since he had promised to come over to my office to get a document from me during lunch and i was totally forgotten about that while i was in the meeting room. In the meeting room we had turned the light off to make us easier to see and check the proposal presentation by my IT Manager.I did not even realized that it was 1 p.m becoz the room was so dark and i thought it was still 11 a.m instead.

Sham informed me that Dr Unvar, our accounting lecturer that had taught us in our first semester in UIA had passed away this afternoon at 1.30 p.m due to denggue. Yesterday only that i know he got admitted, but i did not suspect any bad things will happen to him.Actually this morning some of my classmates were planning to visit him in the hospital by today evening after office hour,several hours before we had came to know that he had passed away this afternoon.

He was such a nice lecturer and person. He was funny at the most unexpected moments that had made us got surprised and laughed during his lectures at certain times. And he was very2 helpful that most of us did not afraid to just drop by to his office to ask anything that we did not understand becoz we know that he won't reject us and will try to help as much as he can.

He was such a great person and lecturer, really. And i was sad for i could not give my last respect to him since i was stucked in the office trying to assist my IT Manager in furnishing his proposal until 5.30 p.m. Rite after went out from the meeting room i called one of my classmates that had visited Allahyarham this evening at his house, he said Allahyarham was safely buried in a cemetery very near to his house.

Sad for unable to pay my last respect, but my pray will be always with him, similar to all those people that i have known in life that had passed away to meet our beloved Allah.

I pray that all of them will be always rest in peace and rahmah from Allah.

Insya Allah, if granted, all of us will be meeting again, in Jannah i hope, with lots of smile and laughter during that time for being happy and grateful for being selected to stay in Jannah.

I truly hope it will happen, insya Allah.


Rencana Melayu didodoikan kejayaan palsu

Rencana Melayu didodoikan kejayaan palsu

Pendapat Di Singapura, kami tidak mendewakan pemain-pemain bola.'' Begitulah kata-kata Phillip Yeo, Ketua Agensi Penyelidikan Untuk Sains dan Teknologi Singapura. Saya yakin Singapura juga tidak mendewa-dewakan golongan artis seperti yang berlaku kepada kita di Malaysia.

Saya tidak pernah terbaca atau mendengar berita yang penyiar TV di sana menganjurkan banyak siri realiti TV yang tidak mendatangkan sebarang faedah jangka panjang untuk kemajuan negara kecil mereka. Tetapi berlainan pula dengan negara kita, itu yang lebih diutamakan sejak kebelakangan ini.

Jika beginilah sikap rakyat negara kita nampaknya kita akan terus menjadi sebuah negara yang terbelakang dalam segala bidang yang berfaedah untuk masa depan negara.

Di Singapura, idola mereka adalah orang terpelajar, bukan artis. Orang terpelajar dijadikan contoh kepada anak-anak muda Singapura untuk mengejar kemajuan dalam bidang sains dan teknologi.

Anak-anak mereka digalakkan mendapat pelajaran setinggi yang mungkin kerana mereka sedar tanpa generasi yang berpelajaran dan berpendidikan tinggi negara mereka akan ketinggalan.

Singapura sedang menuju ke arah apa yang disebut knowledge economy (ekonomi ilmu pengetahuan) tetapi kita lebih kepada entertainment economy (ekonomi hiburan).

Artis-artis yang berjaya meraih `ijazah' dari Akademi Fantasia (AF) lebih diberikan tempat dalam liputan akhbar daripada kejayaan anak-anak Malaysia yang berjaya dalam bidang sains dan teknologi.

Kalau beginilah cara orang Melayu menguruskan anak bangsa mereka nampaknya peluang untuk menjana Towering Malays atau Melayu Unggul akan punah. Mana ada anak Melayu yang berjaya dalam bidang nyanyian di peringkat antarabangsa sehingga mereka terkenal seperti artis-artis dari Barat. Pernahkah kita mendengar jualan album artis-artis Melayu dijual jutaan keping di pasaran antarabangsa? Kalau setakat menyanyi di Royal Albert Hall sudah dianggap satu kejayaan besar bagi anak Melayu dan bukan meraih ijazah kelas pertama di universiti Cambridge atau Oxford, rosaklah anak Melayu.

Kaum Cina dan India mendahulukan kejayaan akademik daripada hiburan tetapi untuk anak-anak Melayu, ibu bapa mereka sanggup berkorban apa saja, bergolok bergadai asalkan anak mereka mendapat tempat dalam Malaysian Idol dan AF. Mereka tidak sanggup berkorban atau bergolok bergadai untuk memastikan anak-anak mereka mendapat pendidikan yang terbaik. Sesungguhnya orang Melayu akan jadi bahan ketawa kaum lain pada suatu hari nanti.

Orang Melayu masih buta dengan agenda orang lain untuk menjatuhkan mereka.

Tulisan saya ini mungkin tidak akan menyenangkan orang yang tidak mengambil berat tentang arah tuju orang Melayu. Ia mungkin bagai cili yang terpepak atau pahit bagai hempedu tetapi seperti kata orang, yang pahit itulah ubat.

Malangnya orang Melayu suka digula-gulakan, dipuji berlebih-lebihan. Biar menang sorak kampung tergadai. Biar papa asalkan bergaya. Sampai bila kita hendak dodoikan orang Melayu dan anak Melayu dengan kejayaan yang palsu. Kita mahukan durian tapi benih tomato yang kita tanam.

Di mana rasional dan logiknya? Begitu rendahkah daya fikir orang Melayu dan anak Melayu? Kalaulah pejuang kemerdekaan dari kalangan orang Melayu yang lalu masih hidup, mereka pasti akan menangis kerana kita telah gagal mendidik anak bangsa ke arah kemajuan yang dituntut oleh agama Islam. Kita gagal mengisi kemerdekaan dengan anak-anak bangsa yang bijak berfikir dan bertindak demi kesinambungan kemegahan orang Melayu.

Mungkin Hang Tuah akan geleng kepala melihat orang Melayu hari ini menyalahgunakan kebebasan yang diperoleh. Mungkin Melayu tak hilang di dunia tetapi jika ada bangsa Melayu yang layu apalah gunanya. Layu dengan lagu yang mendayu. Layu di pusat-pusat serenti. Layu di atas jalan raya yang serba moden. Layu di peringkat pengajian tinggi.

>> - Ahmad Nasir Mohamad, Alor Star, Kedah.
>> Kirim pendapat anda melalui e-mel:


Assalamualaikum wbt,

I believe all of us are intellectual enough to comprehend the message, dun we? I also believe that we also think the same way, but what are the things that we need to do to change this destructing scenario?

Let's think together, shall we?


Monday, September 26, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Sorry for a very long silence, i had just completed my first final exam last Saturday.

No comment on the prediction of the final result. May Allah help me to get a good result for this subject and another on this becoming Sunday.

(1) Tired.

I am tired rite now. I didn't have enough sleep actually for i had to prepare for my final exam. And today my GM had requested me to change his KPI for several times that had made me became more and more tired. Yesterday i should be relaxing at home and get some rest after my final, but Midun had requested my help to assist him to settle BP 2006 in the office. After that Ika called asking me to accompany her to somewhere.

Tomorrow i'll be having management meeting where i have to make a presentation. I need to complete my report by tonite so that by tomorrow i can distribute them out before the meeting. And presentation slide too.

Tiring huh?

I wish i am the GM rite now so that people will work for me and not vice versa. Hehe.

Naughty Iena, berangan jer lebih.


(2)Forum Ramadhan

Semalam ketika pulang dr jumpa Ika, singgah sebentar dengar forum mengenai persediaan menyambut Ramadhan. Panel forum adalah Dr Rubiah (pakar motivasi yang selalu keluar Forum Perdana yg cakap best tu) and Ustazah Zawiah.

Tertarik dengan kata-kata Dr Rubiah:

Jangan kita jadikan bulan Ramadhan ini sebagai bulan makanan dan bukannya sebagai bulan ibadah.

Tersenyum dengar hujah Dr Rubiah yang agak lucu:

Sepanjang 11 bulan si isteri tak pernah tanya pada suami ttg makanan apa yang perlu dihidangkan untuk lunch atau dinner, tapi di bulan Ramadhan, selepas sahur sudah ada perbincangan antara suami dan isteri ttg juadah berbuka puasa yang perlu disediakan sedangkan puasa pun belum bermula lagi.Asyik fikir ttg makanan sahaja sedangkan bukan itu yang sepatutnya.

Moral of the story:

Sambutlah Ramadhan sebagaimana yang sepatutnya dengan pengisian yang mendidik jasad dan hati dan bukannya membuat sesuatu secara berlebih-lebihan.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Seminar hafaz Quran


Tuan-tuan yang dihormati,

Sempena menyambut kedatangan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, pihak Jabatan Dakwah dan Pembangunan Insan, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur dengan kerjasama Al-Huffaz Consulting akan mengadakan satu seminar motivasi penghayatan al-Quran. Berikut adalah maklumat lanjut seminar.


Dikendalikan oleh

Dr Hj Mohd Shafie Hj Md Amin al-Muqri’ PhD ACCA

PhD in Contemporary Islamic Thought

(Human Science), USA

ACCA, London School of Accountancy, UK

Diploma Usuluddin UM, Sijil Tahfiz Al-Quran, JAKIM,

Sijil Bah.Arab Jordan

o Empower with appropriate values and beliefs

o Increase best practices in daily life

o Be proactive

o Enhance creativity and quality

o Memorize Al-Quran as a catalyst to increase enthusiasm

o Work smart

o Improve personal quality level

Sepanjang seminar ini, anda akan didedahkan dengan:

· Rahsia kaedah Al Huffaz yang telah melahirkan 2 hafizah peringkat kebangsaan 7 tahun berturut-turut.

· Rahsia kaedah Al Huffaz yang melahirkan ramai professional lain yang hafaz banyak surah-surah Al Quran hanya dengan 5 hingga 10 minit sehari!

· Rahsia kaedah Al Huffaz yang menjadikan ayat-ayat yang anda baca dan hafaz sentiasa mantap dan kukuh di ingatan. Sehingga mampu anda baca bila-bila masa sahaja walaupun selepas baru dikejutkan dari tidur yang lena!

· Rahsia mendidik anak berumur 3 tahun menghafaz Al Quran!

· Rahsia yakin diri kepada pelajar dewasa bahawa anda semua boleh dan mampu menghafaz Al-Quran. Tak kira samada anda buta atau celik Al-Quran!

· Rahsia jalan menuju bahagia - menjadikan kehidupan & kerjaya anda lebih menyeronokan!

· Rahsia mengurus "stress" & meningkatkkan kreativiti

· Rahsia menggunakan memori dengan lebih effektif

· Kesempatan berkongsi pengalaman dengan Dr. Hj. Mohd Shafie Md. Amin, Pengasas kaedah sendiri!

· Dan banyak lagi tips-tips istimewa....





29 SYAABAN 1426H,



(termasuk makanan dan kertas kerja *diskaun RM5 untuk pengesahan penyertaan sebelum 30 September 2005)

Untuk mendaftar atau untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai program, sila layari atau 0125665680.

"Adalah sesungguhnya di dalam jasad itu ada segumpal darah, apabila baik maka baik keseluruhan jasad dan apabila rosak maka rosaklah keseluruhan jasad ; maka ianya itu adalah HATI" (maksud Hadith)

"Al-Quran yang dibaca dan dihafaz mampu mensuci, membersih, menenang, menguat dan merangsang minda"

"Adik Hafiz Mohd Shafie ketika berusia 4 tahun

telah menghafaz surahYasin dan Al-Waqiah

dengan menggunakan teknik Al-Huffaz"





Assalamualaikum wbt,

I wish i could attend this course, but unfortunately i will be having my final exam on the same day.

So for you guys, kalau agak2 takde perkara penting yang boleh dibuat utk diisi masa lapang yang ada,apa kata join this course.

I'm sure it will be very beneficial to all of us.

Kalau ada yang pergi nanti, bolehlah share tips hafaz quran with us yang tak pergi k.



Monday, September 19, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,


What are the things that you will treasure a lot in life?

Happiness, would you agree with me?


My heart is smiling rite now.

It's not a common feeling to me since last 2 months. Alhamdulillah it appears in me again, in one piece.

Last Saturday i went to somewhere that i had not step onto for quite sometimes.

Allah had invited me, and for that i felt so grateful for being blessed to have that opportunity.

The opportunity to look back what's in me, to measure how did i perform all these while and to reflect back whatever things that i have done.

We human are so weak and vulnerable. Committing sins are so easy for us to do nowadays. Astaghfirullah.

Ya Allah, please forgive us and our parents for whatever things that we had done wrongly.

Please don't ignore us even just for a second, and to You solely we submit ourselves.





Ambillah waktu untuk berfikir,
itu adalah sumber kekuatan.

Ambillah waktu untuk bermain,
itu adalah rahsia dari masa muda yang abadi.

Ambillah waktu untuk berdoa,
itu adalah sumber ketenangan.

Ambillah waktu untuk belajar,
itu adalah sumber kebijaksanaan.

Ambillah waktu untuk mencintai dan dicintai,
itu adalah hak istimewa yang diberikan Tuhan.

Ambillah waktu untuk bersahabat,
itu adalah jalan menuju kebahagiaan.

Ambillah waktu untuk tertawa,
itu adalah musik yang menggetarkan hati.

Ambillah waktu untuk memberi,
itu adalah membuat hidup terasa bererti.

Ambillah waktu untuk bekerja,
itu adalah nilai keberhasilan.

I found this at my friend's fotopages, very meaningful dun you think?