Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yeaayyyy!!! Syukran ya Allah :)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Bestnya hidup saya hari ni, alhamdulillah :).

All are due to:

1. My new position as someone handling for Business Strategy & Reporting had made me felt so revitalized again in FMD, now i can show my true capability and preference. I'm now in charge for the division's strategy and direction, with the assistance of other units, and i really like that because i can apply whatever things i've learnt in my class. Really really like my new task, simply the best that suits me very well. Alhamdulillah :)

2. Corporate video kami hari ini dapat pujian 'Fantastic!!' by our GM. My team was very glad to hear that comment. After countless nights that we have gone through by going home very late, sometimes at 11.30 p.m pun we were still stuck in the office to complete some parts of the video (Abg Faizal dah baper kali dah beristighfar biler dapat tau yg i was still in the office doing the project biler buat follow up ttg menu nasi tomato last week, tapi skang ni dah boleh tarik nafas lega). Alhamdulillah again.

3. Result exam saya dah kuar!!! I know Tikot will be very flattered by hearing this, but for Tikot's attention and the rest, i get an A for my ECONOMICS subject!!! Yeaaayyy!! Really love this subject, and actually i favour a lot the lecturer that had taught us the subject, Prof Mansor Ibrahim, the Dean of Kuliyyah Economics and Business in UIA. Tak sia-sia bagi attention kat subject dia hehe. (Ika tau naper i like him very much...ngee :D , but please dun misunderstand on my statement, i like his way and style, not more than that :)

I didn't get an A for my Marketing, however i didn't feel sad over it since i had predicted the result rite after my examination paper (tu yg pegi baca buku Faisal Tehrani Tunggu Teduh Dulu tu sbb pressure tak dpt jawap soalan exam. I had predicted that i will fail the Marketing subject actually, since i really didn't know what the heck i was answering in my examination paper, but alhamdulillah i manage to get a B+. Not bad, i got a B+ instead of my initial prediction of F. Should be ok what, lagipun after my bad experiences of high fever, pressure and cryings that i have gone through for this subject,i should be grateful to Allah for the good result that i have obtained at countless time, countless that never ended :)

4. Today is just nice for me, i can go home early and watch the Korea series 'Jewel in the Palace'. For abt 1 month i have not watch the series,kali ni nak tgk puas puas :)

Ok, nak solat Asar, and having my very good rest at home.

See ya, assalamualaikum wbt :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Da Vinci Code

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Da Vinci Code

A story that has capability in triggering my interest to keep reading it due to its technicality and super thinking methods in solving the clues mentioned in the book, not bad to be categorized as a a good reading actually. I have to admit that i did sacrifice about one whole day during last 2 weeks to read this book at non-stop mode, not because i didn't want to stop, but i just couldn't! The book did attract my eagerness to read more and more about the episode of these 2 person who are searching for some clues, to reveal the truth of whatever secret that has been kept silent for quite some time.

This book is quite tricky and need your full attention to comprehend the message being tabled out, the continuation of the story and some of the facts given. It explicitly describes about a big conspiracy by the Christians in eliminiting the direct influences of pagans (sembahan patung-patung dan unsur-unsur alam), dominated and lead by some of established names in history like Isaac Newtons, Leornado Da Vinci,Victor Hugo and several big names of historians, artists and scientists.

Whatever pun, as this book has claims that all information that being written are true except for the storyline, i believe there are potentials for all of us to debate on the real message that this book wants us to believe, or perceive at least. I did learnt some things that i never knew before, like Sunday was meant for Day to preach the Sun ( the day that this author mentions as indirect influence by pagans in our daily life). The meaning of sign Peace that we used to do when we snap pictures. At this point of time, i just take them as exposure that worth to be known and explored more, if i have ample time. I believe Ika is more interested in doing research on this, correct Ika? ;)

Aida and Aini also had read the book respectively. I think they have better understanding on the subject of the book instead of me. So if you wanna have some kind of understanding and discussion, better refer to them,alright?

I treasure and recommend highly this book to others due to its openness in discussing the lacking and weaknesses of some religions especially Christianity (this book is quite absurd since its actually promoting pagans preachings rather than Christianity, and had claimed that there is no single religion that is pure by God but merely faith). Faith here is meant something that we do trust, believe and hold deeply in ourselves (yet when i came to this chapter, i got quite confuse, dun supposedly religion is equal to faith?). Halim has mentioned to me and Ika that he kept mengucap or bersyahadah while reading this book. Me too actually. But, we have to learn the real challenges out there, waiting us to face them, directly or not. And for that purpose, i recommend this book to you guys, read it and think. Apply the situation to Islam, and you will know what i mean. The so-called secret society defending the pagans are doing something BIG to protect their belief eventhough they have been challenged tremendously by the Christians, and how should we react to that? Keep silent and waiting for something or someone (Imam Mahadi or an Ummat leader)to save Islam and ummah? Hey, stop dreaming my friends, please do use our both hands to work, our mind to think and ponder to help Islam, and let Allah decide the rest. Defence our ummah!
(Huiyyo, bersemangatnya, takpe takpe, lama dah api semangat ni turun dek bebende dunia, bagi dia terbakar kejap and hopefully utk tempoh yg lama)

Alrite, enuff enuff, i need to take my rest after giving my 1000% commitment to my GM's presentation reports and slides today.Thanks to Allah, i'm doing business strategy and reporting, which enable me to perform my accounting and business skills now. No more legal and customer thingy running to my head.My MBA does help me a lot in understanding most of the operational and business issues in TM,its very helpful and interesting because i can apply (and i'm doing some currently actually) the whatever i've learnt in class into my working environment, alhamdulillah :)

Till my fingers meet my keyboard again tomorrow, insya Allah.


Monday, February 21, 2005

Senyuman hati

Assalamualaikum wbt,

(1) Rindu


Senyum yang bukan sahaja terlahir di wajah tapi jua terlukis dr hati yang paling dalam, tidak tahu hendak ditujukan kepada siapa, yang pasti hati ini sedang senyum.

Sudah lama tidak merasai senyuman ini, alhamdulillah ia kembali.

Terasa masa ini sudah saya pegang, dan saya aturkan sendiri. Mungkin menjadi salah satu faktor mengapa senyuman ini terpotret di lukisan hati.

Saya sudah rindukan Quran, dan bacaan-bacaan ilmiah yang telah lama saya tinggalkan kerana mengejar akademik yang tuntutannya bukan sedikit mahunya. Saya juga rindukan kelas Bahasa Arab saya, dan sudah rindu untuk menjejak kaki ke UIA PJ, untuk bertemu dengan pakcik cafe yang peramah, bertemu dengan auntie2 dan uncle2 yang menyeronokkan, berjumpa dgn gelagat ustaz2 yang selalu buat saya gelak riang, semuanya terlipat manis dalam kenangan.

Sebegitu dalam pun kerinduan itu, saya tidak mampu mengambil langkah untuk menyambung kembali kelas, berikutan tuntutan kerja dan studi yang begitu hebat saya rasakan. Takut bahu tidak tergalas beban, biarlah kerinduan itu saya cukupkan dgn merenung kalimah Al-Quran, kerana di situ juga satu sumber untuk saya mengenali lughatul Jannah ini.

Lapangnya dunia ketika ini, moga-moga ia sentiasa lapang untuk saya di dalam mencari erti hidup sebenar sebelum menunggu perpindahan saya ke alam akhirat sana.

Doakan saya.

(2) Nasi tomato

Semalam Ika selaku Chef dibantu oleh Kak Aza dan Ida telah berjaya memasak nasi tomato di rumah Abg Faizal, best best. Pasni leh buka catering berjaya. Nama syarikat pun dah ada, Syarikat AIs (gabungan nama Kak Aza, Ika, Ida dan err...saper ek? :D) Kak Aza jadi CEO, Ika jadi COO, Ida jadi Chief of Marketing & PR, err..saper ek tu jadi CFO..ngee :D. Saper nak jadi BOD lagi, bulih forward nama, insan-insan seperti di atas sedia untuk mempertimbangkannya, walau bagaimana pun ingin diingatkan bahawa satu sesi ujian akan dijalankan untuk membuktikan anda benar-benar layak. Nak tahu apa ujiannya?

(Drum roll)


Pasni Hany, Aida, Aini, Najibot, Farah Wahidah bleh kot. Tak lupa juga invitation dipanjang kepada Kak Wiyah, kakak-kakak lain dan Kak Saf selaku pengantin baru, bolehlah cuba nasib :D

(3) Nufayl dan Amiir (budak kenit 1 dan 2)

Ketika sedang menjaga Nufayl yang sedang tidur ketika meeting sedang berjalan dan Ika berehat sebentar di dalam bilik solat, saya merenung dalam dalam bayi ini.Comel, terasa betapa besarnya keagungan Tuhan di dalam menciptakan makhluk-makhlukNya.

Berbisik ke telinganya "Nufayl dah besar nanti kena jadi pejuang agama k, auntie doakan". Habis jer berbisik, Nufayl terjaga menangis. Ika keluar dr bilik menengok dan kemudian Hany muncul,sbb baby tak nangis Hany turun balik. Pastu baby nangis balik, kami sumbatkan dia dengan botol susu, senyap sekejap. Ingatkan baby terus tertidur so Ika masuk bilik solat balik, baby pulak sambung meragam. Hoho,ni yng rasa nak panggil jek umminya tapi umminya sdg bermeeting di tingkat bawah. Apa yer nak buat tak nak bagi Nufayl ni meragam? Saya letakkan dia di atas lantai kerana mengagak Nufayl mahu meniarap, tapi budak kenit ni masih menangis juga,Ika pulak sedang terlena sebentar di bilik solat, last last saya capai album di almari bagi Nufayl tgk gambar Abg Faizal dan Abg Teghe yang sungguh comey ketika di KISAS dulu (maaflah yer Abg Faizal kerana mengorbankan sekejap gambar abg, dah itu yang tercapai di tangan ketika meletakkan Nufayl di lantai, Iena korbankan sekejap jer tak lama hehe). Hany naik ke atas dan saya turun ke bawah, Ika pulak menjalankan eksperimen menguji kecanggihan teknologi celullar di dalam kaedah menyenyapkan bayi yang sedang meragam ketika Hany menyertai meeting kami di bawah.Berjaya sungguh Tikot. Pasni rasanya dia boleh bukak nurseri berteknologi tinggi selepas berjaya membuat eksperimen dengan Nufayl (Tikot, mau jadi business partner bulih? Ekekek)

Lepas meeting menjenguk sekejap Amiir anak Abg Faizal di Teras Jernang bersama Ika, Kak Aza dan Ida. Budak kenit no 2 ni dah lama tak jumpa, biler jumpa sibuk main dgn kunci kereta abahnya. Nak jadi driver F1 yer Amiir? Takpe takpe, Auntie doakan jugak yer :) (Cheaa cheaa..guna istilah auntie tu instead of makcik, takpelah kan, nampak moden sikit, istilah makcik tu tak rock ler, ni actually nota peringatan kat Hany sbb dia perkenalkan kami as makcik2 kat Nufayl semalam, kesian kat kitorang tau Hany :P )

Ok, perlu minta diri dulu. Doakan saya sentiasa tenang dan gembira di dalam melalui kehidupan ini k :)


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Al Fatihah to Rostam (Patah)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Pagi ini menerima berita mengejutkan, my friend di STTJ dulu baru meninggal due to denggi di Melaka. Baru semalam menelefon wife Allahyarham bertanyakan khabar, dan pagi ini dia sudah tiada.

Allah, sedihnya biler teringat balik zaman kami jadi pengawas di STTJ dulu, Rostam was Penolong Ketua Pengawas Lelaki 2 ketika itu. Kami tidak begitu rapat, tapi bolehlah nak dikatakan tiada masalah untuk berkomunikasi. Ingat lagi Arwah kalau pegi bertugas mesti bersama dengan Faris, geng baik dia kalau pergi duty.

I think it was justified why i was crying like nobody business when my younger bro kena viral fever waktu time denggi tgh hangat during last year or last 2 years. Menangis telefon Ika bagitau that i was so worry biler my younger bro was admitted to HUKM sbb demam dia teruk sgt. I felt trauma biler dgr denggi sbb dapat tahu one of my female seniors di STTJ dulu pun passed away sbb denggi, so when my bro was admitted, mmg tak tentu arah jadinya.Supposedly there was a jamuan or party di rumah Zarid and i was invited, but i didn't go when i heard that my bro was admitted. Pergi melawat dia, i still remembered Rahimi called consoling me not to worry abt my younger bro when i was in my father's car heading to HUKM.Mmg menangis ler time tu.

Actually my bro was admitted abt one 4 days after dia kembali dr UKM, ditemani oleh geng2 dia yang mmg menghantar my bro balik rumah dengan keadaan berpapah. Hospital UKM tak nak terima my bro sebab katil hospital dah penuh dengan pesakit denggi. So terus kami bawa dia ke HUKM, time tu i and my father brought him and waited for abt 1 hour waiting for Doc to turned up. In the mean time, mmg asyik membasahkan tuala menyejukkan dahi my bro yg sgt panas, and menggosok tapak kaki dia utk warmkan kaki dia yang sangat sejuk. Tapi time tu he was not admitted sbb kena tunggu result test for 3 days. Biler hari ke-empat dpt tau dia kena admitted, mmg menangis. Malam tu terus pergi melawat, and when i temankan dia makan, dia vomit darah, in front of my eyes!! Aduh, lagilaa takut and terus tanya nurse, nasib baik dia kata tu normal. Normal?? Giler betul, tapi sbb nurse kata ok, takdelah takut sgt walaupun actually takut jugak ler. My younger bro was treated by a specialist and siap jadi bahan eksperimen by doktor2 pelatih sbb dia kena special viral fever, bukannya denggi. Apa pun, alhamdulillah my bro selamat :)

Al fatihah to Rostam my friend, kasihan pada anak dia. Tak sampai hati nak call wife dia skang ni. Rasa bersalah sebab tak dapat nak turun Melaka sekarang ni, and tambah rasa bersalah sbb tak sempat nak minta maaf dr Allahyarham kot kot ada buat salah kat dia dulu. Moga roh Allahyarham sentiasa dicucuri rahmat.

Teringat to my staff yang meninggal last month, Allahyarhamah Pn Rohani.

Entah biler sampai saat saya, di atas kesempatan ini saya minta maaf sgt2 dr hujung rambut ke hujung jari kaki mohon kemaafan atas segala kesalahan yang saya lakukan sama ada secara sengaja atau pun tidak, secara zahir mahupun batin kepada semua. Maafkan saya dunia akhirat yer,saya mohon maaf sungguh2.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Sdg menarik nafas panjang sekarang ni. Baru jer habis presentation Corporate Video to GM and commitee tadi, alhamdulillah dapat pujian. Seronok sket sbb mmg bagi commitment to this project eventhough supposedly i'm not in the team, mmg tangan kayu pasal graphic2 nih, tapi Keyrul ajak, so why not i join, perhaps i can learn new things here.

Yup, i did learnt so many things, how to crack software, how to animate and how to cut dubbing voice and songs, cuma Keyrul tak sempat nak ajar mcm mana nak hack website org jek lagi, hehe.Tapi serius best, eventhough tertekan dgn exam and due dates utk present part by part to GM, tapi the experience was nice. And i've learnt something that eventhough we can't contribute much on doing the things sbb tak tau nak buat, however by our participation and willingness just to stand and sit next to our mates who are dying doing the tasks sahaja are sufficient enough. Just be there, watching and giving opinions, will be highly appreciated. That was what we felt when Zaki, En. Mahmud and those unrelated to our works gave comments and be there for us.

I know this afternoon i got so sucked up into anger, but i did felt it was justified. I couldn't accept to be shouted at by other people when i know that i'm not wrong. Lainlaaa kalau bebetul salah. Pernah kena tegur dgn Pres SRC dulu sbb tak siapkan minit, tu pun air muka dah berubah, inikan pulak tetiba kena naik suara tak pasal-pasal. Mmg minta maaflah, sampai ke petang tak tgk langsung muka manager. And i think he knows that i was angry that he didn't dare to sit next to me sdgkan sebelum ni kalau dlm meeting room mmg kebiasaannya akan duduk next to me. I know i'm jahat, and mmg jarang my marah kekal sehingga separuh hari, but this one i cannot accept. Tgk ler besok kot kot hati ni baik sket tak nak berdendam, dah bleh ler kot tgk muka manager balik. Anyway, he is no longer my manager becoz i've been transferred into other unit, so i'm free to do whatever i want to do hoho (bunyi jahat giler :D )

Islam kan suruh kita sentiasa memaafkan org...

Ha ah, tapi hati ni jahat sket nak retain rasa marah tu lelama sket :)

Went for a 'lunch' at 5.30 p.m with Keyrul, Tiza and Abg Is since this afternoon i didn't take my lunch sbb nak siapkan corporate video + takde selera sbb dlm terlibat di dalam krisis dgn ex boss, ended up banyak hal pejabat yang diceritakan. Get surprised of our talk content actually. Mcm-mcm perkara yg tak pernah terlintas di kepala diperbincangkan, penat otak ni nak memahami segala perkara yang sepatutnya diperbincangkan di meja mesyuarat instead of di meja makan hehe.

Oklah, i'm ok rite now, esok berlagak mcm biasa jek ngan ex boss, furnish jerlah apa yang perlu.

Wassalam :)

Hati sedang hangat

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Today my mood was not good. Bengang giler ngan ex manager, lantak ler, pasni jatuh tersungkur pun i dun care. Buat ler keje sengsorang, menangis ler sengsorang, i dun have any relation as staff lagi pada dia.

Bengang giler sbb dah susah payah tolong dia, boleh plak nak berlagak depan staff baru dgn naikkan suara ngan me. Buat laa sendiri semua, malas nak tolong lagi dah. Malas nak buat semua bende yg ada relation ngan dia, malas malas and malas!!

Huish jahatnya, tapi peduli apa,hati tgh berbara. Ingat org senyap jek selama ni, buat apa jer yg disuruh, boleh main2 naik suara ngan me. Tak tau volcano dlm hati ni bebiler masa jer boleh meletup.

Ya Allah jahatnya aku. Tapi tak kire aaa, tgh bengang ni. Lantak laaa.

Tgh emo tgh emo.

Good news for me, starting from today i am transferred to Kawalan Operasi handling Business Strategy & Reporting direct under GM. Boleh buat keje Accounting, alhamdulillah

Nak sambung buat Corporate Video, wassalam.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Felt revitalized and reborn again :)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hohoho, last nite when i came back from dinner treat by Mudin wif Ika and Waleeda(Mudin's fiance) waiting for America's Top Model slot (hoho, i'm following this slot since the first series, people always astonished to listen that i do follow these type of slots for instance beauty pageants, Grammy Awards and etc, hello, i'm just an ordinary person ek, suka hati ler mau tgk apa keke) , straight away i told my younger sis Ira that i felt so energized, revitalized and felt being reborn again yesterday morning. In the train to work, i had the chance to look up to the sky, thinking freely and appreciating whatever i have in life, and started to think what are the new things that i want to do in life within this 3 free weeks of semester break. Better do something. And Ira laughing like nobody business when i told her that, she felt it was so funny and unbelievable. Saiko punyer adik, baru beriyer-iyer bercerita and nak minta simpati dia dah gelakkan :P

Trust me, for the past one month, i have no chance to do the thing that i used to do. No story books except buku Menunggu Teduh by Faisal Tehrani that i read at Ika's house after my Marketing exam (tension sgt sampai pegi baca buku tu, buku tu pun bukannya baca satu buku pun, baca page tengah-tengah, pastu kat akhir2, tak tau ler bleh considered baca buku ker tidak hehe).

Quran? I know it's shame to say this, but i haven't read it for the past 3 weeks. Giler,kan?

Kekadang pk apa ler yg dikejar sgt dgn MBA ni sampai my opportunity cost begitu besar, apa sgt yg nak dikejar sampai mengorbankan hak peribadi untuk bersama Tuhan? Cuma satu jer ler, solat makin panjang sbbnya asyik pressure memanjang, so dekat sejadah ler meluahkan segalanya :)

Rupanya bukan me sorang yg pressure, ada sorang tu yang minta me keep swimming tu pun pressure jugak, tapi dia kuat semangat, takpe Cpol, harap-harap tekanan anta makin berkurangan k. Ana doakan :)

And thanks a lot to you guys, for giving me support when i need it most especially Ika for being my Econs teacher, and the rest, there are so many of you that i dun feel it fair to mention some and left the rest, so better to make all unsaid. Barakallahu fikum, may Allah bless you all with His rahmah :)

Cuti Chinese New Year, ingat nak balik kampung lawat atuk, rindunyaaaa kat atuk. I want to sit next to him and bercerita mcm what we used to do dulu-dulu. I missed him actually.

My Econs paper on last Sunday was ok, alhamdulillah. Sedih jugaklaa habis subject Econs ni sbb subject ni best, and ditambah dgn lecturer yg takde ler hensem kalau nak pk pk, tapi tak tau ler naper suka tgk muka dia. Me and Kak Ika kalau duduk sebelah menyebelah dlm kelas mesti jadi nakal usha lecturer ni ( i mean bisik-bisik waktu kelas, cakap suka aa tgk muka lecturer ni). Minta maaf yer, takde hasrat nak usha lecturer ni sbb dia dah berusia, cuma suka tgk muka dia jek , and sbb dia boleh buat lawak cerdik dan terhormat, suka aa ngan dia, i hope he'll be teaching us on one subject for other semester nanti.

Balik dr UIA, lepak umah Jie sbb kami ada gathering geng-geng satu rumah di Pre-U dulu. Ayu, Siha turun dr Penang, Aida wif husband and children, Aini with husband and daughter, Azie turun dr Melaka, Jie and Nuar selaku tuan rumah, Ika selaku tetamu jemputan. Husna dan Paie jer yg tak dpt hadir, Husna masih di UK, Paie allahualam, luper plak nak tanya naper dia tak dtg.

Kecoh giler umah Jie hari tu, ngan Auni yang buat action bleh jadi penyanyi suprano bak kata Ika, Amni yg kami sumbat dia dgn daun salad tak henti-henti n Fawwaz yang senyum penuh unik (dia senyum sebelah jek, comeyy sgt). Seronoklah berkumpul balik reramai antara kami, and Jie masak boleh tahan. Degil minah kenit ni, dah tau perut tu makin membesar, org kata jgn masak tak payah ler masak, order je ler, degil jugak dia nak masak, kan dah penat, nasib baik ada cik abg yg nak bantu kat dapur, kalau idak mau pengsan makcik sorang ni hehe. Tapi dia masak best, alhamdulillah. Moga murah rezeki Najibot (nama betul dia Najibah, tapi suka panggil dia Najibot hehe) and husband pemalu, Nuar.

Balik dr umah Jie, pegi lawat Aidah Misran pulak, my bestfren di SMPP dulu. tak sempat nak ke majlis akad nikah dia yang berlangsung pada malam Sabtu, so pegi pada petang Ahad lepas kenduri dia. Lama dah tak jumpa bestfren sorang ni, biler jumpa dia n husband, byk ler citer2 kami. Husband dia walaupun first time jumpa, peramah and mmg bersopan sungguh. Bolehlah nak citer panjang ngan dia. Yang rasa terbakar sket tu biler dia kata bebudak MMU ni kebanyakannya bebudak yg tak berapa bright tapi sbb kaya so bolehlaa study sana. Huish, time tu mmg terasa terbakarlaa jugak, awatnya dia cakap camtu. Pastu rupanya kat office dia, ada budak Lim Kok Wing and MMU, tapi performance budak MMU tu tak mcm standard budak Lim Kok Wing. Tak dpt ler nak comment byk sbb bebudak FCM punyer keje, compete pulak dgn budak Lim Kok Wing, rasanya LKW lebih better kot. Allahualam.

Ok ler, nak sambung buat video corporate, insya-Allah kita jumpa lagi next week kalau umur saya masih panjang.

Ilal liqa' wassalamualaikum :)

P/S : Mudin, syukran sbb belanja dinner semalam, bertuah awak dapat Waleeda tu, comel and bersopan. Bagus adikku, nanti kalau awak dah kahwin, akak dah ada proxy nak cubit atau nak pukul awak kalau awak nakal heheh ;)


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Unforgettable semester

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Saya sudah menangis pagi ini di meja ofis, menangis yg bukan jenis cover2 punyer, ni mmg jenis yang kuat melepaskan perasaan apabila Kak Imah bertanyakan ttg exam semalam.

Sebu rasanya pagi ini. Overwhelmed pressure.

Sejak dari pagi tadi, baru berada di dalam train bersama Ika dan Jie, belum lagi sampai ofis, sudah terasa pressure memanjat diri. Orang lain sudah berada di UIA untuk bersedia dgn exam Econs Ahad ni, saya perlu di ofis berikutan banyak tugasan yang perlu diselesaikan. Corporate video dan tugasan rutin lainnya yang memerlukan saya berada di ofis. Perlu dan wajib. Esok saya sepatutnya bercuti, tetapi GM keluar e mail minta semua executives table BP untuk Quality Initiatives, which means i have to work juga tomorrow!! Keyrul sudah datang mahukan saya berada di tempat dia untuk sudahkan our Corporate Video. Ya Allah, bergolaknya rasa hati pada pagi ini.

Semalam exam Marketing. Kali ini saya bebetul tak yakin dengan jawapan yang saya berikan semalam, entahkan tepat atau tidak dengan kehendak soalan. Study case basis, so i have to answer the questions based on the case study provided. Case study sudah diberikan sejak minggu lepas, sudah dihadamkan tetapi apabila sampai exam, entah apa yang dijawab. Tidak tahu apa kehendak soalan, dan dengan sesuka hatinya menjawab asalkan tiada ruang kosong. Paling benci apabila perlu menghadapi exam dengan keadaan yang penuh ketidakpastian. Emir my classmate sempat mengucapkan good luck, dan berkata yang dia sedang berdebar-debar tidak tahu apa yang bakal ditanya dlm Exam Marketing nanti. Jangan tanya saya, kerana saya sendiri merasakan preparation saya tidak cukup comprehensive berbanding preparation exams saya pada semester sudah. Semester kali ini banyak menuntut kesabaran saya yang bukan sedikit, dengan outstation dan tugasan luar, dengan kesibukan membuat project pada setiap minggu, rasanya semester ini saya kurang perform. Being a prefectionist, saya merasakan performance kali ini is below from my common standard. Saya bukan jenis mementingkan markah, kalau saya sudah berbuat sehabis baik tapi resultnya tidak sebaik mana, saya sudah berpuas hati. Sebab saya tahu saya sudah berusaha sehabis baik. Kali ini, entahlah. Preparation tidak cukup atas desakan masa dan keperluan peribadi.

Bertemu dengan Azwan dan Liana di Management Centre, UIA pada pukul 2.30 petang selepas memohon kebenaran pulang awal dr my manager. Azwan said to us that nothing can be done dah, hafal ker tak hafal, buat jerlah dlm exam hall nanti. Salah sendiri tak study awal. Kami gelak. Tapi masing-masing faham, mmg semester kali ini menuntut masa kami begitu banyak. Azwan sibuk dengan IT reporting dia untuk Bank Negara. Kak Liana jek yg ada masa utk spend her times di Genting etc. kadang-kadang dia pelik kenapa i have to prepare those business plan, video corporate and etc, yg mcm tak relevan dgn my own tasks, i just said to her, it's normal in my division. You do something that is beyond your routine tasks because you are required to do so by the management.

This morning, after i've cried (Kak Imah hugged me like a baby, malunya), i asked Kak Imah to accompany me beli makanan utk releasekan stress. Betullah org kata, menangis boleh bantu kita hilangkan perasaan tertekan.

Cukuplah lesson that i've learnt from this semester. How bz you are, just do your revision by hook or by crook. I really hope the next semesters after this, i'll perform better.

I will remember this semester very-very much. With my experiences in Penang that led me to have high fever while doing my assignment and business presentations, until to the last moment of doing my exam paper last nite.

Whine Zurina, whine. After this, no more. And please no more.

Saya sendiri sudah bosan mengeluh, apatah lagi org yg mendengar. I hope i won't repeat the same thing again and again.

Wish me luck for the next exam, and wish me happy dunia dan akhirat.

Acheh trip: Last week i asked my mum one more time, she was 50-50 to let me go. Memula tak bagi, pastu bagi. So i planned to go for next week since i have the passport with me already. However, GM has delayed our BP presentation to 7 Feb, which means on next Monday. I have to be in the office to back up my manager. And the last week of February, high possibility i will be in Sabah to make business presentations. Therefore, my chance to go to Acheh is 50 - 50. And i don't even know if En. Budi will approve my one week leave application or not if it is not during the week of Chinese New Year. Kalau ada yang nak pergi, just inform me k.


P/S: Rasa teruk jek mengeluh pasal exam n study, bukannya teruk sgt pun actually kalau compare dgn masalah dunia yang lain, tapi tak kira jugak sbb pk nak lepaskan perasaan. Uwaaa!!! :D

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Sorry sbb tak dpt nak update blog, minggu ni i have 2 final exams, Marketing and Econs.

Doakan kejayaan saya k :)

P/S : Schedule penerbangan ke Acheh utk bulan Feb:

1. 31 Jan - 8 feb
2. 6 - 14 Feb
3. 14 - 20 Feb
4. 18 - 26 Feb
5. 24 - 4 March

All dates are subject to Air Asia confirmation on availability.