Monday, May 29, 2006

A stressful week..with lots to come

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Last week..was a miserable one.

I had terrible migraine on Monday and Tuesday, and on the next day my datuk sedara that were close to my family passed away. Went back to kampung for a ziarah with 1 project paper to be submitted and 2 presentations to be prepared for weekend classes.

The next day i came to office with so many people asking what had happened for i took 2 urgent leave consecutively, and they were mistakenly thought that my datuk yg passed away. Kat kampung i met my junior that i was barely remember standing next to my auntie, and suddenly she called my name. I was so surprised and my head was working very hard try to remember who is this person. My younger sister Eqa was also surprised when someone that she had not familiar with had called my name, especially at my late datuk sedara's house. We had went there only once or twice, we usually went to his new house in Serting. So how come someone that we barely know could recognized me there? Rupa-rupanya she was my junior at STTJ, and she's the one yg get married to my cousin. Luper dah..i did not manage to attend their marriage last year as i had classes.

After ziarah jenazah di Serting, straight away heading to my grandmother' s house at Batu Kikir, spent about 3 hours there having lunch and took some rest. I brought my notes along with some hope that i get some geeze of the content for me to complete my project paper. Then we visited my auntie becoz my grandma got worried as she did not visited her for quite sometime.

The next day, came to work and tasks kept pouring in and landed on my table. GM's secretary kept coming to my room telling me GM wanted this and that. My head dah berserabut dgn kje and project paper yang perlu disiapkan. Last last petang tu i cried, dah tak tahan pressure. GM's secretary dah terkejut sbb tetiba i menangis. Mmg bebetul tak tahan dah time tu..tense.

The next day, walking to office dgn hati keep telling..'dun give up Zurina..dun give up..mmg keje byk..mmg tgh pressure..but dun give up". Bercakap dgn hati sepanjang perjalanan nak ke office. Last Saturday, managed to complete the project paper and buat presentation. On Sunday, buat presentation for management control pulak. One of my groupmates told me that she cried due to pressure on Saturday morning. She is worse, she got another 2 project papers that not yet completed and must be submitted on her exam days. Mana nak siapkan project paper, nak study for exams lagi. My examination will be on this becoming Saturday and next week on Sunday. I took leave for 2 days this week and next week to study with classmates kat UIA.

Sepanjang minggu lepas...migraine kept coming.Hope it won't happen this week. I'm tired actually...very tired! Rasa mcm nk berhenti keje skang ni. Uwaaaa....tahanlaa Zurina..sabar..dun give up k. Dun give up.


Monday, May 22, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Kepala sdg mengalami migraine rite now, mmg tak intend utk menulis panjang. Tersentuh hati Fathiah tanya biler nk akak update utk fathiah :)

Not so much to talk about except last Saturday i did not have my sleep for altering my group assignment...the next verily morning i was sneezing non-stop. Kalau tidur lambat atau tak tidur jek mesti kena..tak tau ler naper.

The best part yesterday eventho tak tidur the previous night was i went to watch Da Vinci Code with Ika and Halim after went to a friend to my friend's wedding. Halim awal2 dah warning kata some of our friends bagi review mengatakan citer ni is a disappointing kind of thing becoz we could not expect whatever we have read from the book will be displayed as it should in the film.

So we went and watched the movie. Rite after we went out, Ika and Halim discussed whatever things that they feel were not right and lacking in the movie. Halim said to Ika and me that Mafus had commented the film as lack of emotion and character.

My opinion?

Kinda admit that Mafus's comment is true, perhaps becoz we had felt so much exciteness and emotion during the reading, and when it comes to the film, it seems dry i would say, but it still manage to display all important plots as according to the book. I dunno what to comment, i usually get excited to display my expression when i feel satisfied with a film, for instance A Memoirs Of Geisha..i really like that film. It touches my heart and emotion..but for Da Vinci..i think it's just ok..yet, i won't give this film a bad review becoz some people will have different judgement. Tapi beristighfar jugalah ketika tgk citer tu becoz it touches about Holy Grail and Jesus..meraban2 jek citernya dia ni kalau pk pasal akidah...tapi nk jugak tgk becoz i've read the book, so do my close friends..the book for me is really exciting except part2 akidah tu...the story line is superb ler for me.

This week kena submit project paper and also kena buat presentation pasal Proton..apa pun tak buat lagi weekend my first final paper..and on 11 ada lagi satu paper...apa pun tak study lagi ni uwaaa.

Fraud MCM baru jek dibuat last Friday..GCFO minta submit minute meeting and report to GCEO and all CEO subsidiary yang mmg kena scrunitize every word dlm minute meeting ni last minute of meeting had to be ammended becoz GCFO suh betulkan spelling Payphone yang i've written as Payphones..mana ler tau spelling Payphone takde 's' sbb biler check directory CEO Payphone during buat minute tu..dia tulis 's' kat belakang...pastu check ngan secretary dia pun kata mmg ada 's'...geram jek biler dpt balik minute meeting dr GCFO sb ingatkan GCFO yg salah..pastu tanya balik secretary CEO Payphone which one yg betul sbb previously dia kata ada 's'...pastu dia tepon balik kata mmg betul Payphone takde 's'...sabar jerlaa dibuatnya..spelling company sendiri pun tak sure ker..memacam perangai org kat dunia ni heheh. Tapi yg paling kelakar during that meeting biler SVP CSM gave comment during Head Security tunjuk gambar cable theft seluruh Malaysia..SVP ni boleh ckp.."bersepah2 yer org jahat kat Malaysia ni..kalau duduk satu tempat jek kan senang"..tergelak2 satu bilik meeting tu dibuatnya. Pastu GCFO suh buat collaboration dgn JAKIM untuk beri awareness supaya jgn mencuri harta org lain..SVP ni comment lagi..'yang pegi solat Jumaat tu biasanya org baik2..yg jahat2 ni biasanya tak pegi solat"...ya Allah..time tu mmg gamat ler bilik meeting tu..memasing mood baik kot sbb buat meeting pagi Jumaat hehe.

Oklah oklah..really kepala saya sgt sakit time ni..need to pen off dulu...assalamualaikum.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Racun tikus

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Entah kenapa petang ini terasa seperti diri tetiba ingin mengganas..mengganas mcm diri saya ketika remaja umur 14 15 tahun dahulu..yang ketika itu kalau bercakap mmg guna style bahasa "weyy..ko buat per aaa....blah aaa.." tak taulah naper tetiba terasa nk ckp ngan someone guna bahasa mcm tu hehe. Emotional instability dah dtg kembali after quite sometime tak timbul2 sbb bz sgt sampai takde masa nk rasa emotional instability tu hehe.

Skang ni bukannya tak bz..tapi badan dah tak larat..stretched out sampai dah pk "biar aa keje ni..malas nak sambung...lantak aa boss nk cakap per...aku dah tak larat" hoho.

Tadi kesian sorang manager dtg mengadu kata dia dah rasa tak larat sbb byk sgt keje..byk sgt bende nk buat kat division ni..keje rutin mmg dah sah2 byk, tambah pulak ngan keje quality yg pelbagai..ISO, QCC, Specialist program, Subject Matter Expert (SME)..apa ingat kitorang ni robot ker sumer bende nk kena buat?!

Huh..Zurina dah mengamuk..tapi betul aa..tak larat GM ni sumer bende dia nak suh kitorang buat..bukanlaa semuanya tu tak berguna..mmg beneficial pun..tapi man man sumer nk kena buat sekaligus..mmg maut aa kitorang. Yg mengadu tu bukannya calang2 manager, yg mengadu tu manager kesayangan GM and ada 6 assistant manager bawah dia..tu pun dah mengeluh tak tahan..inikan pulak me yg mmg dah sah2 kena execute keje and dah rasa mcm tak cukup tgn ni...aduh..mmg kalau Kak Marina takde..mmg tergolek doklaa kat sini. Manager mengadu tak cukup tidur and tidur kol 3 4 pagi sbb nk siapkan report..huh..lebih kurang jek kitorang ni.

I proposed to this manager kita kena ckp ngan GM suh kurangkan workload..tapi mcm dah agak jek apa dia GM nk kata.."Semua org ada 24 jam yg sama"...ha ah..24 jam dia ngan 24 jam kitorang mana sama..mmg aa dia ok jek..bukannya dia yg execute keje, nk buat report etc..isk isk. Cuba kalau dia buat sekali...jamin dia faham betapa penatnya kami kat sini.

At last, i said to this manager..kalau agak2 saya apply cuti tanpa gaji utk further study...faham2 jerlah yer saya mmg dah tak mampu nak bertahan..and i'll go and do something that i feel more beneficial to me..gaji sikit pun sikitlah..asalkan happy.

Tgklah..rasa mcm nk slow talk ngan GM suh kurangkan keje quality tu..dah rasa mcm tak larat dah ni actually. Dia terima tak terima, suka hati..yg penting kita dah bagitau.

Conclusion of the story: Mmg perit aa keje bawah GM. Hany, Ika and Aina sure setuju 1000% hehe. Tapi rasanya Aina lagi kesian..ko bawak bersabar ek Aina..kalau ko dah tak tahan sgt..ko bagi jek minum racun tikus kekeke..astaghfirullah..apa aku mengarut ni..nilaa..actually i think kat my division ni ada tikus, so i asked my staff carikan racun tikus tadi..tu yg tertimbul kisah racun tikus ni..Aina, ko jgn buat plak..aku tak tanggung jawab aa.

Oklah..nak balik rumah..nak rehat and do something fun tonite. Hopefully esok semangat dah naik balik..skang ni otak dah set nak relax.


Thursday, May 04, 2006


Assalamualaikum wbt,

I'm tired, like nobody business. Why?

Last week, there were 2 nights i slept at 3 a.m to finish out something which i can't remember what was it. I believe it was MCM Fraud Meeting slide presentation rasanya.

Yesterday and one day before yesterday, i slept at 4 and 5 a.m in the morning, had short naps before woke up back to perform Subuh prayer, to complete 2 presentations that i should be presenting today as required by my GM apart from presenting the division performance to facilitate ISO management review meeting.

And then when i started doing the presentations, my GM was actually had forgotten at all that he had instructed me to present the two presentations during today meeting. Ya Allah, kalau ler tau awal2 dia nak lupa, mmg awal2 lagi takkan sanggup nak stay up sampai pkl 5 pagi utk 2 hari. Nasib baik tak weng sgt.

Ingatkan after dah habis present the 2 items tadi dlm meeting, bolehlah nak qadha' tidur malam ni, tetiba GM request ad hoc slide presentation sbb SVP HR pulak nk jumpa, and i need to submit the slide presentation by tomorrow. Sabar jer ler nampak gayanya...ada chance tidur lewat lagi mlm ni.

I have 2 class presentations during this weekend, and i've not touch anything on those cases that Azwan and I need to present for our class assignment. Nasib baik this week present case for my mgmt class sbb dah present reading last 2 weeks. Kalau tak mmg takut jugaklah dibuatnya.

Oklah ek, badan dah sakit2 dah ni, need to have my resting time very badly. Jumpa lagi insya Allah, assalamualaikum :)