Thursday, April 08, 2004

Fraudsters in FMD

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I know you are not going to believe this!! There are fraudsters in FMD!! Seriously!!

Wanna know who?

Keyrul, Suhaini and ME!! I repeat, ME!!


Actually this evening after office hour, i have completed my task and suddenly these 2 persons came to me and invited to have a drink together. And i went. Waktu tgh minum tu, byk bende kitorang cerita, and i never expect that Keyrul at one day will admit something to me, eventhough it was indirectly meant (and i think i was the only one who understand since i knew the whole story). I'm not going to tell ya what was it, but heck, it was something came honest from his heart eventhough it looks like he was pretentious not to look so. Haha, gottcha!

After finishing our drinks and his dinner, we discussed on the SME that we had presented on last Monday. Discussed on the comments given by Tn Hj and the overall results. SME result was out, but with no personal comments to each presentation that we made except those comments given right after our presentation session was done.

We want to know what was in Tn Hj's mind and opinion on our presentation results and skills, one by one. And suddenly Keyrul came up with this idea! Apa kata kita pergi geledah and tgk result SME kat tempat Midun? Takkan dia simpan dlm cabinet kot? I was so surprised hearing that actually, yerlah becoz we never do that kind of stuff before,kan. But not that long i was also become very fonded with that idea and we agreed to be come the fraudsters of FMD, by curi2 tgk comment Tn Hj pasal kitorang personally!!

Crazy! Yes, it was. Bukannya bende tu rahsia sgt pun, sbb Midun mmg invite kitorang utk tk sendiri comment Tn Hj pada kitorang. Masalahnya dia ada kes siasatan kat Penang skang ni, ntah biler nak balik, tu yg tak sabar nak tgk tu.

Balik ofis, the first thing we did was visiting Midun's place and searching for the folder. We couldn't find it. Keyrul didn't want to give up and checked bawah meja pulak. Here were they! And he just grabbed those papers and start looking for Tn Hj's comments on us!

And you want to know what Tn Hj's comment on me?

Alhamdulillah, i was very satisfied on what he did comment on my performance. No need to be stated in here. Every praise is returned back to Allah as He is the One who qualified for those praises. Syukur alhamdulillah :)

Dear readers, I would like to have your favour. Please, and please. Do not tell this thing at anybody, especially someone from FMD. Eventhough the results were not secret actually, tapi kami dah violate hak privacy dan kepercayaan Midun.

The only thing that i can learn from this whole experience is....


Sbb tu ramai yg terjerumus sbb dosa itu seronok, mudah manakala nak berjuang ke jalan kebaikan itu, jalannya amat payah, derita, mengorbankan keseronokan diri sendiri dan sebagainya.

Next time i won't do it. What do you feel if someone geledah your things just to have some stupid results that you gonna give it to him anyway? The time is the only barrier.

Biarlah rahsia ini antara kita, aight?


Iringilah satu-satu kejahatan itu dengan kebaikan, moga dengan kebaikan itu ia akan dapat memadam akan kejahatan tadi (Pemahaman diri sendiri berdasarkan sepotong hadith yang dah tak ingat susunan wording dan sumbernya)

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