Monday, February 20, 2006

After quite some time

Assalamualaikum wbt,


Forgive me, for being so quiet for quite some time, i think this is the longest period that i ever made my blog leaved empty, due to some reasons. I was so bz that i could not even lay my fingers on this blog. I was almost forgotten that i have a blog actually.Hehe.

Starting from last January, i was officially been appointed as Business Controller in FMD. Being a BC, the responsibility that comes along with the post is heavy, since i need to cater several area of scopes at one time. Alhamdulillah Kak Marina, our new staff had came and been assigned by GM to assist me. The burden has lessen a lil bit with her new existence in FMD. Since she is new, i had to teach her about FMD, what reports need to be submitted to our GM and GCFO, the format and what data she need to look into to come out with the reports. She is with TM since last 7 years, but for the past 4 years she was away, went to Washington following her husband who was transferred there. Imagine, after being a full housewife and leaved PC and stuff all behind, she need to catch up a lot to meet her report due dates. I was bz then helping her to get her understand all processes in FMD and how to come out with reports.

At the same time, my final exam was scheduled in end of January. I had Financial Analysis and MIS as my subjects for the semester. For MIS, i had submissions for almost every week. Never had so much submissions for a subject before this actually, but it was ok for me actually, quite fun also while doing those submissions :). The final exams were ok to me, not sure whether can score or not, but i've tried my best to answer. The worst part of the final exam was that, there was no break between the 2 exams, as we have 2 papers in 2 consecutive days. We used to have 1 week break from one paper to the another actually. This rule did not applied to last semester becoz my geng and me "menggatal2" changed our subject to avoid this one particular lecturer, who we know that he loves to give Internet assignment so much to his students, therefore we went for another subject which is the MIS as Strategic Mgmt students did not sit this paper in the previous sem, which was supposedly taken together with our friends from other specializations.

Then after the final exam, i had to rush for loads of tasks that need to be taken care of especially the statistics and preparations for Fraud MCM Meeting. Everytime this meeting is to be held, i will start get bz digging info from here and there, make follow ups from other divisions, send e mails to all respective GM asking for progress and status update, make presentation slide for GM and report since we FMD is the secretariat to this committee meeting, . It took about 2 weeks to accomplish all these tasks just for a meeting. Very tiring and mind blowing task actually.

This morning, the Fraud MCM Meeting was over. That's why i have the time to write in here, despite the fact that actually next week i have to prepare for FMD Monthly meeting, of course with the report, statistics and other stuff. Luckily Kak Marina is helping me a lot on this, i just need to vet through her report and presentation slides only.

One thing since i was been appointed as a BC, several people in FMD has said that i was not friendly and huha as before. I was quite sad to hear that comment actually, but thinking it over and over again, i should be grateful for i know there are people who are concern about me, and had made an effort to tell me their feelings so that i know that they are not happy with the situation. I felt bad actually becoz i dun like people feel dissatisfied over me, so i promised to them that i will change to become friendlier insya Allah. The truth is, i did not put some distance between me and them just becoz i was appointed as a BC. Without i realized actually, I had turned to be more silent and not as chatty as before asi had lots to catch up especially with all my assignments and final project, plus the daily office tasks. With the pressure of no-break-final exams some more, i guess i had became so quiet and gave full concentration on my job in the office, so that i can allocate my time at night for my assignments, as i concentrate on my job, i became less huha huha with my friends as i have not enough time for that as compared to before, and as a result, i was perceived as an unapproachable person during that time.

Hehe, quite funny for me when i re-think about this. I never know that whatever i do have some impacts to some other peoples' life and feelings, as i perceive myself as a nobody to give such impacts to them. They actually thought that i ignored them at the first place! Oo my God, that never across in my mind actually. But truly, i felt blessed for this, as now i know how meaningful i am to them, how much i realized that having laughters and joke with them is so much important eventho i used to get bullied by Midun, Zaki and geng2 Investigation. Feel happy for that, as now i know that there are some people who are concern and love me very much hohoho :D

The second test was when Kak Fida (the previous BC) had asked us to change my cubicle with her room. In FMD, there is a big room which meant for managers allocated for a BC. Can you imagine how bad i felt when Kak Fida requested me to swap our workplace. She used to be in her room for the last 3 years, and now i will take over her place. So sad isn't it? Eventho Kak Fida is a very professional person and did not show her sadness, but other collueges had made some jokes, saying that she was degraded, from having a big room and now go for a cubicle. I felt bad so much actually that i kept quiet for the whole day. I really did not know how to react to those jokes as it was not me who ask the change for workplace. Honestly, i dun mind not to be seated in the big room, i can always perform my tasks at my own cubicle, but it seems Kak Fida did not feel comfortable to work in this big room as it is meant for BC. I need to inform you that Kak Fida is beng transferred to other unit in FMD, she is seated in a higher grade post by GM so that she will have a chance to be upgraded, but as she was no longer a BC, that's why she need to change her place with me. And now, i have a big room, a very comfortable room for myself. I never expect that i will be in this room permanently holding the post of BC eventho i did wish that i one day i will become one.

Alhamdulillah, everything went fine until today. Of course there are lots to do as i have to prepare some proposal and justifications paper for budget etc, plus supervise people under me which demand good leadership skill, but i'm happy with the current situation. Alhamdulillah.

I think i have to stop now. To some of you who had missed my writings a lot (cheaaa...mcmlah ada yer kekeke), thanks for keep visiting eventho there was no updates before for quite some time. Insya Allah if there is any chance for me to update, i will do so insya Allah.

To Aini, congrats for being accepted to pursue your MBA in both of us could make havoc in UIA yah! ;) Congrats also to Hany for being expecting again, eventho i am among the first to know that she's pregnant since last January hehe. Same also to Farra, Walida (Mudin's wife) and lastly Ainul in Germany who are expecting their babies, and lastly to Ika for expecting 'other thing", perhaps Ika could reveal that thing during our meeting with our beloved Chancellor on 6 May 2006.. i know Ika will kill me for this keke.

Alrite guys, before end, i'd love to wish you all best of luck in everything you do, and may Allah bless us always.


Assalamualaikum wbt.


Aidura Sofiee said...

Iena, thanks for the update. moga Allah SWT permudahkan segalanya, amiin. :)

mardhiah12 said...

siti, kalau ko tak update, aku tak tahu pun ko baca ke tak blog aku. since jrg benar tinggal komen, hehe. buku tu nak pinjam ye, aku bitau awal2, jgn hang lupa lak, kang nangis aku tader buku :P

ayah aku sindir hari tu, kata power aku, ada dua master. sabo jer

Najmuddin Yusoff said...

qadha ker ni? :D

Hany FF said...

hoho..panjangnyer. lama dah dok tunggu. sian siti..kisah jd BC yer. sampai nak ajak lunch pun tokde. banyak citer nak toteh2 ngan siti nih..

errr ika? wow! i should foresee our 23rd april gathering lah!

IeNa said...

Kak Aidura,

Syukran atas du'a akak :)


pasal buku teks tu..insya Allah within this week kalau takde aral aku pass buku teks kat Aida k. Ayah ko sindir tu, takpe..sindiran bagi semangat tu :) insya Allah MBA kali ni boleh buat punya :)

Mudin, ler namanya qadha' sekali seminggu..sbbnya mungkin lagi smeinggu boleh dpt update balik hehe. Bz aa skang ni..kalau tak ingat nak pau awak banjer steak Kg Baru lagi kekeke :P (takde aa..akaka memain jek nih, kang awak ingat serius lak kang :)


Hehe..memula jadi BC ni jek sibuk sket, nanti start second quarter dah ok balik kot insya Allah. Now i have 6 people and 1 colluege under me that i can bully of utk buat my keje2 plak hohoho(astaghfirullah..awat jahat sgt ni Iena ooii..hihi :D

Takde laa...saya boss yg baik (ecece..puji diri sendiri plak..astaghfirullah :D

IeNa said...

Catatan Ika di shoutbox dia:

zueika: adoiii sesape nak tolong tak? nape aku rasa mcm bebtul nak cekik org namanyer siti zurina ni..

zueika: ingat nak tag kat blog die..tapi tak sampai hati plak nanti org ingat aku mmg nak jadi serial killer.. hahahah ampesh siti!!

Waaa...bestnyaaa rasa dpt sakat Ika heheh. Percaya tak saya tak teringat langsung pasal blog ni, luper pulak bagaimana rasanya menyakat org.

And now..i had found my 'naughty- side-of-me', unfortunately Ika had become my victim (as usual ler kan especially time Zurina tgh nakal heheh) :D

ieka said...

ya Allah sabar je lah siti zurina!! hany, there's nothing much important to reveal or announce (not yet, if that is what u think dear).. i think maybe siti want to hint you about continuous matters from our university life. :)

IeNa said...

i think maybe siti want to hint you about continuous matters from our university life. :)

Aik, awat me lak yg kena ni..tak paham aa tikot hehe.

Hany FF said...

hahah...ika! well 'come' well 'come'.

pehe? ekekekek