Monday, August 14, 2006

Appreciation of life

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Time flies very fast.

I could not catch them, nor i can't hold them.

To recall everything that had passed your life, since you were little until who you are now, it feels truly amazing.

I look mine with some mixtures of feelings and thoughts inside of my head and my heart.

I love all people that has been with me all these while in my life, as i know without them i won't learn a thing called love.

I enjoy every single thing that makes me smile and laugh, as those moments are some kind of bliss to my dear life.

I appreciate all those bitter and sad experiences as i know without them i won't be strong enough to face some difficult stages in this long journey.

Appreciation of life..these words mean so deep to me, as i look at myself and try to be so grateful for all what i have, and i have not, for now and then.

And I would like to smile everyday, if possible.

As smile is a precious gift to people.

When your heart is smiling, you also will smile, not only to people, but also to this world.

And i hope one day i can still be smiling,to myself and to this world whenever i'm looking at my past, reflecting what i've done and have not.

May Allah grant me and all of us with happiness, rahmah and serenity in this journey of life. Insya Allah.



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