Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My birthday celebration

Salam to all,

My birthday was yesterday, which at first I had no clue at all that yesterday was the big day for myself, until at 9.30 a.m one of my own staff SMSed me and wish birthday! And then i realized and checked the actual date of yesterday, punyalah tak ingat tarikh hehe.

Well, too bad I still have to come to work despite my body felt so fatigue and weak, since I have a lot of submissions to do within this week to my AGM. Worked until 5.30 p.m, picked my husband at Menara and drove to Midvalley for dinner and movie. Guess what movie we were watching yesterday? KUNG FU PANDA!! Muahaha, tak romantik langsung.

But all in all, the time spent with my husband without the kids was actually rewarding, despite the fact that I fall asleep in the cinema for several minutes during the movie was played due to my fatigueness, being a non-stop working lady and mother during weekdays and weekends + I'm already 7 months preggie right now. Easily get tired nowadays, but life must go as usual with tonnes of works and responsibilities that need to be worked on before my delivery date, which will be in bulan puasa this year! I cannot imagine to deliver a baby in Ramadhan, but let's hope the best and right now I'm frequently make du'a for an easy delivery process. I don't think I can go thru the long delivery process that I had with Imran, with the end result that I have to resort to operation due to poor in progress for 11 hours in the labour room.

This time, I've learnt my lesson, don't go to hospital until your really feel the pain to deliver! Hehe.

My husband will go for umrah end of this month alone without me and kids, and I'm ok with that since I've been there once during my study time in MMU + I'm 7 month preggie,tak larat nak bawa diri bertawaf dan bersa'ie rasanya. Hope my husband will be safe and enjoy his visit to Baitullah :)

That's all for now.

Salam :)


Ummu Auni said...

tak jawab email birthday aku :p

IeNa said...

eh, ko ada hantar email birthday ke? takde terima pun :)

Farra said...

oits..finally ko updet blog lps aku sound kan? haha good2..wah dpt dating ngan huby tu..hehe ..nnti dah deliver sms yer

IeNa said...

hehe, apa nak buat..kerja banyak tak habis2 farra, tak dpt nak update blog hari2 hehe.

boleh, deliver bulan 8, nanti aku SMS insya Allah kalau dah deliver :D