Monday, March 26, 2012



Very pleased to watch a snapshot of education program that showing one of our batch friends on TV from the same company I'm working in, and also very nice to hear a blogger that I commonly read her blog has achieved her long dream to produce her own da'wah magazine, it is actually good to hear and watch our friends have reached to the best of their moments.

We should be grateful if more Muslims become more succesful nowadays, as Muslim will get stronger and have better capacity to support the ummah. I wish there will be more Syed Bukhari in the Muslim world today so that we can step up and manage our ummah better, from the economic perspective and consequently the political stability, and vice versa (though Syed Bukhari is not well-known as a political leader).

All this while, I never take seriously when people give advice to read the 3 Qul before sleep, till yesterday when I read the Quran and read the verses, and their translations. My oh My, now I do understand the importance of reading them before sleep, or when we are in trouble. I just get the message, after 32 years old! How slow I am hehe. Nevertheless, I'm still thankful for the new 'ilm I have learnt from the Quran. Really, you need to have to take your own time to tadabbur the Quran. My husband always asks me to read the Quran frequently, if not daily. Me as a working wife and a pregnant mother, without any helper to handle housechores and kids for the past 4 years, reading Quran as the daily activity was seldomly practiced. Such a lame excuse, but that was what happened to me before, and I hope with the new helper taking care the chores and kids, I would be able to have my own time to do my own stuff, including reading the Quran and translation. Let's hope this will materialize as soonest possible k, insya Allah :)



Konot said...

elo iena!

akak pun lately ni baru nak start practice baca quran hari2.. tried bangun awal sikit masa subuh and baca. kalau tak dpt pagi tu, mlm tu after solat isya' i try baca lagik.

harap sibuk, sampai bila2 pun tak nyempat nak baca. so i guess mmg kita kena make time for it kan?

IeNa said...

betul betul, have to. Kalau tak, sampai kita retire nanti baru boleh buka Quran. Takkan nak mcm tu,kan? :)

Ain Khadijah said...

It's time for an update sis!