Thursday, May 06, 2004


Assalamualaikum wbt again,

Yeah i know i know, it's like a decade that i have not touch this blog. Not becoz i dun have idea to write upon, tapi mcm malas nak mengarang and update apa yg perlu ;)

Last Monday went to Rahimi's wedding ceremony, giler lama pengantin bertakhta kat singgahsana makan beradab. Jenuh menunggu bilerlaa pengantin ni nak turun-turun, last2 turun juga, siap meredah semak samun nak jumpa kitorang. Memang terharulah raja sehari meredah semak samun nak berjumpa dengan rakyat jelata. Hehe.

Yesterday went to MARA accompanying my sister buat education loan, punyerlah lama siap i have the chance utk interview org2 counter lagi tanya ttg pre-requisite utk apply loan. Pastu jumpa bebudak yg nak apply loan juga, n actually most of the students tgh apply nak pegi oversea i think. Bertuahnya mereka dpt pergi, one of my dreams is to further studies in UK. Tunggu Phd lah kot baru leh pergi. Skang ni grab apa yg dapat dulu. UIA pun best juga,kan? ;)

Arabic class went well. This becoming Monday will be our final exam after abt 5 months learning the subject. Actually i'm not that confident since banyak kelas that i had to let go due to my outstation occasions. Yet, my ustaz was very kind to discuss with us what are the questions that gonna be out (actually what he did was asking us abt several type of questions whether they are ok or not, if not ok then he won't take them as exam questions). Of course we would response based on our preference on easy questions.Giler best ustaz ni. Kalau tak pening mau mengingatkan in which condition the fi'il is mabni and i'rab, which conditions it turns to be mansub, majrur and majhul. Aiyaa..i dun even have the guts to open and review the book. So many things to catch up actually. Tapi nasib baik ustaz dah pinpoint soalan. Senang sket ler :)

My family? Actually my 3 youngest sisters were enjoying their holidays heavenly when my parent took them to Langkawi and did bla bla bla. Everyday called and update us on what they did for the 4 days they were there. Nice for them and nice for us yang dah besar2 ni coz we had enough freedom to do whatever we wanna do. It's not that with the appearance of my parent that i can't do anything that i want, but this time it was really giving my siblings and me a big break to spend our time and our money lavishly!!Har har har.

Ok, enough of telling my personal life.

Let's go to a more serious topic which i think is more worthy to talk about.

This morning i received an e mail, highlighting the real situations currently faced by our muslim brothers and sisters in most so-called Islamic countries. Suppression, killings and humiliations to them are something that we should think and ponder upon rite now. Personally i was so angry of what had happened to our Iraqis brothers. DAMN and hell to the kaafirun,(pardon me for my sick and vulgar wordings here), but really i am so angry with the Britons and American soldiers. Semoga Allah melaknati mereka! They are so-sick minded. What the heck of their thinking by humiliating people by making them do something so uncivilised with the intention to tear down their pride and honor! OURS actually, as muslims!!

And we, as the people admitting and declaring ourselves as muslim, what did we do to help them and ourselves?

I know at this point of time, we are lack of facilities to help the Palestinians, Iraqis and the rest, however we are still in the capacity of contributing something. Du'a and pray. Yes, we can help them by making du'a hoping all these suppressions end with victory at our side.

Satu titik darah muslimin takkan kita halalkan sampai bila-bila! Forever and ever! Until the end of our breath and until the time has come for us to meet our Khaliq. And i'm waiting for that time to claim for whatever destruction that they have caused us! Geram and marah sangat dengan mereka. Mmg digalakkan untuk berdoa supaya mereka turn to Islam, tapi derang jahat sangat that i'm hoping that they will be thrown into An-naar immediately without any judgement pun.

Astaghfirullah, emotionalnya catatan for today. But can we just sit down quitely seeing our muslim brothers were humiliated like animals? Of course you dun expect me to do that isn't it?

Praying much for our brothers and sister around the globe. May Allah save our aqeedah and lives till the end of our breath.


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