Monday, May 29, 2006

A stressful week..with lots to come

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Last week..was a miserable one.

I had terrible migraine on Monday and Tuesday, and on the next day my datuk sedara that were close to my family passed away. Went back to kampung for a ziarah with 1 project paper to be submitted and 2 presentations to be prepared for weekend classes.

The next day i came to office with so many people asking what had happened for i took 2 urgent leave consecutively, and they were mistakenly thought that my datuk yg passed away. Kat kampung i met my junior that i was barely remember standing next to my auntie, and suddenly she called my name. I was so surprised and my head was working very hard try to remember who is this person. My younger sister Eqa was also surprised when someone that she had not familiar with had called my name, especially at my late datuk sedara's house. We had went there only once or twice, we usually went to his new house in Serting. So how come someone that we barely know could recognized me there? Rupa-rupanya she was my junior at STTJ, and she's the one yg get married to my cousin. Luper dah..i did not manage to attend their marriage last year as i had classes.

After ziarah jenazah di Serting, straight away heading to my grandmother' s house at Batu Kikir, spent about 3 hours there having lunch and took some rest. I brought my notes along with some hope that i get some geeze of the content for me to complete my project paper. Then we visited my auntie becoz my grandma got worried as she did not visited her for quite sometime.

The next day, came to work and tasks kept pouring in and landed on my table. GM's secretary kept coming to my room telling me GM wanted this and that. My head dah berserabut dgn kje and project paper yang perlu disiapkan. Last last petang tu i cried, dah tak tahan pressure. GM's secretary dah terkejut sbb tetiba i menangis. Mmg bebetul tak tahan dah time tu..tense.

The next day, walking to office dgn hati keep telling..'dun give up Zurina..dun give up..mmg keje byk..mmg tgh pressure..but dun give up". Bercakap dgn hati sepanjang perjalanan nak ke office. Last Saturday, managed to complete the project paper and buat presentation. On Sunday, buat presentation for management control pulak. One of my groupmates told me that she cried due to pressure on Saturday morning. She is worse, she got another 2 project papers that not yet completed and must be submitted on her exam days. Mana nak siapkan project paper, nak study for exams lagi. My examination will be on this becoming Saturday and next week on Sunday. I took leave for 2 days this week and next week to study with classmates kat UIA.

Sepanjang minggu lepas...migraine kept coming.Hope it won't happen this week. I'm tired actually...very tired! Rasa mcm nk berhenti keje skang ni. Uwaaaa....tahanlaa Zurina..sabar..dun give up k. Dun give up.



IeNa said...


here is the link for this song:'3tamm.mp3

Actually if you surf ni..byk nasyid but the web is written in Arabic..i have no time to look up actually who is the singer as my hands are very tight rite now. All the best to you :)

cPoL said...

Allah pernah berfirman yang maksudnya:
"Apabila Allah inginkan kebaikan kepada seseorang, maka dia akan diuji terlebih dahulu..."

--> so, keep swimmming and smiling :D

IeNa said...

Barakallah Cpol, your notes really make my day today :)

You are the only one yg keep asking me swimming everytime ada kekusutan..why must swimming ek? Konfius jap.

But anyway syukran jazeelan :)