Friday, March 19, 2004

Baru balik dr outstation

Assalamualaikum wbt,

This morning i was not in a good mood. With piles of work on my table, with my scheduled meeting with CE R&D TM and Fleet Management today, with the expected presentation slides to be completed today to be sent to head is spinning like gasing.

Just came back from Malacca actually. This time, Customer Awareness Program was held in Malacca for 3 days. I have to do the same presentation as before. Alhamdulillah i was given opportunity to jalan2 satu Malaysia ni, tapi biler balik dr outstation, kerja yg berlambak nak kena catch up tu yg tak tahan tu..aaaaaa!!!

Hehe, kalau agak2 my blog ni isn't updated for a very long time, just make a guess that i'm not around. Sure outstation ler tu. Yesterday i took urgent leave, couldn't spare my energy for work. Flat seflatnya pagi semalam. Today i have to come coz i've got to complete my slide presentation for CMO thingy. Yeah rite, semalam eventho i took my urgent leave, at 12 a.m i had received a SMS from CE R&D requesting me to see him at UPM to finalize our findings. Aiyaaa..tgh2 cuti pun kena pergi menghadap, tense tense. But i went jugaklah coz his one-to one meeting with Dato' CE is scheduled on 23 March, so everything shall be completed before that date. Project ni was meant for TM Leaders, tapi kekadang rasa mcm kita pulak yg kena buat assignment ni. Anyway CE R&D ok, tapi mungkin sbb we both are bz sgt sampai kitorang buat meeting and tindakan mengikut flow and keadaan, not that structured that i used to do in FMD. In FMD, everything you have to list down, must have action plan and target date. Giler detail.

Ok..dah pukul 9.30 pagi, kena rush utk siapkan presentation pulak, satu bende pun tak siap lagi.

This morning i opened TV3 at 6.30 in the morning. Ustazah Bahiyah tgh bagi penerangan mengenai beberapa amalan yang menyelamatkan kita daripada siksaan di akhirat. Ada banyak kisah yang diceritakan, tapi several points that i could catch :

1. Sentiasa menjaga silaturrahim
2. Sentiasa berbaik sangka dengan Allah
3. Sentiasa menangis kerana takutkan Allah
4. Sentiasa takut akan Allah di dalam keadaan terang mahupun gelap dan sunyi

Tu jer yg tgh terlintas di kepala sekarang ini. Ok, wassalam.

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