Friday, March 05, 2004

Bertemu kembali

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Just came back from Penang. For about 4 days i was there assessing my customers. The experience was so good since i had given opportunity to follow some investigations works done by En. Zul and Zaki. Only 3 of us yg turun Penang as Investigation Officers.

Each time i travel with some of my officemates, we were became closer and closer with each other, which is good actually. We became more open-minded, less misunderstandings for each other, and the most important thing is that we have FUN together! Hehe, actually nope, that is not the most important thing actually. Among all, the knowledge and feeling sharing among us which counts most. Seriously, i've learnt a lot this time from the perspective of adults. We talked about life, career, general knowledge and even politics!! I've grown up!! hehe.

During our journey back to KL, we discussed on the role of parent in forming the best attitude and capabilities of children. I'm not yet married, but i can fixed myself into the conversation by reflecting to my own childhood experiences. I believe that what i become now is the result of the freedom of decision making given by my parent. At any time and at any matter which need decision to be made. Not only me, but to all my siblings except for my 3 youngest sisters coz they are more like spoilt brats to us (the older sisters and bros..hehe). Actually they are not that spoilt, tapi sbb dimanjakan sgt by my mum, tu yg tak reti nak independent tu. Goreng ikan pun nak kena org ajar. but now i think there lots improvement have been made. Dah tau nak goreng sayur, masak gulai. Satu jer yg derang fail, masak nasi..sure berkerak. Tulaa, dulu belajar masak pakai periuk karan, biler dah rosak tak tau nak adjust api nasi biler pakai periuk biasa.Hehe.

I've learn something about life today. Looking at the world with some perception which i used to look at during i was in Matriculation dulu. Sometimes i felt that it would be nice, very very nice to go back to the fine old times, where i won't have to face the bitterness of experience at certain episodes of my life. Happy living as a student without not so much to worry about life. I have to admit that my best experience as a student was in my matriculation, back in malacca in 1999. I'm glad to study in MMU eventhough at the first place UM is my first choice. I got the UM offer, but my father didn't let me go and study there. In MMU i ended up became an Accounting grad. Lots of interesting stories there. Not enuf space if i have to tell ya all the stories.

This evening kak Fida said that perhaps i'll be replacing her place for about 2 months. She's expecting a child in May. Of course i'm happy to have the chance to practice my accounting skills since Kak Fida's works are dealing with budgeting. But on the other hand, i'm scared for i have LOTS of LOTS things to do. Seriously, sometimes i feel that i should pasang 2 pasang tangan palsu lagi untuk buat keje. Skang ni tgh hectic ngan keje sampai tak tau mana satu nak buat.

Kak Fida kata mungkin ada sorang exec yg akan diserapkan di bawah unit dia, and the best candidate for that post is me, coz of my accounting background. Rite now i'm not that keen to be happy with that news eventhough that was my dream dulu ketika baru2 masuk FMD. I want to practice my accounting, what the heck of being an accounting grad and yet you can't perform what you have learnt in university before? Quite a waste isn't it? 4 years was not a short period to learn all the creepy theoritical and practical concepts of accounting. But i managed to settle all down. Big applause for myself!! Hehe.

Alrite, later k. Need to move on.

Life isn't easy, but the power to change it lies with us, so make up your mind! Grow up and make the best of you :)


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