Monday, March 27, 2006


Assalamualaikum wb,


Tired, just went back from JB on last Friday for an awareness program to all JB TM Point staff, and then came back to KL, rushing to prepare for my deadly assignments for both subjects, Management Control and Advance Strategy last weekend.

This sem is really tough, as we are required to make presentation every 2 weeks for Advance Strategy. Management Control is worst as we have to get prepared for 20-minute assignment in the class in every single week. If there is no participation, there goes your participation mark -NIL. Really, this semester really make my brain works very2 hard to find some kind of advance and quality answers for each issue raised in the class. Nama pun Advance Strategy, mmg susah sket ler as compared to previous subjects that i had taken in the past.

The best thing about Advance Strategy is we have the chance to learn about paradoxes that sometimes managers or people will likely to face whenever we make a decision especially in business. What is paradox anyway? It's actually similar to dilemma in definition, both are true in nature, its just the degree of adoption in any situation for each paradox that differs. Several of paradoxes that i've learnt so far is rational vs creative perspective, strategic planning vs incrementalism perspective, evolutionary vs revolutionary perspective and i'll be doing a presentation this week related to continuous renewal vs discountinous renewal perspective. I wish i can explain further about all these paradoxes, but really i have no enough time at the moment. I'll explain to you guys if i have capacity to do so, but no promise given k :)

The best part when i learn about all these things is that we will learn how these paradoxes will shape what kind of behaviour an organization/individual will adopt in any situation. It is interesting as now i know why some people tend to think and reacts in some different ways to another, in which has give us some uniqueness in relation to thinking and behaviours that we tend to potray in our daily lives. As all these paradoxes are true in all situations, the discussions on those had enlightened me on how to handle people with different approaches and preferences.However most of these kind of things are more relevant to business discussions as compared to individual context as what we have been exposed in the class are circulating on how an organization reacts to a situation or what kind of stand they will take whenever they want to formulate a strategy in ensuring they are making money all the way in their businesses.

I think today's posting is so academical, too heavy for such an initial intention just to say hi to all after a long break from writing and posting in here. I'm not sure whether i will have the capacity to frequently update this blog, my new job requires a lot of my attention in which i hope it will be lessen in next quarter as i managed to establish some new procedures and guidelines during this 3 months. At this moment, i am sitting at a manager post with Grade 24 as this post was recently been upgraded by HR, there a lots of tasks to be handled, procedures to be established and people keep coming asking for money as i am the Business Controller. Not fair huh, Exec with Grade 21 do some job for Manager Grade 24. A huge discrepancy here. The only thing that make me stay is that i love my job as it deals with financial and business strategy that has something to do with my studies now. Besides, i dun thing i can perform much in some other tasks in FMD coz i had once felt so demotivated while was handling legal matter in 2003 and 2004. I dun want to take risk to switch the current job with others to face that same kind of feeling again this time. Eventho i know my tasks are tough, but it's ok coz i love performing in something that i have passion rather than doing some kind of easy job but really make your heart frantically screaming coz you really hate the job plus it has nothing to give value added benefits to you or whatsoever.

Before i end, i just would like to say thank you to Kak Mas, Kak Wyder and Kak Faza for keep asking me to attend our last Nisa meeting last week. Barakallah for inviting me as i've learnt a lot, and it was a happy moment for me to see that there are so much new ideas and changes been made to Nisa'. Sorry for could not contribute much all these while, insya Allah once my studies is over, the time to be together again will come, biiznillah :)

To a friend, apologize for something bad that i've done, i have shouldn't done that in the first place. Promise never do that again, peace ya! :)

Ok guys, better get going, insya Allah we'll meet again, hopefully with some kind of refreshing updates :)


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