Monday, February 12, 2007

Yeay, i'm done with my MBA!! :D

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Subhanallah walhamdulillah...i'm back from a long break from writing..with a good news to all...i'm done with my MBA!!! Alhamdulillah and shukr for many2 times to Allah for this :D

Do you all know how relieved i was on last Saturday, that i had seated my final and last examination for my entire MBA course, which took about 2 years and 8 months??

It was a total relief, like a huge stone was lifted from my shoulder.

I'm not saying that taking MBA is troublesome, of course it's not. It's just the burden that comes while you are doing it, especially when you are working. Man, the idea to quit MBA during my tension periods occured 3 times, when the pressure level had reached its limit that i cried several times due to unbearable hecticness to cater for the study and workloads.

I know i have no kids to take care of which some people may argue about my complaints whatsoever, but actually my job consume lots of my commitment because i'm dealing with GM, if you dun believe me, ask Hany, Ika or Farah who had been in my place before me, they know how it feels like, truly.

I wish all the best to Aini and Yati, you two can do it eventho you have kids to take care of. Allah has determined what is best for us. If He has opened up the path for you two, or anyone of us to further study, it means you can do it. Allah won't test us beyond our own capacities, right? :)

2 years and 8 months, it's a quite long journey actually. Deep in my heart, i treasure most of the memories that have been written during my entire course. I get new friends, new experience and new knowledge. I'm proud to be among UIA MBA family, though the challenge is quite big for me.

I still can remember my first semester in UIA, where we had to stay in UIA until 1 morning to finish up our group project during that time. I had no idea that my last semester in UIA will end with kinda similar experience.

My groupmates and I did not expect that our last semester to be so demanding actually. As- Shariah and International Finance had drained our energy and time a lot. We never been so dedicated in our study except for this semester, highly due to our lecturers, Dr Obay and Prof Aslam who are very good, and quite scary in terms of their high expectations.

International Finance exam went very well, eventho i am not sure whether i can score or not. Experience of Kak Win and Kak Yana which had gone thru this course earlier from us, had told that Dr Obay's paper is tough. Indeed, i was blaming myself for taking this paper while doing past year papers because all the questions were so tough. Luckily, we managed to discuss last minute before going into the exam hall, and most of the questions were similar to the past years and exercises done in the class.

And yeah, for As Shariah..this paper is funnier actually. For almost 2 years and 8 months in UIA, we never give a thought to do any academic writing. We submitted our assignments, group projects whatsoever with our own common format, and do not even think to insert footnote whatsoever. And during this our last semester in UIA, we were required to do so by Prof Aslam. It was really an academic writing, where you have to do literature review and give your comments on those papers. We submitted twice for the As Shariah paper, coz the first one was not in correct format of an academic writing, luckily Prof Aslam returned our papers and requested for re-submission so that we could improve our marks, which mostly lacking in the format part. Hehe, he is a very nice lecturer :)

As-Shariah really introduced us to the real meaning of being a Muslim, and what responsibilities that come with it. I've been reading a lot about Islam, responsibilities about being a Muslim etc before this, but not so much that really stick like glue into my brain and heart. This course really made me internalized what Islam is all about actually.

One of the good discussion about this course coz it discusses about the malaise of ummah today, which is actually due to the confusion of interpreting knowledge, that are prolonged being prescribed to non-Muslim or westerners worldview. One of the the solution to overcome the backwardness of ummah is to islamize the knowledge in accordance to Quran and Sunnah. I wish this objective could become true on day, there are lots of thing to be done to achieve this, insya Allah.

When i finished the As Shariah exam paper, i felt sad coz i really felt that course has taught me a lot :(

Rite after my last exam on Saturday, I went to Putrajaya to visit my grandma who had stroke couple of weeks ago. My grandma stayed with my family about 1 week before my aunties took turn to take care of her. When i visited her that night, she did not speak anything at all, but the next day when i went for second visit, she asked me to pray for her coz she felt that she will not live any longer. I cried straight away when she asked me that. When my parent wanted to leave becoz we had to attend a neighbour's wedding, i kissed her and cried again.

She is a good grandma, never scold me and siblings eventhough i think we are the most naughtiest grandchildren of her. Never complaint eventho my family always prefer to have our Raya at my another grandma's hometown in Pedas coz we have lots of friends and familiar relatives rather in Pilah. I think she felt sad a lil bit coz it seems that we are biased to Pedas, but she never show it to us. Siblings and I always reluctant to go back to Pilah coz Pedas is nearer to KL, it only take about 45 min to 1 hour rather than Pilah which will take about 1 1/2 or 2 hours to arrive, plus with the Bukit Putus snake-look alike-road where most of the times make us feel like to throw up in the middle of the road. We are so bad, rite? But lately my mother always asks us to go back to Pilah to visit my grandma (before she get stroke) coz she concerns about my grandma's health. I couldn't go back frequently coz i had weekend classes before, so this is the right time for me to take care of her after i had completed my MBA. Pray for my grandma ya, i really want her to be healthy again. She is 90 years old now, but i still want her to live for another 100 years more :)

Guys, i am very happy coz i had completed my MBA, lots of people asking whether i want to continue PhD or not. At the moment, my answer will be no coz i want to have a break from study first. The tiredness is still there, let me catch my breath first, concentrate on my unit performance where i couldn't do much before due to my study previously, serve my grandma and get back to Nisa' after a very2 long break which had costed me lots of improvement and exciting activities. Kak Mas and Nisa team will be very happy to listen to this hehe. Ika, if you want to ask me to go shopping or a vacation with you, i may serve you anytime :P (except if i have important meetings or priorities ya!)

Alrite, i have to stop now, tomorrow i will have a business presentation in which i need to make some preparations, so we'll meet again in some other time, insya Allah :)

Last but not least, barakallah to all those people who had given me support and motivation all these while, who had lent their shoulders and be patient with me for i had not reserved so much time to be together with due to certain constraints. I will always treasure each pat on my back, support and motivation that had been given to me during my up and downs during my studies :)

Barakallah again to all, may Allah pay you with rewards and blessings for being with me in getting through this quest of knowledge :)



sity29 said...

heheh tahniah!!! leh la gi continue shopping therapy eheheh :P
congrats again!!

ieka said...

yeah rite.. at any time but with that exceptional remarks, still! hahahha malas la nak ajak ko gini. nanti ko taknak jalan2. :P

Hany FF said...

Siti, akhirnya! Tahniah!!!!!!!!
Doa dan salam utk Nenek Siti keyh!

Jumpa dlm aktiviti2 kita nanti!

IeNa said...

Yea kak sity, mmg mcm best jek kan idea nk continue shopping theraphy tu hehe.

Tikot, kalau aku takde hal, bleh jek prob. Kalau ada hal, kenalaa susun priority dulu, but anyway, ajak jeklaaa..ngengada eh tak nak ajak plak..kalau ko pi memana tak ajak aku, tak mo kawan! :P

Hany...syukraaannn!!! insya Allah Allah saya sampaikan pada nenek saya :)

mardhiah12 said...

ohoh, academic writing ek. aku dulu dgn dr arif, buat la benda2 tu, literature review, methodology, research findings, bla bla...yg lecturer aku mengomel result kita org teruk tu, haha

dr arif tu dah lama, farrah dpt dia dulu. ko je tak pernah dpt dia.

belajar subjek IBF tu okay tak? mcm best jer

kak Engku said...

cool, congratz on ur MBa' suppose now more time for work!! and Marriage soon i suppose....

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the course's completion..aku baca pun rasa lega sgt..coz I can feel the suffering from the thoughts u poured here..anyway..Ayu dah bersalin ke belum?


Azi said...


Congrats on the course's completion..aku baca pun rasa lega sgt..coz I can feel the suffering from the thoughts u poured here..anyway..Ayu dah bersalin ke belum?


mudin001 said...

alhamdulillah. tahniah :)

farradasmiley said...

Wah paper shariah tu bunyi macam best ajek! Prof Aslam? aku tak kenal la pulak

Aduih I miss UIA too and the experience

Tahniah againnnn ;) kalau nk sambung phd ajak aku ok

aniza said...

bagus² siti dah abis belajar. leh aku ajak bersosial pasnih ngan aku. dulu aku ingat minah nih repeat sbb cam lama sangat dia nak abiskan MBA dia :P

IeNa said...

Aini, kalau ko nak buat IBF, ko buat will find this course will enhance our understanding towards Islam and its treatment to finance and banking issues. you will learn a lot :)

Azie and Mudin, syukran..lega habis dah ni hehe.

Kak Engku, nice to know you,alhamdulillah now i have more time to concentrate on my job which is quite hectic also at the moment, alhamdulillah study dah hbis, therefore kurang sedikitlah pressurenya. Marriage? Hehe..i have no big news to announce to all at the moment..kalau dah ada berita baik nanti insya Allah akan dikhabarkan :)

Fara, hehe..rindu UIA aslam ni ajar as shariah..subject IBF..mmg tak kenal ler hehe. Nk buat PhD ajak ko..ko nak buat kat UIA ker? aku ingat nk buat kat UK..tgklah kalau ada rezeki..tak pun camnih..pekata kita buat PhD kat UK sesama hehehe.

Amboi Niza...sedap jek eh ko kata aku repeat..aku fail pun tak pernah tau :P UIA mmg lama aaa..tak caya tanya Farra..mmg UIA lambat habis sket compated to other U hehe. Ko nk bersosial dgn aku? Bleh..calllah next time..aku on insya Allah :D

neng dianz said...

wuuuiih puaanjang banget ni cerita, sulit agaknya kalau entry yang satu ini aku kaji...
BTW, congrats kak iena. selamat mengamalkan ilmu!

konot said...

congrats iena! lega ek? hehe.. hope your grandma will get better soon, and wish u all the best!

IeNa said...

neng dianz,

Teruskan usahamu untuk mengkaji ya..hehe..syukran..moga2 saya boleh amalkan dan sebarkan ilmu yg ada kepada insan lain :)

kak yana..leganyaaa..serius..dr obay best aa..walaupun everytimeiena masuk kelas dia sure rasa berdebar2 hehehe.

Tadi Kak Ika SMS, dia ajak visit umah Ai Ngoh ahad ni, jom aa join..ajak Am sekali eh :)

melissa said...

sis, nak tanya boleh planning to enroll for MBA this July.I saw the general academic year 2010/2011 exam will be in first week of November for 2 weeks.I have an important engagement on that week particularly 28/10 - 6/11, is it possible that the academic year stated on the website is just an estimation and varies from undergrad and postgrad?

Anonymous said...


Nak tanya skit. How this MBA program gives an impact on your career milestone ? do it really help you increase your effectiveness in work practise ????

Am 33 yo guy, thinking to invest in MBA UIA but need to know whether it is worth investment in terms of skills and network enhancement. Am more onto upgrading management skills as well expanding network and contact for business and carrier interest.