Friday, August 27, 2004

Malaysia's Muslims have 'no way out'

Assalamualaikum wbt,

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Hmm..what was the article say about?

Malaysia's Muslims have 'no way out'. Bercerita ttg kekangan Muslim bertukar ke agama lain. Bercerita ttg usaha Christians to convert Muslims from Islam to Christian instead.

Dlm rencana ni, impression yg hendak dikatakan mengenai Islam adalah Islam is a rigid religion. Once you enter, you don't dream to convert to other religions, if yes, then you are open to public harassaments or legal action.

Government is said as bias to Islam and cannot afford to loose that image (i think because we had declared that we are Islamic country).

About 30 thousands Muslims managed to be converted by Christians, and about 100 Muslims estimated managed to be converted by monthly basis.

My comment:

This is one of misconceptions by the non-muslim towards Islam. But to blame them solely is not correct. We as Muslims have this responsibility to guide them in understanding Islam better. As a Muslim, of course we know that those who murtad shall be killed, BUT after other efforts to attract him back fail. Dah buat sedaya upaya tapi mmg tak boleh. And in our current constitutions applied in Malaysia, mmg tiada hukuman mati yang dikenakan for those yang murtad. Kita apply hukum manusia, hukum Allah tak digunakan. Biler people keep increasing to convert sbb tiada sekatan keras, apa yg kita boleh comment? Tgk jelah,kan? Belum tentu terasa marah atau sedih di hati by some of us, na'uzubillahi min zalik.

We have to put our eyes on this, very seriously. Government nikan, kita bukannya tak nak sokong dia, tapi cuba kalau derang ikut kaedah Islam dlm pelbagai perkara. Kalau ikut, takde ler PAS nak membangkang. Payah sgt derang ni nak compromise atas dasar agama. Hmm...

Nak kata Islam itu kejam biler sentuh isu people cannot convert to other religion, especially if we are thinking in terms of freedom to choose and make decision by each of us? Hmm..kalau secara brief assumption, mmg nampak kejam. Tapi kalau kita fikir betul-betul, Islam sebenarnya memelihara maslahahnya. Tidak mahu dinampak agama Islam ini umpama agama main-main yang people can simply come in and out sesuka hati mereka. Impaknya sungguh banyak, sekiranya kita tak ambil tindakan, mungkin akan ramai lagi yang terpedaya dan tertarik dengan promotion being advertised, direct or indirect by those yang sudah convert.

I'm not going to blame government for this. They have tried to conduct most of islamic activities and awareness, yet i believe there are more rigourous efforts to be poured in by them. Don't introduce activities to public which are contradict to Islamic teachings, and in the same time expand their efforts to attract public to get know more about Islam. Explain to them what are the reasons of why we could not do some stuff, adopt some approaches and have to be strict in some of our actions, so that they can understand us better.

These responsibilities do not lies on government only. We as individuals also must bear the said responsibilities. How many times we attempt to introduce Islam and its beauties to non Muslim? Counting on me personally, i would say none in a day. We are so comfortable living in our own scope and environment, which contradicts to what sahabah buat dulu di dalam menyampaikan ajaran Islam.

I know i will be accountable for this. I know that i will be asked in akhirah, why i'm saying on something that i did'nt do, and even worse for not having the courage to do it at all. But i'm very positive, Allah will help us if we are very determined to do what i've mentioned before. Pasang niat my friends, insya-Allah niat itu akan terlaksana jua. Pasang niat, and after that work hard towards it. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!


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