Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Da Vinci Code

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Da Vinci Code

A story that has capability in triggering my interest to keep reading it due to its technicality and super thinking methods in solving the clues mentioned in the book, not bad to be categorized as a a good reading actually. I have to admit that i did sacrifice about one whole day during last 2 weeks to read this book at non-stop mode, not because i didn't want to stop, but i just couldn't! The book did attract my eagerness to read more and more about the episode of these 2 person who are searching for some clues, to reveal the truth of whatever secret that has been kept silent for quite some time.

This book is quite tricky and need your full attention to comprehend the message being tabled out, the continuation of the story and some of the facts given. It explicitly describes about a big conspiracy by the Christians in eliminiting the direct influences of pagans (sembahan patung-patung dan unsur-unsur alam), dominated and lead by some of established names in history like Isaac Newtons, Leornado Da Vinci,Victor Hugo and several big names of historians, artists and scientists.

Whatever pun, as this book has claims that all information that being written are true except for the storyline, i believe there are potentials for all of us to debate on the real message that this book wants us to believe, or perceive at least. I did learnt some things that i never knew before, like Sunday was meant for Day to preach the Sun ( the day that this author mentions as indirect influence by pagans in our daily life). The meaning of sign Peace that we used to do when we snap pictures. At this point of time, i just take them as exposure that worth to be known and explored more, if i have ample time. I believe Ika is more interested in doing research on this, correct Ika? ;)

Aida and Aini also had read the book respectively. I think they have better understanding on the subject of the book instead of me. So if you wanna have some kind of understanding and discussion, better refer to them,alright?

I treasure and recommend highly this book to others due to its openness in discussing the lacking and weaknesses of some religions especially Christianity (this book is quite absurd since its actually promoting pagans preachings rather than Christianity, and had claimed that there is no single religion that is pure by God but merely faith). Faith here is meant something that we do trust, believe and hold deeply in ourselves (yet when i came to this chapter, i got quite confuse, dun supposedly religion is equal to faith?). Halim has mentioned to me and Ika that he kept mengucap or bersyahadah while reading this book. Me too actually. But, we have to learn the real challenges out there, waiting us to face them, directly or not. And for that purpose, i recommend this book to you guys, read it and think. Apply the situation to Islam, and you will know what i mean. The so-called secret society defending the pagans are doing something BIG to protect their belief eventhough they have been challenged tremendously by the Christians, and how should we react to that? Keep silent and waiting for something or someone (Imam Mahadi or an Ummat leader)to save Islam and ummah? Hey, stop dreaming my friends, please do use our both hands to work, our mind to think and ponder to help Islam, and let Allah decide the rest. Defence our ummah!
(Huiyyo, bersemangatnya, takpe takpe, lama dah api semangat ni turun dek bebende dunia, bagi dia terbakar kejap and hopefully utk tempoh yg lama)

Alrite, enuff enuff, i need to take my rest after giving my 1000% commitment to my GM's presentation reports and slides today.Thanks to Allah, i'm doing business strategy and reporting, which enable me to perform my accounting and business skills now. No more legal and customer thingy running to my head.My MBA does help me a lot in understanding most of the operational and business issues in TM,its very helpful and interesting because i can apply (and i'm doing some currently actually) the whatever i've learnt in class into my working environment, alhamdulillah :)

Till my fingers meet my keyboard again tomorrow, insya Allah.


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