Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yeaayyyy!!! Syukran ya Allah :)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Bestnya hidup saya hari ni, alhamdulillah :).

All are due to:

1. My new position as someone handling for Business Strategy & Reporting had made me felt so revitalized again in FMD, now i can show my true capability and preference. I'm now in charge for the division's strategy and direction, with the assistance of other units, and i really like that because i can apply whatever things i've learnt in my class. Really really like my new task, simply the best that suits me very well. Alhamdulillah :)

2. Corporate video kami hari ini dapat pujian 'Fantastic!!' by our GM. My team was very glad to hear that comment. After countless nights that we have gone through by going home very late, sometimes at 11.30 p.m pun we were still stuck in the office to complete some parts of the video (Abg Faizal dah baper kali dah beristighfar biler dapat tau yg i was still in the office doing the project biler buat follow up ttg menu nasi tomato last week, tapi skang ni dah boleh tarik nafas lega). Alhamdulillah again.

3. Result exam saya dah kuar!!! I know Tikot will be very flattered by hearing this, but for Tikot's attention and the rest, i get an A for my ECONOMICS subject!!! Yeaaayyy!! Really love this subject, and actually i favour a lot the lecturer that had taught us the subject, Prof Mansor Ibrahim, the Dean of Kuliyyah Economics and Business in UIA. Tak sia-sia bagi attention kat subject dia hehe. (Ika tau naper i like him very much...ngee :D , but please dun misunderstand on my statement, i like his way and style, not more than that :)

I didn't get an A for my Marketing, however i didn't feel sad over it since i had predicted the result rite after my examination paper (tu yg pegi baca buku Faisal Tehrani Tunggu Teduh Dulu tu sbb pressure tak dpt jawap soalan exam. I had predicted that i will fail the Marketing subject actually, since i really didn't know what the heck i was answering in my examination paper, but alhamdulillah i manage to get a B+. Not bad, i got a B+ instead of my initial prediction of F. Should be ok what, lagipun after my bad experiences of high fever, pressure and cryings that i have gone through for this subject,i should be grateful to Allah for the good result that i have obtained at countless time, countless that never ended :)

4. Today is just nice for me, i can go home early and watch the Korea series 'Jewel in the Palace'. For abt 1 month i have not watch the series,kali ni nak tgk puas puas :)

Ok, nak solat Asar, and having my very good rest at home.

See ya, assalamualaikum wbt :)

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