Monday, July 03, 2006


Assalamualaikum and greetings,


Baru balik dr Sabah n Sarawak, spent 1 week di sana.

Urusan kerja, seperti biasa. Yg best mungkin kali ini kami merempuh ombak tinggi dan makan di dalam boat yang teroleng sana sini kerana ribut di tengah laut, tujuan utk snorkeling di Pulau Manukan tidak kesampaian, hanya sempat di Pulau Sapi yang rasanya tidak pun mencecah 30 minit kerana tiba2 ribut dtg melanda. Takpelah, pengalaman..belum pernah lagi merasa ditimpa hujan dan ombak tinggi di lautan..kali ni sudah merasa. Luckily kami sudah menelan pil mabuk laut sebelum bertolak untuk snorkeling, kalau tidak mmg horror jugak rasanya dengan bot yang bergoyang sana sini.

Yang lain, mungkin kenyang makan seafood..sampai dah tak larat nk makan udang..alhamdulillah murah rezeki di sana kerana berkesempatan dinner dgn PDRM Sabah dan Sarawak.

Saya baru dpt result exam hari ni..i think this is the worst result i ever had sepanjang saya buat Master ni..alhamdulillah lepaslah 3 pointer tu..tapi still tak puas hati sbb ada satu subject ni mmg target paling kureng pun A-...ended up dpt lower than that..mmg strict betul ler lecturer yg ajar kami Mgmt Control sem carry mark is among the highest in the class..mmg tak expect dpt result mcm tu. Apa ler dosa yg saya dh buat sem lepas ni..astaghfirullah. Tapi mmg dah tau awal2 lecturer sorang ni mmg strict..waktu buat final paper tu mmg confident giler at least boleh score A- kalau pun tak dpt A...takde rezeki..rasa down sket skang sem nak kena men'chaiyyo'kan diri..nak tak nak kena score at least A- for both subjects so that my CGPA tak jatuh..nk pk pasal thesis lagi...haiyaaaa.

Thesis...tajuk pun tak pk lagi..memula ingat nk buat under this lecturer..tapi rasanya terpaksa kensel sbb rasanya expectation dia tinggi. I'm thinking doing something in Economics..tapi my specialization is in Strategic Mgmt...camner nk kaitkan Econs dgn Strategic Mgmt ni..hmm..think Zurina..think!

Oklah ek..tgh rasa tak best skang ni..buat anyway a lil bit happy for my two fav teams are in the World Cup Semi Finals..France and Germany...i didn't know what happened to Brazil..but i don't favour them much actually. I hope these 2 teams will be in the final round nanti...and I hope France will win, eventho Germany also has equal chance to win..both are strong.

Went to Husna's wedding last week, happy to see her smile..all my geng turun padang except for Paie and Azie..sorang ada urusan so dtg waktu nikah jek..Azie plak kat UK skang ni. Happy sbb dpt jumpa Siha, Ayu and Jie. Aida jumpa di masjid, Aini jumpa time kami dah nak balik. Best sbb dpt jumpa sumer housemates ketika kami di Taman Dahlia, Melaka dahulu :)

Ainul ada prob dgn hempedu dia skang ni..syafallaha...mungkin next 3 or 4 weeks dia kena operate balik. Iznan, dun worry too much, insya Allah Allah pelihara your wife and baby :)

Ingin berundur diri dahulu..jumpa lagi insya Allah.



Kiranya ketentuan itu sudah tiba,
Maka perlukah berpaling dan bertanya
Apakah yang tidak kena?

Renung dalam-dalam
Seisi hati
Bertanya lagi
Apakah sudah cukup kenal diri
Sebelum melangkah setapak lagi

Dek aturan masa
Ada tika
Cahaya kelam
Panduan hilang

Kata diri
Mencari jalan pulang

Pencarian sinar itu
Pernah terhenti
Perlu disambung kembali
Perlu dijejaki lagi

Moga ada cahaya
Moga ada makna
Untuk si pengembara
Menghabiskan rentasannya
Dalam kembara



rol said...

Thesis, eh?

I'm not in MBA, I'm from that other course. You know, the one with less people in it.

There are a couple of us trying to write thesis as well. Lot of challenges, we can tell you that. These are some of what we have learned from our experiences.

Topic: Here's the tricky part. It can't be too general and it can't too narrowed-down. It's a 6 credit thesis, that means it's not as long as thesis done by those students who's doing Masters by research. It's up to you to figure out the width of scope, what areas you'll be covering.

Supervisor: Very important. Find one who will always have your back, to support you and fight for you and what you should have. This kind will make your writing journey much more pleasant. There's also the enthusiastic but superbusy type, they want to help you but they'll be too busy with this and that and you'll be fending off for yourself most of the time. And then there's one who's superbusy and can't give you any clear guidance ("good", "no", "not sufficient", "please redo"). He'll drive you into temporary insanity. I've seen it. (Not my supervisor, thank God) Get in touch with supervisor constantly, from start to finish.

Time: It's going to take a tremendous amount of time, no arguments there. You're working already, that's going to shave off a lot of the available time. But you know your schedule best. If you're really, really determined, no time obstacles will be able to dissuade you from achieving what you want.

Realistic expectation: Set yourself to face rejection and criticism, among other things. There are times when times when you're going to hit the wall, no idea where to proceed next. Ideas being shot down, when time is not to your advantage. It's part of the process. If you're lucky, you won't get to see any of these. But if you do face them, it's going to help mould you to become a better writer/researcher in the future.

(From what we've heard, nobody has gotten higher than A- for thesis. I personally used to think this is absurd, but I now think it's better not be all worked up over this matter and focus on the paper instead. You could the first A, though, it's not a rule or anything just a case of kedekut markah. I mean, the A- guy went to present his paper in an international conference, for God's sake!!! International conference, man!!! I may not be focused on the matter, but I'm still somewhat upset as you can tell.)

There's nothing here you probably haven't heard from somebody or somewhere else. We're only tossing around some ideas. Hopefully we'll be able to get our proposal off the ground soon. One more thing, if want to have your convo next year, you'll need to submit your paper the latest by early this February. The sooner the better, of course, then you'll have time to redo any mistakes, etc.

All the best.

IeNa said...


You had made me started to feel worry, do you know that? :D

hmm..this week i'll be busy searching for topic, yesterday i managed to have a chat with my friend that will also go for thesis..he would like to do something related to Risk Management sbb PNB is interested in that subject..but we never have any subject related to that. I told him that Risk Management is some kind of Management Control subject also..he scared already to hear that as we did not get good grades for the subject. For Mgmt Control, he is the best student in the class, and he managed to get B+ only! Can you imagine that...kalau buat thesis, nampak gayanya lagi ler tak score. Huhu..tak nak ambil risiko buat thesis under this lecturer :D

Camner nak score thesis ni haiyaaa...what topics you and your friends pick eh?

rol said...

Worried? Good. You should be. It's easier to give up doing thesis then to carry through because of the many challenges. Over the semesters, we've seen the number of members of 'The Aspiring Thesis Writers Club' grow and shrink that it makes us wonder who among us is really going to actually write one.

My friend and I are doing knowledge management. We have the same supervisor.

Like we said, a good supervisor can help you score. He can guide, advice, correct, fight for your marks and find good lecturers to be your second and third examiners. Unsupportive ones will make you redo and redo and redo and redo everything until you give up and just submit whatever's finished. Goodbye, A-.

IeNa said...

Knowledge management?

Who is your supervisor?

mardhiah12 said...

you haven't been in our shoes :)

when i was studying degree in Malacca, there was one foreign lecturer teaching us something like international accounting practices (Final year subject). He's good. My carrying marks were among the highest in the class. I scored 80++ in the mid term. But then, when the result came out, I only clinched a B. No, I didn't see him to demand why I get such result. My Chinese coursemates did ask him, but they were also unsatisfied. For me, redha jer la.

Maybe she expected you all to give answers in much more advanced manner since it's already considered as a part of specialisation subject.

Contrary to what you're thinking, I think she will make a very good supervisor. You might have to do a lot of work, but then, I'll bet that your thesis might be amongst the best. And since you're not further away in achieving your ambition as a lecturer, it's good that you do the thesis option instead of taking additional subjects.

rol said...

(Copied an pasted from one of my sources)

Knowledge the process through which organisations extract value from their intellectual assets (Kaplan, 2002)

My supervisor is Dr. Zabeda, head of my program.

mardhiah12 is quite right. If you plan to teach and pursue a PhD, then a thesis would be a good option. BUT, a Master's thesis is NOT ALWAYS REQUIRED for a PhD. It depends on the program's own requirement. I've talked to many people about this and they told me that a PhD thesis is almost totally different from a Master's. You'll trained for it, once you're in the program. However, an experience in doing thesis can help you there. Plus, in some work, a background in research is considered an advantage.

You have another advantage actually: experience. This can also be part of the requirement in some places, and not necessarily a Master's thesis.

One advice I got from people is it's good to take electives now and set aside your thesis for PhD. Electives will help expand your skill set for work.

But if you say yes to most of the following, you should consider doing thesis now:

If you like writing very much and have the patience for it.

If you like finding things out.

If you're good at managing information.

If you love reading.

If you're heading towards the academic field.

If you're willing to face any uncertainties that comes with it (time is also a factor to consider).

IeNa said...


Now i've become confuse..but i do have a research topic in my mind rite now, but i'm looking for other more interesting topic as well.


If you ask me whether am i fit into any those criteria that you had listed in order to do the thesis thingy, i would say i will only choose these three:

If you like finding things out.

If you love reading.

If you're heading towards the academic field.

Getting more confuse rite now, i'll do the istikharah ler mcm ni.

But i do have a topic in mind, where i think i should refer to Head of Group Strategy & Technology whether it will beneficial for TM or not.

Aini, mungkin betul jugak what yiu were saying, to produce a good written thesis, i should take the risk ler kot hoho.