Monday, September 18, 2006

Alhamdulillah :)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hidup saya pada minggu lepas...sgt perit.

Sangat lelah sehingga saya mengeluh dan berasa geram yang tidak sepatutnya berlaku sekiranya kita ikhlas bekerja.

Minggu lepas, sejak Selasa sehingga Jumaat, saya sibuk menyediakan proposal for post upgrading for 2 managers in FMD.

We got the news that Job Evaluation Session will be done on Friday on Monday morning, which means we had only about 4 days to prepare, including slide presentation for my GM. I had to prepare all documents like justification paper, JTORS and structure.

Fine, i'm ok with that becoz i had once made the same paper for my current post upgrading.

But this time, the 2 managers were not available in the office for most of the days last week. GM and I had to review and re-write their JTORs. And i had to prepare everything before Friday..and i was working on the papers non-stop for 4 consecutive days. With my head was also thinking and considering about our MCM Fraud which is to be scheduled tomorrow in which i need to prepare all necessary preparations from minutes up to logistics, my assignment which i thought should be submitted last Saturday, and also case presentation for my Ethics class, it was quite stressful for me.

Due to these JTORs and justification paper, i didn't have any chance to look at the project paper (my group decided to take TM as our case study, therefore i need to review the project paper before submission), and i had done nothing for my Ethics.

I felt very stressful on Thursday after submitted my paper and slide presentation to GM. And on Friday i felt like i wanted to cry and quit FMD.

My GM requested to change lots of things in my justification paper and JTORS at 9 a.m on the Friday morning, whereas he need to be at Menara by 10.30 a.m. I was requested to make amendments right here and then,i hate working under pressure becoz i will not be so sure what have i wrote or did under that condition. And i didn't have ample time to revise the documentations before submitting it to GM.

He took the justification paper from my hand while saying that he did not feel confident that he can win during the Evaluation Session coz he did not get good support.

I was so sad hearing that. I felt like i was the one to be blamed for poor documentation and presentation. I really felt like i wanted to cry and hand over my current post to someone else if he wanted me to do so.

The evaluation session was held before Friday prayer. After Friday prayer, the 2 managers and me gathered at meeting room for my slide presentation review for the becoming MCM Fraud Meeting. I was not sure whether my GM was in good mood or not during my presentation, but he did laugh a lil bit when we made jokes over the presentation.

After my presentation, he requested his PA to leave us, and during that time i was really thought that i'll be dead, to be bedah and kena marah.

My GM mentioned about his frustration on the JTOR and documentations. Despite that,I felt relieved.


Becoz my GM did not blamed me for the poor documentation. He said i was not the one who supposed to do the JTORS and actually those posts were not belong to mine some more. He could not expect me to write in details what are the tasks that relates to this 2 posts becoz i am not the one who do the jobs. Really, during that time i could feel tears from my eyes could come out anytime, becoz i felt so tired and sad. Imagine, after one whole day i felt so miserable, guilty and terrible, the statement that came from his mounth was so relieving.

That nite, i felt asleep early due to tiredness for the one whole week.

And, alhamdulillah, Allah gave me some room to breath as my project paper is supposed to be submitted next week actually, not last weekend.

And today, we had a news that our GCFO's father had passed away last Saturday. The Fraud MCM Meeting tomorrow is cancelled as he still at his hometown.

Subhanallah, last week, my head was cramped with lots of things to be taken care of. Fraud MCM Meeting, presentation, project paper, preparation for GCFO and top management visit to FMD, all need to be accounted for in my life schedule last week. Nevertheless Allah has spared me a time for break that i need very badly, unexpectedly.

Alhamdulillah wa subahanallah :)

Ok, get to go for Zuhr prayer, later k.

Assalamualaikum wbt.


cPoL said...

The signs of the soundness of the servant's love for his Lord are three: absence of self-willing; pleasure in every event which takes place through divine decree; and seeing the perfection of the Beloved in everything and being content with Him in everything through submission to Him in all things. - (Al-Hikam-Ibn. Ata'illah)

IeNa said...

Syukran Cpol,

Moga saya jadi kuat dalam mengharungi segala cabaran, doakan saya k :)

rol said...

"And, alhamdulillah, Allah gave me some room to breath as my project paper is supposed to be submitted next week actually, not last weekend."

OCD ke? Ada gak group lain yang tak hantar lagi. *batuk, batuk*

IeNa said...

Hehe Rollie,

Kitakena submit paper this Saturday kan..amacam? dah siap?

My group punyer dah siap, alhamdulillah :)