Friday, December 29, 2006

Salam Aidiladha

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Last nite i scolded my younger sister, now i feel bad for doing so. She didn't cook at home and i teased her for not cooking, telling her kalau tak nak masak baik tak yah balik umah and duduk jek kat kolej (i know it's seem a lil bit harsh but i purposely joking ok)..suddenly she got sensitive and raised her voice up to apa lagi..mmg kena marahlah by me, lecture sedikit i feel bad coz i was the one who started the thing, and ended up i scolded her pulak. Dah ler dia ni perempuan melayu terakhir kat rumah tu..sensitif sungguh. Biler dah rasa menyesal ni..teringat ler plak kisah2 waktu i pernah marah2 my 3 lil sisters waktu me masih bebudak and tak matang dulu. Rasa menyesal giler buli derang waktu kecik2 dulu..padahal derangkan budak kecik lagi. Shouldn't done that at the first place. But i know despite that, i'm a good sister to them coz i rarely scold or pukul them..very2 rare coz they all semua actually tak nakal2..kalau degil biasanya i cubit jek..tu pun tak kuat sbb hanya sbg pengajaran. Plus, i always treat them outside and buy them new clothes, that's why they prefer me a lot compared to my sister and my younger sister Eqa hehe. Takpelah..pasni kena minta maaf kat dia.

Yesterday i had meeting with GM and all managers for staff relocation in my dept..ended up dr takde keje langsung tetiba berlambak2 keje nk kena buat. Haiyyooh..this is end of the year, time org sumer bercuti..i've got a handful tasks pulak from my GM. I need to organize a workshop in PD next month for our BP and KPI 2007. And yesterday my GM requested me to prepare a special report for our second big boss..i've done it last nite with lots of details, colourful graphs and elaborations, with assumption that it might give an adequate overview of our achievement for the past 3 months. 3 months ok..sorting out all figures and trends..lastly when i submitted to my GM this morning..he said my report is quite detail and wanted me to reduce my report from 15 pages to 5 pages only. Throw away several graphs and elaborations, and it should be fine for my big boss, he says. was not easy task to interprete so many data in hand, summarize them and present them as clear as possible in one report, suddenly kena throw away analysis. Sayang tau masa yang dah digunakan..tapi least i know what is happening to my department at the moment..sebelum ni my staff yg buat report and i vet thru jek..tak sama kita buat sendiri statistics dengan vet thru report sebenarnya. Dulu when i used to make my divisional report..all statistics at my fingers..tanya jeklah apa pun, insya Allah bolehlah jawab dgn penuh confident. Skang ni biler my staff yang buat, baca report 2 kali baru boleh ingat betul2 dlm kepala. Tu pun kekadang terlupa, siap leh minta staff back up dlm meeting. Hehe. Itulah yang membezakan kemahiran dan kepakaran seseorang. Org yg membuat itu lebih pakar dr mereka yang tak membuat langsung.

Actually my hands are tight with 5 assignments, all need to be prepared by this week. I have 1 personal assignment and 1 group project for As-Shariah & Econs, and 2 case study and 1 group project for International Finance. Actually, i dun like Finance and all subjects that deals with calculations eventho my background is Accounting...Kak Win & Kak Yana..tolong!! Takut aa International Finance..everytime Dr Obay suh calculate tukaran wang asing..mulalah rasa nervous sbb mcm tak confident padahal calculation senang jek. Tak nak ambik aa subject audit baru International Finance..belum lagi Derivatives & Portfolio Mgt..camner nk buat nih? Dahlaa assignment mcm susah jek...kena analyse Balance of Payment for Malaysia and 80 pages of case study..ya Allah..membaca artikel 80 pages utk satu presentation for 25 or 30 minutes only..pastu dahlah susah..artikel IMF mengenai Central Bank Autonomy..we have to analyse the relationship between Central Bank Autonomy with other several variables like inflation level and political autonomy. Subject mcm best, tapi mcm susah jugak. Saper2 yg keje bank especially Bank Negara will benefit most from this subject. I'm thinking to join Bank Negara or KLSE kalau tak dpt jadi nampak gayanya kena gak ler belajar Finance. Aduh..kuatkanlah semangatku Ya Allah.


Today is a good day..hari Jumaat..hari yg penuh berkat, i should be very happy for being able to breathe and still alive to seek for forgiveness from Allah and from those who i had mistakenly did something wrong.

Saya minta maaf pada semua ada salah dan silap. Ingin diucapkan Salam Aidiladha kepadas semua semoga kita menghayati apa erti sebuah pengorbanan dr perspektif Islam yg sebenar.

Wish good luck also to Nisa' team for the Nisa' Games..i couldn't extend my hands at the moment due to my studies, insya Allah after habis study, berkesempatanlah insya Allah untuk bergerak kembali bersama secara lebih produktif.

Oklah yer..jumpa lagi insya Allah. Selamat hari Raya :)

Assalamualaikum warah matullahi wabarakatuh wa maghfiratuh.


konot said...

iena... good luck ye for obai's subject! hehehhe

IeNa said...

Huhu Kak Yana..takut aaa subject Dr Obay..tapi dia best hehe :D