Thursday, July 26, 2007


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Apologize for not being able to jot down anything here for quite some time.

My hands are fully tight with ISO, SLA and FMWC Meeting preparations.

Man, since last year i will get very bz if FMWC Meeting is around the corner. Macam nak buat Board meeting pulak rasanya dek kerana byk nk kena buat persiapan.

I will lose Kak Marina, my staff since early 2006 coz she will be transferred to Operation unit. I have a new staff from UIA with law background to assist me in managing my unit.

Poor him, he is with us for only mere 3 weeks, but i already dumped tonnes of work to him since we are in the middle of ISO quality audit and SLA preparation. Almost every day i had to ask him to stayback, helping me to sort out all tasks to be completed within these 3 weeks. Alhamdulillah FMWC Meeting went well.

At this moment, my body is very weak. If it is not becoz of raining here at the moment, i would rather go home early and take my rest rather than spending my time to write in here, really2 tak larat within these 3 weeks. Next week pulak Mgt meeting, nak kena prepare lagi. Mmg sebulan ni workloads banyak giler.

Banyak nk citer..tapi x larat. So later2lah k.


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