Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Arabic - Level 3

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I started my day with a good feeling, since last nite i was attacked by terrible painful migraine due to pressure of learning Arabic for level 3 last nite. It was not that hard actually, but perhaps due to my shock of learning new things which i thought at first as not that hard, the migraine seems so fierce and merciless attacking me that caused me to vomit several times after reached home. Terrible, terrible experience.

This morning when i was photostating my business plan, the urge to vomit came again and i was standing in front of the photostate machine and try to vomit (selamber jer, kalau bebetul vomit kat dpn machine tu naya jer), but i know that i was not going to, tu yg berani tu hehe. Luckily it was not that long for me to gain back my stability.Serious, tak sangka tekanan belajar arabic sampai mcm ni sekali hehe.

The class was ok, the cute ustaz (Ust. Wan Zuki) was no more my ustaz, he was replaced by Ustaz Fauzi Yusuf, funny and active jugak, boleh aa buat2 lawak compared to Ustaz Wan Zuki yg segan-segan sket hehe. Belajar ttg terms yg mabni( fixed regardless of situations) and mu'rab (boleh berubah) mengikut situations. Bendenya mcm senang jer kalau pk-pk, tak tau ler naper semalam begitu tense sampai kena migraine hehe. Tapi ustaz pun mmg cakap, at the first glance dia tgk buku teks level 3 tu pun, dia mcm tak percaya sbb dia kata susah, tapi dia kata dia gained confidence coz most of us dah ada basic and boleh jawab waktu dia tanya soalan2 basic dlm kelas. Most of my classmates dulu chose to stay at level 2 coz they wanted to strengthen their comprehension on the subject, which i believe it's good for those yg masih rasa tak confident, coz me myself yg begitu confident waktu memula nak start kelas pun boleh terus kena migraine biler dah start belajar dek krn susahnya, inikan pulak yg rasa derang still weak, mau jenuh nak memahamkan level 3 ni hehe.

The text book is thicker than level 2, and no more pictures or dialogues for us. Most of the content touch on nahu(grammar) basically. Last nite ustaz asked me to form a sentence using allazi (yang) and i was so terperanjat until i kept quite for several seconds before developing an ayat (tu pun tak sure betul ker tidak, hentam jer hehe). One thing i dislike about learning arabic ni is i have to get prepared for any spontaneous request by ustaz to form sentence. Urrghh..susah nak buat ayat sebenarnya, and i think ustaz wan zuki realized that i dun favour any request as such, tu yg dia tak pernah tanya spontaneous to me dlm kelas dulu hehe.

Takpe iena, take the challenge, you can do it!! Please pray for me for this one ya, i dun think i can cope of any migraine attack anymore after my terrible experience last nite. My last thing to do is quitting the arabic class.

Last nite ustaz asked why we want to join arabic class at the first place? So many reasons poured out by the class including me (we have to answer the question one by one), and actually when reflecting my intention time nak ambil kelas ni dulu, it was purposely taken just becoz i was so bored acting like a robot dulu. Serious tertekan becoz mmg terasa jd mcm robot, pegi keje and balik keje, pastu tidur and get up at the next morning and start all the routine again. At certain times jer i became a human again(time tgh lepak2 kat umah ika atau do something beneficial).

What did i answer for that particular question last nite? Hehe..adrusu al lughatul arabiah li afhama lughatul quran (saya belajar bahasa arab kerana hendak memahami bahasa Quran), which is true, i wanted to learn arabic in order for me to learn and understand quran better. Tapi kekadang nak buka quran pun malas, biler nak pandainya ntah. Takpe, pray for me to be istiqamah in this battle of understanding a language arguably considered as the hardest and toughest language in the world ya!

Actually i came across this news cutting article about arabic while browsing UIA Coordinator's website, and it mentions that arabic is not the hardest language at all, coz Allah has created Quran in Arabic, which directly indicates that Arabic is easy to be learnt and accepted by all. A good point to be pondered on,kan?

"Ta'lamu lughatal arabiah wa a'lamuha an nas" (Belajarlah bahasa Arab dan ajarkanlahnya kepada manusia) - hadith Rasulullah saw mentioned by ustaz semalam. Sahihlah kot dah ustaz tu yg cakap hehe. Allahu 'alam bis showab (Hanya Allah yang mengetahui dengan benarnya) - ni pun ustaz ajar semalam.

Best jugak belajar Arab :)

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