Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys!!

I know it's been days i haven't update my blog..just couldn't find my time since balik dr Terengganu on last Saturday. Being bz with my Business Plan presentation for my unit and also for my Quality Program. Last nite i went back at 9.30 p.m becoz my manager went back early (eventhough he was supposedly the one who should do the BP and i supposedly assisting him, at the end i was the one who did it all! ) But nevermind, as long as we work as one team and he is the one who'll do the presentation, i dun mind at all! Hehe.

Supposedly i dun have time tu blog for today, seriously!! My Quality Program has not finish, and i'm going to my Arabic class within next 30 minutes, and i think tonite i'm not going to sleep for i have to prepare presentation slides and paper work! Sepatutnya dah siap semalam, tapi PC kat umah tak boleh read Drive A, tak boleh nak buka file, tense tense. Dah baik, drive A pulak tak jalan.

This morning En. Budi presented the BP, and i was so astonished of his capability to boast (not boast actually, it's more to ability menjadikan isu kecil jadi sebesar naga!) Seriously, i was the one who did all the works for the past year, and he was only appointed to be my manager in last December, and he manipulated the presentation content like a PRO sampai i pun pening tak paham apa yg dia cakap, yg peliknya sumer org including my AGM paham pulak! That's the beauty of a him kot being a Marketing grad, and then took Master of Communication and now pursuing his doctorates in Persuasive Communication! Tak lama lagi kena panggil dia Dr Budiman. Hish, giler gempak my manager!!

When this thing happened today, i glanced back to myself and compare myself to him. Perhaps it's true that some people say that your education background and surroundings have some influences on you. Like myself, being an accountant and having a family yg bercakap jenis straighforward, tak berkias2 atau berkeluk2 has formed me to be a straightforward person juga. I do not know how to berkias2 sgt, and i can't catch up very well dgn lawak2 hidden ni. Biler buat presentation in front of my customers or in the meeting, i will sit and start to speak the main and important contents only. Other than that, i usually didn't touch or it was not came up in my mind langsung!So to speak, mmg jenis straighforward tak ingatlah hehe. I thought i'm the only one yg mcm ni, tapi rupanya my sisters pun mcm tu jugak. Ape pun, i'm comfortable with the condition, so cheers!!

Ok ok, need to go for my class. Last class was like .. i dunno how to say, but i couldn't catch the subject very well...serious blur! Dlm keta kena bukak buku balik..and malam ni i'm not going to sleep ler kot..aaaaa!!

Bye everyone!

rufi'atil aqlam.. wa jaffatissuhuff
~ Telah diangkat pena dan telah keringlah lembaran~