Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Menunggu ketika

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Now waiting for jeep En. Khalid sampai ofis, so i take the chance to write something in here. Supposedly pukul 2 tadi dah bertolak ke Seremban, tapi tetiba Tn Hj nakkan laptop dia dihantar ke Menara. So kena tunggu jeep sampai sini dulu.

This morning ada talk given by Change Mgmt Office pasal Culture Leadership Initiative, bersekali dgn Farah and Azni. This program is about assisting and assessing TM leaders. I've assigned to CE R&D TM, kat UPM. Balik ofis terus kena panggil by my manager En. Budi. Topik perbincangan kami more on politik di tempat kerja. He claimed that when i join this program, i'll learn the bad culture of TM so he wanted me to get prepared to face the bad side of TM.

Hmm..what to say then? I just keep quiet and went to my place straight away after that. Actually malas nak ambil tahu what are the bad cultures of TM sebenarnya. I think kat mana2 organization pun mmg ada bad side of it, be it political, operational or financial aspects. So be it, and i dun care!! Hahaha, jahat giler statement ni hehe.

We'll seelah nanti camner. I'll just go with the flow i guess. Sekarang ini i'm not that motivated to think and propose any possible changes on existing culture of TM. Perhaps once my assessment starts, i'll think of it.

OK, jeep dah ready utk bergerak ke Seremban.

Berjumpa kembali on this Friday insya-Allah :)


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