Friday, February 06, 2004

Think Seriously

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Yesterday i didn't update my blog due to my hectic schedule of handling 2 meetings, one with Credit Management Division and one with Legal Division. Ended up i had slight pening di kepala hehe. Bayangkan an Accounting grad kena belajar legal terms and stuff, kena tau Act tu and Act ini, kena membezakan Civil and Criminal case, maunya tak pening :)

Today i had lunch with Hany and Ika, and we talked about pursuing studies. Ika left then for she wanted to buy ikan peliharaan as her pet, leaving Hany and me chatting about our plans.

As the discussion goes, i'm talking to myself...what i want to be in life actually? Just becoz i am stuck in Fraud Management Division and do not performing accounting works, that doesn't mean that i shall lost control of my life to be whoever i want to be. But seriously, i do not know what i wanna be, it seems blur to me becoz i know my chance to be an accountant is quite low. My AGM is someone who is very very strict on the issue of letting any one of FMD staff transfers to other departments. He won't approve, and the only ideal time to leave is when your service period in this department reaches 4-5 years. Can i still make it to be an accountant after 5 years performing in non-accounting division? Absolutely not.

So, what should i do and go from here? Let my life directions and fate merely controlled by situations? Of course not. I really hate that concept, and rite now i think the wisest thing to do instead of grumbling or whatsoever is accept whatever you have now, and start to plan for your own future and betterment. And that is what i'm doing now by sitting MBA insya-Allah in this June. It's just that i do not know where am i heading be what? who? when? how? and will be continued by other questions endlessly i would say.

It's time for me to take my life seriously now, for today and for future. No more become a young hopeless wavering person in life. Need to be independent in whatever i do, with help from Allah of course. Hmm..just pray for my success k, my dreams are not that much, and i'm not seeking much either. I just want to be a simple, decent person who has a meaningful and beautiful life. That's all i want, for now and in the Hereafter, insya-Allah.

Just want to say thank you very much to someone who had supported me yesterday when i was down. Really appreciate your effort to calm me down. May Allah bless you for whatever you have done :)

Alrite, need to go. Till fingers meet keyboard again k.