Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Suruhanjaya Antara Agama

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Semalam merujuk akhbar Malay Mail (selalu beli The Star tapi tak jumpa kat 7 Eleven, Malay Mail pun boleh ler), sampai rumah ketika menunggu ibu hidangkan makanan, menyelak berita-berita best (bertuah ler dpt anak pompuan mcm nih, patutnya dia yg hidangkan utk ibu, ini terbalik pulak :D). Biasanya kami dinner lepas solat Isyak, tapi rasanya ibu nak makan awal, jadinya kami makan sebelum Maghrib.

Ingin menyentuh kepada isu hangat semenjak 2 menjak ni, mengenai keputusan cadangan penubuhan Suruhanjaya Antara Agama (Inter Religious Commission - IRC/ICM) atau Suruhanjaya Antara Fahaman (Inter Faith Commmission - IFC)yang dipersetujui oleh semua untuk ditangguhkan. Melihat terdapat beberapa pandangan berbeza di mana ada pihak yang bersetuju agar ditangguhkan untuk melihat pro and consnya kewujudan Commission ini, dan ada yang secara terus membantah penubuhannya.

Me? At first thought i would say ABSOLUTELY NO, why we need all these? At my second thought, "Wait a minute, perhaps we can see what this Commission is all about, and what is it SOOOOO IMPORTANT that this Majlis Peguam nak tegakkan sgt ttg penubuhan Commission ni".

I have to agree with one of the editor's opinion (i could not remember at which section, but he is a Muslim) proposing for all to see and review the proposal. I mean, yeah, eventhough we cannot agree on the formation of the Commission, that could not hinder us to listen whatever being proposed. Islam teach us to be tolerant, however only at certain extents that will not harm Islam at any cause and at any way. I think Pak Lah should listen to the proposal, evaluate it and decide. Honestly, I would prefer the proposal to be rejected, but only after the proposal being tabled out properly and then give justifications to these people, dun you think so?

I have this sense that Majlis Peguam sekarang ni sdg cari glamour haram, first is due to their statement on azan, and now the IRC? Heck, do they think they are politicians here? But i did read about a statement from Majlis Peguam Muslim that they also opposed this proposal, but somehow ada a religious party that asked them to shut up and concentrate more on the legal issues. Sheesh, on this matter pun nak bergaduh padahal the both bodies are representing Islam. What a shame. Kenapa perlu nak bergaduh2 in newspaper padahal you are free to call up each other to clarify the issue, talk nicely rather than humiliating another party that obviously want to help you to solve the matter. Tak faham naper badan2 sebegini ber'politik' mencari glamer haram camnih. Malas nak layan.

Semalam berbual ngan Bro Cpol ttg isu politik juga ler, again i have to stress that i'm not keen into politics, my participation in Nisa or whatever registered or non-registered body is solely for some reasons that i believe it's not appropriate to be revealed here, but honestly it was not due to my interest on politics. Kalau ikut hati yg tak betul ni, boleh jer pk and cakap, why i have to be bothered about other people matters when me alone have so much other things to do? Itu kalau ikut hati yang jahat dan tak rasional ni ler bercakap, kalau fikir on the 'other' perspective, it would be much different. As Bro Zainal had mentioned to me during our final session for SRC in MMU, "Islam ni syumul dan menyeluruh kepada semua aspek, jgn ambil separuh2 mana yg kita suka dan tinggalkan mana2 yg kita tak suka" (lebih kurang gitu ler maksudnya, the exact wordings came out from his mouth i could not remember). Ehek, kan dah kena basuh :P.

But truly my discussion with Bro Cpol yesterday was so much enlightening, it was about our commitment to Islam and the appropriate way to select our platforms in order to contribute to it. While in discussion, I was then realized that I forgot to do something very very important for myself due to some reasons of being so busy with my studies etc before, and my short discussion with Bro Cpol yesterday had knocked my head asking me to take the necessary steps that i should have done much much earlier. Hmm, Zurina Zurina, what have you done for the past 1 year? (knocking my own head).

Whatever pun, hopefully this issue will be resolved soon. From my personal opinion, anything that will cause harm to Islam shall be opposed and rejected, but secara berhikmah where we dun want to cause any unnecessary dissatisfactions among other parties. Memberi justifikasi perlu berhikmah, and that's what i think Pak Lah need to do to solve this matter.

Wish him luck and moga dapat petunjuk dr Allah.


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