Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life has changed over time

Salam to all,

Yeah, me writing again in here, Farra has written to me on how surprise she is coz i've been active updating my blog recently.

Hehe, alhamdulillah Allah has spared me some time for me to take a short breath and write. In normal days, i would not have sufficient time to do blog hopping, let alone for blog writing.

I've been reading my past posts in previous years, and how quick the time flies. Some of us are still with us smiling and walking side by side (not literally), however there are some that have left us, either for good and met Allah, or simply lost from our grasp during our journey in life.

And throughout this long journey as well, we can observe the shifting of priority and focus in life. Prior marriage, our lives are colored by personal dreams, daily activities with friends, study life for those decided to further studies, and etc.

And life after marriage has turned most of our time and life towards our family, spouse and children. Friends sometimes have to be the second, third or even lower priorities in our life, in comparison to the first ones.

We should measure then, what have we done, or what have we become from the first day we have been stepping out from campus life, get into working life and consequently marriage life. Have we learnt something? Or are we at the better position/place, or if not, should we move towards betterment then?

Sometimes we do feel some demotivation and challenges in life. Embrace them, and they will strengthen us and make us stronger.

Do not forget Allah, for He is the one that we need to always turn into and seek for help and guidance. Always be thankful and remember our brothers and sisters, and pray for their safety and peace, especially for those in need e.g. Palestine, Afghanistan.

Ma'as salamah.


Farra said...

Wah..english version lak..siap dh tukar layout baruu hihi.yes changed life over time, same like age & size hihi

aida said...

bagus siap berupdate selalu.. aku suka baca :)

tips bersalin normal after c-sect. ah kau dah tulis kat bawah pun, berdoa.. aku tiap2 kali ngandung, mesti minta suami doakan dpt bersalin mudah, anak sihat.. sambil2 doa sendiri.. alhamdulillah, Allah makbulkan doa-doa kami, padahal fateh dah siap untuk c-sect ok

IeNa said...

oo hehe talking abt size aa Farra, Fahmee tak percaya aku kurus dulu kat MMU *sigh*..sabar jelaa.

Ni umur dah masuk 31, bebudak pun dha panggil auntie, mak ngah...aiyaaa...tua sungguh rasanya. Nanti tup tup, dah sampai masa anak2 kita kahwen pulak..aku tak boleh nak bayangkan lagi saat tu hehe.

aida, that is what we are doing now...husband aku ckp..doa jerlah supaya bersalin mudah, tak kiralah normal atau c-sect. Aku ckp, aku nak doa specific supaya mudah lahir DAN normal delivery hehe. Aku tak nak c-sect lagi dah huhu.

Ummu Auni said...

well said.

put priorities:
1. due to Allah
2. family
3. work (then, only come work) - you work after taking family into consideration :)