Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Beautiful you

Beautiful you

The decent heart of a translucent man,
Will only go to his pride
Peeling each of his memories
Encroaching his dignity
Impinging his well kept secrets
In the chamber of mystery and unknown…

Men are well prepared
To the things he feared most
And his guard is down
When things are calm as a silence sea…

That's the reason why most people die in his complacent
Then oust things he feared.
For the things we fear, we conquer.
But the things we adore, it slips easily.

Never say others are right when they are wrong
For worms could never be a fiery dragon
Lie not at all times, at any cause,
Except when truth will only mean your life is on a strand.

We are all beautiful inside.
Shining and glowing deep,
What we do
Reflects what we feel.
What we feel
Reflects what we are.

Make peace with God,
For whatever things he does to you
Is meant to teach you and others

No man is an island
Even though we all are living in one.

Find the beauty in you
You will find the world is a beautiful place to be
For we don't have anywhere to go
Or others to see
Except you and me...

Abu Raudhah
24 Nov 04

1 comment:

IeNa said...

May all of us be able to see and find our own beauty, and be much grateful for whatever and whoever we have and we don't have.