Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush menang??!!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

As it was fated that Bush had win the US election yesterday, nothing that i can mutter much, either Bush or Kerry shall win, neither of them will bring any good to Islam, as both are strong Jewish supporters. The only advantage if we have Kerry being elected, is his international policy that are not favour much on invasion on other countries.

My beloved sis in US, Yati had told me that one of her frens in US had voted Bush for his policy over Kerry's. I wish that Kerry is the winner instead of Bush, but the reality had proven that my initial assumption that Kerry will win as most of Americans do not support Bush's policy over US invasion's on Iraq is wrong.

Rite now i had this one image of Bush has 2 horns on his head and laughing heavily for his winning. *Sigh*

Ok, last nite i went to my first Marketing class, and the class was interesting i would say. The lecturer lady is someone who had worked for UKM and other corporate bodies for 17 yrs before, not bad. The only thing that i couldn't believe is that she was asking us to finish up our readings for 6 chapters in our textbook before our next becoming class which will be on next Wednesday nite.

6 chapters!!! Before next class + one case study.

Aiyaaa..giler gak aa pk, tak pernah seumur hidup ada lecturer mcm ni yg suh habiskan 6 chapter before masuk Week 2. Imagine, WEEK 2 of our semester!! Hish. Terasa mcm nak study for exam pulak rasanya sbbnya this lady akan pinpoint saper2 yg dia suka dlm kelas utk terangkan any points dlm 6 chapters tu :)

Takpe takpe, take the challenge, if not you would never know your limit :D

Tonite i'm going to Johor for Fazrul's program until this becoming Saturday. See ya all on next becoming Monday insya-Allah. I'll post whatever 'ilm that i manage to absorb during the course insya-Allah.

Moga bertemu kita dgn Lailatul Qadar yang malamnya adalah lebih baik dari seribu bulan. Insya-Allah :)

Maaf kalau ada salah dan silap.

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

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