Thursday, November 25, 2004

Tired eyes

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Sorry guys for i couldn't fulfill my promise to explain abt the Systemic Thinking as promised before. I had one class presentation last nite for Marketing and an assignment for Economics to be submitted on this becoming Sunday, and both of the subjects requires me to sit and concentrate on my books pondering on their technical terms, definitions and graphs :)

You guys should know how i felt so horrible in Marketing class last nite, as my groupmates and i did not expect that the class presentation and discussion will be conducted so rigourously as what we had last nite. Our lecturer mmg charismatic and good. Mmg terasa otak panas while comprehending the new concepts and terminologies commonly used in Marketing field. The syllabus is more advance than i used to learn in degree level. Mencabar sungguh actually :)

Ok guys, later k. Mata dah penat menghadap Economic terms, nasib baik Cikgu Ika ajar camner nak tackle soalan assignment this evening :D

Tq Ika. Pasni leh tanya lagi ek, hehe.



ieka said...

welcome welcome. AL-Hamdulillah, at least dpt refresh balik apa yg belajar dulu. Takdeler terperam dlm otak buat pekasam jer.. Boleh, apa salahnyer. Insya-Allah kalau boleh tolong, takde masalah nak bantu:)

IeNa said...

Ika, aku terima pelbagai version of answers besides yg kita discuss hari tu. Pening kepala, and this morning ni aku rasa lantak ler assignment aku tuh, sbbnya dah malas nak pk, susahlaa nak buat interpretations, padahal soalan dia senang jek pasal demand and supply, nak suh buat interpretations and graphs tu rupanya bukan senang, nak kena analyse tu dan ini.

Tgk ler, kalau dpt markah penuh alhamdulillah, kalau tidak at least kita belajar dr kesilapan, insya-Allah.