Saturday, January 15, 2005

Worthwhile or not?

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I did realize myself that i did not update this blog for quite sometimes due to my hands were tight with business planning for 2005 and some other important things. Do forgive me k :)

Today i had an interesting discussion with Azwan while we had our lunch at UIA during our assignment discussion session break.We talked about office matters a lil bit, and suddenly our topic went to the Day of Judgement somehow.I was astonished becoz i did had the same thought like him before especially when people keep giving you e mail on it after the tsunami incident.

There was one this moment when i did asked myself, does it worthwhile to take MBA while actually people keep alerting you that the Day of Judgement is just near around the corner? What if the Day is determined to be happened in this year? Next year? Or next 5 years? Is it worth for you to continue your MBA while actually you can spend your money and life differently then? Why don't just go and enjoy your life and money as much as you can, or spend your life to be in masjid and pray hard for forgiveness from Allah rather than squeezing your mental and head very hard to finish up most of your assignments, projects and exams? What about our long term investment in stocks, insurance and etc? Are they worthwile for us to keep? These kind of questions did struck me during this week actually.

Actually, we can relate this issue to Demand and Supply Analysis for Speculations in subject Econs where if you speculate that the value of something will get down or high in the near future, you will react towards those speculations by certain suitable responses, let say in my case if we speculate the value of MBA is zero coz you couldn't use it since kiamat happens earlier than you expect it, then you would rather keep your money and use them for something else to enjoy your life better rather than spend it for something that you know at the end will not be utilized at all. Mcm title lagu Linkin Park pulak 'At the end it doesn't even matter' hehe.

I laughed when Azwan suddenly brought the issue, and he said exactly the things that i had in mind before. He said " Kalau dah nak kiamat, berguna ker apa yg kita belajar ni? Baik aku enjoy puas-puas hidup aku atau aku bertaubat banyak-banyak". His statement had caused me laugh very hard actually. And then i kept quiet and think whatever he said while having my lunch.

When i think the subject over and over again, then i realize no matter what kind of job you do, as long as you do them for Allah, they will always be recompensated by Allah, insya Allah if we really ikhlas. If you think that the purpose of study, or whatever tasks that you do or will do are meant for duniawi solely, of course you will get dissapointed and demotivated to learn that your expectations will not be met.

And i remember that hadis Rasulullah yang menyeru kita berbuat kebaikan walaupun kiamat itu sudah cukup hampir dgn kita. Buat sedaya upaya kita, resultnya biar Allah yang tentukan. Hari kiamat itu rahsia Allah, kita tidak tahu biler ia terjadi, maka sebelum ia berlaku, kitalah yang bertanggungjawab untuk menanam kebaikan untuk kita tuai di akhirat nanti.

Di ofis ni, setiap performance dinilai dengan Key Performance Index (KPI), agak-agak amal ibadat kita selama ni kita pernah set KPI and measure ker? Fikir fikirkan...




Anonymous said...

Tanamlah buah kurma walaupun hari nak kiamat
-pernah dengar tak hadith ni?

IeNa said...

Pernah, ana cuba cari sumbernya di Internet tapi tak jumpa,sbb tu tak post :)

Hany,Ika, Rahimi atau yang lain-lain ingat kot sumber hadith tu?