Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Al-Fatihah to Dr Unvar

Assalamualaikum wbt,

This morning i had been called for an ad hoc request by my GM to help my IT manager on business forecasting and financial projection to furnish his proposal paper to be sent to CIO Office by today.

My GM, IT and Operation Manager, Khairul and I were concentrating on the details of the proposal from 10 a.m up to 3 p.m in the meeting room non-stop even for our lunch at 1 p.m. At 3 p.m we stopped for a while before the last finalization, and Khairul and i were planning to lunch together at our canteen instead of going to Maybank since we were so hungry, especially i did not take my breakfast this morning.

While i was walking to my cubicle to get my purse, i saw 5 missed calls on my handphone screen. 4 calls were from Amzari and Mazlisham, my 2 MBA classmates. I then called Sham since he had promised to come over to my office to get a document from me during lunch and i was totally forgotten about that while i was in the meeting room. In the meeting room we had turned the light off to make us easier to see and check the proposal presentation by my IT Manager.I did not even realized that it was 1 p.m becoz the room was so dark and i thought it was still 11 a.m instead.

Sham informed me that Dr Unvar, our accounting lecturer that had taught us in our first semester in UIA had passed away this afternoon at 1.30 p.m due to denggue. Yesterday only that i know he got admitted, but i did not suspect any bad things will happen to him.Actually this morning some of my classmates were planning to visit him in the hospital by today evening after office hour,several hours before we had came to know that he had passed away this afternoon.

He was such a nice lecturer and person. He was funny at the most unexpected moments that had made us got surprised and laughed during his lectures at certain times. And he was very2 helpful that most of us did not afraid to just drop by to his office to ask anything that we did not understand becoz we know that he won't reject us and will try to help as much as he can.

He was such a great person and lecturer, really. And i was sad for i could not give my last respect to him since i was stucked in the office trying to assist my IT Manager in furnishing his proposal until 5.30 p.m. Rite after went out from the meeting room i called one of my classmates that had visited Allahyarham this evening at his house, he said Allahyarham was safely buried in a cemetery very near to his house.

Sad for unable to pay my last respect, but my pray will be always with him, similar to all those people that i have known in life that had passed away to meet our beloved Allah.

I pray that all of them will be always rest in peace and rahmah from Allah.

Insya Allah, if granted, all of us will be meeting again, in Jannah i hope, with lots of smile and laughter during that time for being happy and grateful for being selected to stay in Jannah.

I truly hope it will happen, insya Allah.



nuun said...

amzari ni nama penuh dia apa? mazlisham ni kerja petronas ke?

IeNa said...

Nama penuh Amzari ni Mohd Amzari Tajudeen, student MMU batch iena dulu. Sebaya dengan abg actually tapi dia budak PPP, same like Abg Nafis.

Mazlisham ni keje kat EON Bank :)