Friday, September 30, 2005

A slap on the face

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Actually starting from last Monday, i kept regretting myself for giving wrong answers for this one particular question that i felt very much that i can score in my last final exam . I am someone who easily get regret for something that i know i can score but then i had done it wrongly. And i hate that feeling actually, but seriously i can't help it from appear in me, and i only starting to realize that i had this kind of feeling when i was in Pre-U. There was one time in Pre-U that i could not sleep becoz i kept regretting my false answer for Math paper in the first semester. And now that feeling had appeared again.

I had that regret feeling for my qdm paper until last Wednesday, before i received news about my Prof had passed away.

When i heard the news that he has gone, automatically the regret feeling had faded away from me.

Perhaps it was because i started realized that if i were to compare my regret feeling with the sadness faced by my Prof's family members, the weightage of them are not similar at all. Not at all.

And last nite when i was in STAR train, reading news paper, suddenly there was a couple with a heavy bag and their daughter came in.I presumed they were from occasion balik kampung or from somewhere quite far away from KL.

I offered the couple to sit since they were holding a little girl. And i was quite surprised to know that there are still people who get very selfish to offer their seats to those who are more in need. Duh, this people have no civics. No manners and yeah, merciless with little or no heart at all. Should put them in the zoo rather than let them live and moving freely in this world actually, huh!

Anyway, the attitude of some irresponsible and inconsiderate people is not my main intention or issue when i highlight about this couple. It is about courage and gratefulness potrayed by this couple that had captured my interest.

When i was offering my seat to the couple, initially i did not look at them directly becoz i was busy putting my newspaper into my office bag. When only the husband looked at me and thanked me, then only i came to realize that the husband has quite an abnormal/damage face. I was shocked to look at his face when he thanked me becoz i never see a person with that kind of face before. His right eye was dislocated, and i dunno how to explain more becoz i did not dare to look at him further. I felt so sorry for him.

And his daughter actually is not normal. From the first look, you will know that this kid is not normal because her head is quite big compared to most normal kids at her age.

This guy thanked me several times for offering my seat to his daughter and wife.Several times ok, not just once. I was touched becoz eventhough he has no good looks, but he has a good heart. Not like some of normal people who have pretty faces but with no/ugly hearts sometimes.

I truly admire this man. The courage that he has in himself had proved that even without a pretty look ( i dun want to use 'ugly' becoz i just feel it is not rite for me to use it in this case). He dares to face this world and live with whatever he has calmly, i think. And if i were to be put in his shoe, i really don't know whether i can own the similar courage that he has, to be just stay alive in this world and face its robust challenges.

It was suddenly appeared in my mind when i was walking home that sometimes you really need to slap your own face to wake you up, to make you realize that there are so many other people in this world that have disadvantages in life as compared to you.

Be shame on ourselves who sometimes do not know how to be grateful with whatever had been granted by Allah to us all these while.

Be shame, seriously.



firasat said...

from Afdlin Shauki's blog:

if things don't look too great for you today, just remember...


IeNa said...


It's been a long time i have not seen you tagging in my blog, syukran for visiting :)

Anyway, you did make me laugh hard over Afdlin Shauki's statement.

Hehe,thanks ya. A very funny statement, yet still meaningful.


sakinah said...

OH Tuhan
biar saja kata kata kosong
naik bersama do'a
walau hina ia tetap harapan
sehelai demi sehelai
lembaran cinta ku kirim
walau tiada nilai
aku tetap menghulur tangan
menadah Rahmah

Oh Tuhan
biarkan aku dungu bersama cinta
menunggu dan terus menunggu
merindu dan terus merindu
meletakkan harapan sesempurna mungkin
padaMu yang Maha Sempurna
walau tangan dan bibir yang menadah
hitam pekat dengan maksiat dan noda
Inikah Cinta...?

Oh Tuhan
tidak pernah ku jumpa
cinta seindahMu
tidak pernah meninggalkan ku jauh
walau aku berkarat dosa
tidak pernah melihat fizikalku
walau aku tidak berwajah
namun hatiku dicuri
dibawa lari Sang Maha Pencipta

OH Tuhan...Inikah cinta?

Anonymous said...

berkesan juga ya iklan adlin amran ramli...kekeke...iznan

IeNa said...


lama dah tak tinggalkan jejak kat blog akak ek, so how's life in germany? Nanti kalau ada cuti2 malaysia, leh kot lawat awak and ainul kat sana :)

ttg iklan adlin amran tu, hehe, berkesan ler kot (agaknya) :)