Monday, October 03, 2005

A missing smile

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I had already sat my last paper exam for Corporate Resources and Strategy yesterday. The questions were ok i think.

After exam, met some of my other classmates who took another paper, MIS. They complained about not been notified that the paper should be completed in 2 and half hours instead of the normal 3 hours that we used to go through for all our subjects before.

Most of them could not completed their last question due to the above reason. I can only expressed my sympathy to them. But if i were at their place, sure i make a complaint to the lecturer.Hoho.

After we had gathered most of our classmates after the exam, we went to Allahyarham Prof Unvar's house to pay a visit to his family. He had 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. The eldest in still in college, 20 yrs old and just get married to her husband last 40 days before Dr Unvar passed away.

His wife is a housewife, and the youngest is still in Standard 4. Luckily Dr Unvar had kept his savings and had once showed them to us during our lecture on unit trust investments. He had kept quite a lot actually. Not to our worry, alhamdulillah. Tapi kasihan juga pada anak2nya. Very much look alike to their late father.

Actually on the day Dr Unvar passed away, satu rombongan besar ex students Dr from Bank Negara datang melawat Dr di belah pagi hingga tengah hari yg ketika itu still in coma. Mereka berbaris panjang depan bilik ICU utk lawat Dr. They were still in a very long que when they got to know that Dr had gone, and all of them took half day leave on that day and straight away went to Dr Unvar house. Kak Win, my classmate who live very near to Dr's house mentioned that she never get to see so much people had made any visit and solat jenazah to anyone at her place before like what had happened to Dr. She felt that Dr was a very lucky person. Even ambassadors from Arab countries had came and paid their last respects to jenazah on that day.

One of my classmates had made a remark: I am sure i'll be missing his smile nanti.

And i think all my classmates and i will be missing his smile too.

A missing smile, from someone that had taught us with hikmah and wholeheartedly.


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