Monday, April 10, 2006


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Been thinking about this matter from last week, and only manage to write about it today.

You can measure deviation in any statistical course, use it to calculate how far the actual result have move away from the expected result, or the difference between 2 figures.

The word deviation means an act of deviating, or the amount by which something has deviated, or the (real or metaphorical) route followed by a deviation (source: Wikipedia)

Now, let's ponder about our deviation , if any in our daily life. We can say that whatever things that has misled us from doing what we are supposed to do is deviation. If you don't come to work when actually you are required to do so, is a deviation. Make lies to someone else in which you shouldn't at the first place, is a deviation.

Let's calculate and measure our own deviations towards what Allah has set to us but we did not comply, towards those responsibilities that we should perform but we did not, towards all kinds of things that we should take care of but we failed.

Hopefully, the deviations are not too big. And if it is, let's improve ourselves so that it will become smaller, and hopefully the line in our life graph will become a straight line accordingly towards whatever we are measuring to, especially to Allah.



rollie said...

Very insightful. Combining mathematics (statistics?) and Islam.

IeNa said...

Alhamdulillah, managed to write an article by using this kind of approach after been following Systemic Thinking course by my friend who has written a book about it. Ika is much better than me as she is capable to link Economics to Islam as compared to me :)