Friday, July 22, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

For this one whole week, i was sucked up into tremendous jobs that need my full attention as currently i'm replacing Pn Fida, therefore i'm doing 2 people's jobs rite now. And i'm getting tired actually.

For the first time since i had started working last 3 years, i am having little headache to handle Pn Fida's staff. Susah jugak rupanya nak deal dgn anak2 buah ni :)

For Rollie, sorry for can't make a review for Advancer Si Peniup Ney for you at this moment,this week i had so many things to cater. However, my friend Aida had made a review on this book, please visit this URL if you want to read her review. I believe it can help you to understand the story better :)

I have so many things to say, but i just couldn't. Time is too jealous of me, and i had to run to compete with it. Class had started for the past 3 weeks, and so many things had happened within this month.And i could not tell you guys for i had so limited time to do that. I saw Hany and Ika also got very bz as their blogs also were untouched for quite some time. Wish now i am a lecturer instead of an assistant manager (tgk tu, tak bersyukur jek Iena nih,kan? :P)

I hope Kak Fida balik ofis cepat, eventhough i'm enjoying whatever tasks that i need to cater on behalf of her now. Missed her actually.

Salam guys, i'm too tired to continue my writing. I have an assignment to be submitted tomorrow. And 2 presentations to be presented next week.

Pray for my success k.




ieka said...

uhu..i saw my name there...

IeNa said...

Huish, sempat lagi Tikot ni :P

Hany FF said...

i saw my name too (glamer2 :D)
puan sri siti zurina, buku sayer ada lg atas mejamu ke...tokde nak gih amik lagik :D.

IeNa said...

Ada Datin Hany, sila ler menjemput. Anyway Khamis ada project besar, Hany ada meeting ker?