Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Value of something

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Why did Allah (SWT) create earth in the first place?

We needed to descend to earth because, as human beings, part of our makeup is that we do not realize the value of things unless we strive to get them; and if we get something easily we do not place much value on it, we then tend to give it away easily and will not be able to appreciate the magnificent blessing we have.

We see this example in ourselves and our relatives; your father has emigrated, struggled for 20 years in the Gulf, for example. Then you bought a car, took a ride and crashed it. You would not be as sad as your father would be. If you had been the one who bought it, not him, you would have taken care of it and felt the blessing of having it.

Allah (SWT) wanted us to go down to earth so that we may long to return to the Jannah, realizing its value. Therefore, only believers lived on earth. Why? Because they were the ones who longed for the Jannah; and those who did not, would pass by the hell. They are the ones who, with great difficulty, resist committing a sin when they could have easily done it because they want to please Allah (SWT), whom they cannot see; besides, they want to go to the Jannah.

I ask you by Allah (SWT), if you worked hard in this world, fasted Mondays and Thursdays while the weather was very hot, prayed in the mosque when it was bitter cold, obeyed Allah (SWT) and resisted sins, where would your position be when the doors of the Jannah are being opened? You would enter running and saying, “Is this the Jannah I worked for all my 60 years?” Do you see how delightful this is? This is also Allah's blessing upon us, that He created us with this nature so that we are able to love the Jannah more.

Imagine if you obeyed Allah (SWT) for 20 years and then met Him, what would that moment be like?

Imagine that you are walking along a street, you are tempted to take an unlawful glance; just say to yourself, “No, Allah can see me; I cannot disobey Him while He sees me.” You are about to take forbidden money; say, “I cannot, Allah (SWT) sees me and is watching me right now.” In Surat al-Alaq, Allah (SWT) says what can be translated as, “Knows he not that Allah does see (what he does)?” (TMQ, 96: 14), but you do not see Him.

Imagine the Day of Judgment when Allah (SWT) calls out, “Oh my servants! Oh inhabitants of the Jannah! Where are my servants who obeyed me without seeing me? Today is the day of abundance, so ask Me for whatever you want.”

Excerpt taken from one of yahoogroups.

~ ALLAH did not promise that life would be easy, but HE did promise to go with you..every step of your life, with HIM by your side..~

A lovely and very meaningful quotation, isn't it? :)


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