Tuesday, July 05, 2005

IM vs RM

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Maaf kerana dah lama tak update.

(1) Fever & Shopping Spree

Last Thursday i got a fever, managed to get MC but unfortunately i still had to come to work becoz Head of Risk Management need a report urgently from my GM, and my GM was in Terengganu that time.

The next day, i couldn't tahan my demam and took another MC after took an injection for my fever on the same day.

Saturday and Sunday, went to classes (yang sejuk) eventho my demam was not fully recovered. Tapi takpe, my favourite lecturer Prof Mansor ajar Quantitative Decision Making (Ika kata subject ni killer subject), so mcm best jek dok paling depan concentrate dlm kelas dia mengajar. Demi lecturer terchenta, takpelah, pergilah jugak kelas. Hehe, ni niat dah terpesong dah ni, nak pi kelas utk belajar ker atau nak tgk lecturer best?

My answer is: BOTH. Hoho :D (Just kidding)

Lepas kelas hari Ahad, guess where Kak Ika (my classmate) and i were up to?

Shopping. Like nobody business.

Went to Maju Junction for lunch, and then walked to Sogo to buy shoes (i really need black flat heel shoes since my favourite shoes sudah hancur sbb tuan dia pakai ganas sgt, ended up i bought not only 1 but 2 hoho), bought 1 BUM handbag yang mmg mcm menyesal giler kalau tak beli sbb cun giler). Pastu me and Kak Ika walked to Suma House, along the way we went to Reject Shop, luckily nothing interesting in there, so we went out and went into a shop and i bought 2 pants. And lastly we went to Suma House and i bought 2 tudungs. And then we went back to Sogo for solat and back home for good.

I am someone who is very seldom to go for shopping unless there is important stuff that i need to look upon, really2 urgent, let say i need a new shoes or whatsoever. And i was surprised to learn that people get overjoyed while shopping, i think it was becoz of the hectic situations where you could see excited people around you checking and trying things here and there, and also when you see the new, attractive, CHEAP stuff being displayed on the shelves and calling your heart and soul to check them mostly one by one hehe.

From my 'experiment' on last Sunday, I would say if you feel sick, go and take a walk for shopping,and i tell ya that actually shopping has this kind of 'HEALING EFFECT' on body i think, becoz i was quite forgot that i was sick during the shopping session and successfully toured several shopping complexes in one day. And it's good if you dun bring your PURSE along especially when it comes to any shopping spree (unpaid advice from me hehe). Or else, you will start scratching your wallet here and there whenever your eyes and heart tell your mind 'I NEED THIS ITEM, HERE, THERE, I NEED THEM ALL!!' once you enter the excitement feeling of shopping. Seriously.

Mind you, if you are not enggaged or get married to anak Dato', Tan Sri or whosoever, it is dangerous if you are trapped into this situation.

Morale of the story, please scrunitize your spending wisely. Very very wisely.

Yesterday i replaced my cuti on Friday, and today i come to work with nafas pendek2. Bestnya kalau boleh cuti lama-lama kat umah hehe.

(2) Industry Model (IM) vs Resource based Model (RM)

We had an argument in our Corporate Policy and Management Strategy class last Sunday with our Prof. I highlighted that in today's economics worldviews, most of the business entities today are more heading to IM rather than RB. This is because whenever you want to produce a product, you need to make a survey what market wants and need, assemble the necessary resources and then only come out with output/product. So there are influences from industry when it comes for us to decide which model we want to opt for a business. RM vice versa is where you assemble your resources, come out with product and then only you offer to the market.

The question is, will the market accept our product especially if that product is not needed from their point of view, in case if we want to chose the RM concept?

Look into our world today. Look into Islam situation today.

Can we translate the business analogy up there into what we are dealing nowadays?

Islam from time to time is squeezed into a situation where we need to prescribe whatever dimensions or guidelines from other people(the kaafirun). From time to time, if we dun stand up, we were like those business entities who are limited to what the market need (in this case, our world need) and not on what we want to offer. Let say if the US say "No, we don't need Islam, let's abolish it or else we should re-design them to suit what the world want them to be". Bahaya tak? That's why we need to assemble our resources, come out with a product and offer them as wide as possible.

Sometimes i think we have to think like a businessman to promote Islam. Try to imagine Islam is a product, and we should think on how to select our business type, how should we promote the product, identify the necessary value added features to be added on (yang tak bersalahan dgn agama), the beauty and the benefits of using our product. Select the most effective marketing programs, promotions and post sale services. Best jugak,kan? :).

We should do that i think.

(3) Approach of da'wah

Last Saturday menyaksikan I argued with a taxi driver yang berkata kita kena guna approach yang diajar Rasulullah sahaja ketika berdakwah. Tak boleh guna approach lain, especially by Christians or Jewish (yang pegi bagi financial support kat orang miskin and guna method mcm MLM utk convert org Islam ke Kristian, mungkin agak extreme approachnya, but hello, you are given 'aqal to think rite, i dun think there is harm to consider the options rather than do nothing). For me yes, correct kita kena ikut cara Rasulullah, but if you think in addition there are ways to promote Islam better where di zaman Rasulullah dulu takde, apply jer ler. Time tu rasa mcm nak berdebat jek (actually dah berdebat dah pun tapi sket jek sebab teringat tak tau hadith ker apa yang kalau boleh elakkan berdebat walaupun kita rasa kita betul). Perhaps i'm not that well versed with agama, but for me as long the approaches tak bersalahan dengan agama, and ketika zaman Rasulullah dulu tak digunapakai tapi kita guna kat zaman ni, tak kisah ler, boleh jek apply. Kekadang orang-orang Islam sendiri suka melimitkan apa yang dibenarkan dalam Islam. Camner nak maju? if you guys have other arguments, let's table it and discuss together keh. Mana tau my opinion ni tak valid :D

Ok guys, jumpa lagi. Doakan saya sembuh k.



ieka said...

looks like you have so many 'Ika' in your life.. hehe maybe i should change my name now to be called as 'Zue' instead? :P so that i won't confuse, u won;t confuse and ppl won;t confuse..how's it? hahahah:))

IeNa said...

Hehe, up to you, tapi cam klakar jeklaa i have to call you 'Zue' huhu.

Tak yah risau, my younger sis i spell her name as Eqa, you Ika, my classmate Kak Ika. Pasni kalau ada Ika lain yang dtg,i'll put Ika01, Ika02, Ika03 and seterusnya hehehe.

Zue?? Eeeewwwww ..spicy name ekekek.

Astaghfirulah, apa bende yang direpekkan nih.

Hany FF said...

komen siti--->Zue?? Eeeewwwww ..spicy name ekekek.

komen hany : ermm...sbnrnya rasa nak tulih apa yg siti tulih gak. erkss..zue? awww... :D

p/s: ika, jgn marre!

IeNa said...

Ewwww...kita sama geng Hany hehe. Tgk lak apa komen Mudin kalau dia baca msg nih heheh.

Apa Mudin,awak nak panggil kak Ika as 'KAK ZUE'??

Ewwwww...panas panas..kekeke.

Najmuddin Yusoff said...

skarang pukul 3.27 petang... saya baru sedar dari pengsan lepas baca komen ni lebih kurang pukul 9.00 pagi tadi...

ape .. kak zue?

kuang kuang kuang... nak pengsan sekali lagik . . .

ieka said...

hahahaah i thought 'Ika' is more spicy :P (kuhek kuhek kuhek).

IeNa said...

Mudin, awak buat akak gelak besar kat sini, awak pengsan ek? Kekeke.

Tikot, serious, your 'name' tu buat havoc laa huhu.

But we can try if you insist, kan Zue kan?

(Aaaa..tak tahan nak gelak dah nih ekeke)

Mohd Iznan said...
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Mohd Iznan said...

zue? zuerina....zue...zuerina....zarina..zila bakarin...ish spicy gak la.....

ieka said...

hahhaha siti, kan dah kena.. ko pun boleh dipanggil zila bakarin.... :))

Mudin, jaga awak.. ish, sib baik hari sabtu ni satu grup.. kalau idak:>

IeNa said...

Hehe,mmg sekarang ni my MBA classmates panggil saya dlm kelas as Zue kecuali several yang panggil saya Iena, and ada jugak yang panggil as Siti (sorang Chinese lady jek yang panggil)

But, i didn't suggested that name to be used by you all to replace my existing names (Iena and Siti) sebab you guys mmg panggil saya Iena and Siti dari dulu, so saya tak nak tambah lagi satu nama, apatah lagi yg 'spicy' ;)

Nisa' panggil saya Zurin, lagi klakar. Tapi apa nak buat, dah derang selesa, biar je ler. Kat ofis ni ada satu manager panggil saya Rina and buat saya seram sejuk satu badan, tapi skang ni dia dah tak panggil dah ngan nama tu hehe. Kalau tak mmg pindah ofislaa tak nak satu ofis ngan dia hoho.

But Zila Bakarin??? It's a BIG NO NO ek :P

Iznan, awak jgn nak kenakan akak ek, mementang jauh, bleh ek nakal sungguh camnih. Nak kena gigit? :P

rol said...


I highly doubt you know me but I know your friend Ieka.

Anyway, I'm here for the last part of your post, on the topic of da'wah. I'm not here to argue but to offer another POV, as I probably know less about Islam and less pious than you are. I congratulate you for being able to keep your cool as I have been in your shoes many times and its hard to do so in these situations. But in the spirit of brotherhood and 'husnu zon', let's keep an open mind about our opinion and others'.

To begin with, I believe both you and the taxi drive hold valid arguments. Ulama' argue all the time, but they do so in a respectable and honourable way. They don't lose their cool or take things personally like I do. I admit I'm a bit emotional and I make a poor debater because I'm emotionally-charged. But I'm trying my best to be reasonable and I hope to learn and improve throughout my course in life.

Back to discussion. I think you've might of heard of the hadith where the Prophet says that if the Sahabah discard 1/10 of Sunnah, they already fail; and if the my ummah follow 1/10 of Sunnah they are successful.

The ulama' (the ones who steadfastly hold to the Sunnah & Quran) often say that the Muslims' success lies in how closely we follow the way shown the Prophet & Sahabah. Why them? Because they are the only group of people who have received the blessing of Allah & guaranteed of their success while they are still alive in this world (radhiallahuanhum). No other group received such honour, and the Ulama' say they are the BEST example. Even the Quran's tafsir (not translation) is based on the Sahabah, not other people. They even actually based their tafsir from the Sahabah's understanding.

Similarly in da'wah, as well as in other matters in life, we need to see how they performed it in order to be able to attain the same result that they enjoyed. The sahabah put their blood, sweat and tears into their da'wah. They also possess hikmah and close relationship with Allah through sunat ibadat like constant tahajjud and sadaqah. They strive to better themselves while at the same time spread Islam to the best of their capacity. Rich sahabat, poor sahabat, male, female, old ,young etc. they all did what they can and went beyond. They even died for Islam.

I guess this is what the taxi driver was trying to say. Not just resources like money and transportation; we also need sifat like readiness to sacrifice at any time for nothing but Allah's sake, good akhlak, the ability to endure hardship, hikmah and so on. This are what the sahabat and the Prophet possess and they need to come into our life, through patience and istimaqah.

But it doesn't mean that other methods are out of the question. These methods help, but the core methods should be based on the way shown by the Prophet. This is not my understanding but I've collected all the above that I've written from my years researching about this matter.

Islam is based on understanding given by Allah, not logic alone. That's why when the Prophet passed away, everyone were overwhelmed with emotions. Even Saidina Umar. Only Abu Bakr was composed and calm. But of course, no one was closer to the Prophet than him. This is, according to Ulama', the reflection of how high Abu Bakr's understanding of Islam. It was chaos at the time, threats and danger were coming from every direction, but Abu Bakr followed the wasiat of Rasullullah and alhamdullillah the critical time was overcomed with success.

Abu Bakr sacrificed for this religion from day one. Nobody can overtake him in righteousness, not even Umar, Usman or Ali R.A.hum. Ulama' says understanding comes from mujahadah. The more we mujahadah for the deen, the more understanding we will gain from Allah. A simple example would be between born-Muslims and reverts. The reverts receive Islam the hard way, facing rejection and God knows what. But you can see how grateful they are for finding Islam back, compared to me a born-Muslim.

Only Allah and his Beloved know best. I am just an ordinary Muslim person, a sinner and an ignorant person with poor akhlak and amal. I'm here only to offer a different perspective and to foster good ties between Muslims, despite what their opinions are. I apologize for any mistakes and errors, and I hope all of us would continue to strive for the betterment of this Deen to the best of ability.


IeNa said...

Barakallahu fiik atas pandangan yang diberikan Bro Shahrul, tak expect sepanjang ini bahasan yang akan diberikan.

But those were good points, no doubt on them. I couldn't agree more on your POV :)

Saya tidak mengatakan tidak perlu mengikut kaedah Rasulullah s.a.w di dalam berdakwah, cuma saya tidak berapa gemar terlalu rigid di dalam memandang satu perkara (walaupun kadang-kadang kita perlu bersikap demikian dlm bab akidah cthnya). Takut juga nanti digelar sebagai Islam Liberal, tapi pada pandangan saya, SELAGI mana ia tidak bersalahan dengan ajaran Islam (penting clause ni, nanti karang kena cop Islam Liberal pulak hehe)sebarang methodology/approach diperbolehkan, sbb sekarang ini saya merasakan sudah perlu adanya keperluan untuk kita memikirkan secara kritis, analytical dan sebagainya untuk bagaimana kita cuba mengembangkan usaha dakwah Islam ini kepada umat manusia.

Jalan dan methodology telah Rasulullah tunjukkan, kita boleh ikut dan sepatutnya ikut. Tetapi saya juga suka mencadangkan agar kita turut melihat atau benchmark bagaimana fahaman lain berjaya melebarluaskan fahaman mereka. Mereka punya pakatan kesefahaman (tak kira ler politik, ekonomi atau sebagainya) yang cukup kuat, kita sepatutnya ada, tetapi tak berjaya dilaksanakan sehingga kini.

Kita benchmark pada mana-mana yang sesuai mengikut kacamata Islam, and i believe it will produce good result insya Allah :)