Monday, December 19, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hehe, last nite Ika and I went to Samira's wedding at Hotel Mutiara, Crowne Plaza.

This our adorable sister, really made us choked to our highest lungs last nite.

We went there at 8 p.m, with several people approaching us, ready to place us at a reserved table. We checked our name in the guest name list, but we can't found either Ika's or my name in it.

Quite malu jugak ler, awat ler our name were not there sedangkan we had confirmed our attendance from last 2 weeks.

There was another name list pasted on a board, so we went and checked. And there, our names written as Kak Ika and Kak Iena were placed at VVIP guest list.

Ok, fine, we were flattered already, considering we are very close to Samira in MMU dulu.

An usherer showed us our table, and my God, at that time we were really got surprised and felt like want to strangle Samira on that verily moment.

At our table, there were 4 Belgiums waiting for us, and were like...."Oooo... Samira, bertuah betul budak ni, ingatkan dia nak placekan kita kat tempat bebudak MMU, rupanya kat tempat org2 putih ni!". Bebetul ingat kami akan dapat placement dgn Amla sbb kami sama2 MMU.

So we sat and introduced ourselves to them, and rupa-rupanya all of them are Nasir Hadrien's (Samira's husband) best friends. Samira's husband is a Belgium, and all his friends mmg speaking French. I thought Nasir is an American, rupanya tak. And then another 2 Belgium friends of Nasir came and sat with us, and Kak Sabrina with her friend Irwin.

So we met Nicholas, Joe Phillipe, Medmed (he is an Algerian and i dunno how to spell his name), Melina from Germany, Hoho ( i dunno how to spell her name also but she's very pretty) and Eric. We were very fortunate as I sat next to Hoho and Ika sat next to Melina, so we felt quite comfortable a lil bit. Hoho is working with UNICEF, and she was so excited to watch Malay dance performance from Kumpulan Warisan Johor, all the dancers are kids, so she was very interested in it, asking me lots of questions about Malaysian culture and customs. And she claimed that baju songket worn by Nasir and Samira were very astonishing. Hehe.

Overall, it was a very lovely nite. Our table was really opposite to meja beradab pengantin, so we managed to have eye contacts with Samira while she was eating with her husband. Dia kenyit mata kat kami hehe, bertuah betul budak ni.

Ika ternangis semalam, sbb mcm tak sangka adik kami yang gila2 ni dah kahwin dah. Samira used to 'kacau' kami dulu almost every nite rite after she got back from her study at MMU library. She used to kacau Ika tidur by lying herself on top of Ika's body during her sleep, tak bagi Ika tidur. Suka mengacau budak nih hehe. She once pernah cakap, kalau ler abg dia belum kahwin lagi, mesti dia akan introduce kami kat abg dia so that he can choose one of us to be his wife. Giler betul budak nih hehe.

Samira is a cute person, and she has a special place in Ika's and my hearts sama seperti we treat special to Mudin, Laili, Sok, bebudak umah Laili and Sok dulu (Farah, Ina, Deq Nor), bebudak IU batch Mudin (Sha, Amla, Zarp, Mudin, Ise, Sue and the rest, byk sgt, tak larat nak type) and for myself, ada lagi sorang yang saya sayang, Mijie nama dia, budak lelaki committee Ika yang selalu tolong SRC dulu, tak tau mana nak cari dia skang ni.

Paling best semalam, Nasir's father buat ucapan dalam Bahasa Melayu for the pengantin. Riuh satu dewan tepuk tangan bila he delivered his speech dgn penuh puitis.

I'm very happy for Samira. This our gila2, cute and adorable sister, has her own way and destiny now. I wish her all the best dalam menjalani kehidupan sebagai seorang insan dan isteri bersama suami di dalam suasana kehidupan Islam. I trust her, i know she can lead Nasir to become a good Muslim. I have full confidence on her, this my lovely sister.


Rindu pulak saat2 bergurau senda dgn Mira kat MMU dulu, kalau dia ada, mmg kecoh bilik kami tu :)

Oo ya, semalam saya dapat berita gembira from my mum, my younger sister Eqa told her that her Prof for Master had submitted her name to UM for PhD program in Denmark. I felt happy for her actually eventho Eqa and i had made a promise that we will further our studies for PhD in UK together. Tak kisahlah kat memana pun nak belajar, kalau ada rezeki pergi jerlahkan, even me myself pun tak tahu biler lagi nak sambung PhD, Master saya skang ni pun habis lambat lagi, tu pun belum consider kot kot saya kahwin ker, or saya meninggal dulu ker, so might as well Eqa pergi sambung PhDnya dulu :)

Berundur dahulu, saya ada 2 report yang perlu diselesaikan dan satu slide presentation for USM to be submitted before this Wednesday.

Assalamualaikum wbt.


ieka said...

siti u always sabotaging me kan by revealing unncessary things:P. yeah, i cried in front of Hadrien's friends - mesti diorang confused. takleh control la.. aku masih lagi tak percaya die dah kawin. adoi! samira is still the same samira. hehe

BTW, bravo.. ko ingat semua nama2 mereka ek:P

ieka said...

lupe plak nak ckp yg ko tanye kat the mat sallehs diorang tu kawan2 Adam ke..dan semua confused..who is adam. hahahahhaha

IeNa said...

hehe, tulaa, aku pun terconfuse camner leh aku teringat Adam pulak, haiyaa...takpe takpe, tu insan mana ntah, sbb aku ingat tu Adam becos recently i had received a wedding invitation nama Adam pastu nama English bin Abdullah, tapi tak tgk nama pengantin perempuan, tersalah pengantin pulak hehehe.