Monday, December 05, 2005

Gone mad

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I think i have gone mad for last 2 days.

Dunno what had happened, but something that i never expect to happen had happened on last Saturday and yesterday.

I think at this moment, i feel like want to find any quiet place and re-think whatever had happened.

Before it go too far and uncontrollable, i shall do something.

I bet all won't understand what i'm talking about :)

Hany,i just want to smile at you. You know what does my smile mean, insya Allah (as a replacement to a pat at your back and a hug from a friend :).



ieka said...

saya pun senyum juga...

be careful.. really CAREFUL
i pray that HE will lead you to the right path and keep your heart straight:)

IeNa said...

Aaa tikot,

I managed to sort the thing as what you had recommended to me this morning, but i was so sad also.

Whylaaa this thing happen only now, not 6 years back. Kalau tak, i wont be so in dilemma rite now.

I'm sad :(

ieka said...

Everything happens for a reason. Aku pun sedang ingatkan diri bahawa Tuhan lebih Mengetahui, dan Dia tidak menguji seseorg melainkan dgn kemampuannya. :)

Jgn sedih2, La Tahzan ok:P

IeNa said...

Syukran Tikot :)

Entahlaa..rasa sedih nak let go, but i know if anything will happen, it won't go to anywhere n it will bring more harm to many people inclusive myself.

Ok, tak yah sedih-sedih, i'm ok kot insya Allah :)

nuun said...

apsal ni?

IeNa said...

abg Faizal,

tak leh reveal kat sini, but you know the overall story actually.

i'll let you know k :)

Hany FF said...

thanks siti! :)

IeNa said...