Thursday, May 05, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,

(1) Revenue Assurance

This is my new division's name, from Fraud Mgmt Division being changed to Revenue Assurance. Being put directly under Corporate Finance Group, nothing i can say other than this...


My heart is craving to join Finance Group all this while,and alhamdulillah after TM restructuring by Dato' CE, my division is being put under Group Finance. Tak perlu lagi berfikir-fikir mcm mana nak masuk ke Finance Group after this :). Last time there was an advertisement on post vacancy in Internal Audit, of course i would like jump into Internal Audit if i have the chance, but when considering that i'm taking MBA rite now, i dun think i can stand the hecticness of being an auditor who need to travel here and there like Mafus. Azni alhamdulillah managed to get herself in there, i called her and wished her luck.

Zarid is replacing her by now, but till today i didn't see a single shadow of her in this building. Not so sure she has started her job or not.

Currently my head is really spinning like gasing, coz since from this early morning i was in KPI worksyop with the rest of executives including our GM, and seriously my head feels like want to rentung and feel very tired. I'm the business strategist, remember?

I have to look and review their KPIs and targets to ensure the optimum efficiency by each process, and due to that, i have to become the scapegoat of Tn Hj since the rest berazam utk kenakan me sbb me asyik query why certain things are like this and that, how to measure process and etc menyebabkan derang tak sabar nak take revenge biler my turn to table out my KPI came. Hehe, the most popular person in this meeting is me ler kot, since everyone mmg menunggu nak revenge sbb me byk tanya. Hoho, apa nak buat, mmg my responsibility is to ensure everything is effective, and target mesti bertepatan. So in a way, i have to provoke and ask them why this and that. Resultnya, sumer org termasuk managers mmg nak kenakan me hoho. Our discussion seriously like a Parlimen, and i was the Speaker hoho. Best best :D

Tapi, alhamdulillah, during my presentation, derang tak dpt nak lancarkan Tomahawk or whatsoever since my targets and KPIs will be highly related to the division KPI, so since there are several units have not presented their KPIs yet, therefore i have to defer my presentation, and they cannot take revenge on me! Yeayyy, best best!! :D

Seronok buat bengkel mcm ni, sbb everyone will become very clear why this unit is doing certain processes, and we can always propose any other KPI that we feel suits to the unit. Me mmg dgn selambanya dah mmg tak kaver2 dah depan GM, dgn bebudak Investigation especially Midun and Zaki mmg dah siap tunjuk penumbuk dah, nakal sgt2 derang ni. Asyik nak kenakan orang jek.Rasanya Tn Hj pun pelik awat ler anak2 buah dia ni macam kanak2 Ribena, asyik lawan2 cakap and tergelak2 buat perangai. Mmg muda balik ler my GM ni nanti, lambat kena serangan jantung sbb asyik ketawa ngan gelagat kitorang memasing hehe.


Ika menyentuh ttg takdir di posting terbarunya.


Kalau saya boleh memusingkan masa, pasti banyak perkara yang akan saya ubah dan mengambil kembali semua peluang yang ada.

Tapi seperti kata Hany, there is no 'andai' or 'kalau' sbb kesemuanya telah berada di dalam ketentuanNya.

rufi'atil aqlam.. wa jaffatissuhuff~
Telah diangkat pena dan telah keringlah lembaran~


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