Thursday, September 16, 2004

Big steps need a big HEART

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Semalam tidur umah Mak Teh as she requested me to sleep over at her house to teach her Arabic. Baru ayat pertama suh cari makna 'al-qaid', tak jumpa dlm kamus, langsung Mak Teh malas nak sambung sbb dia ngantuk. Haiyaa,camner nak score ginih. This morning she insisted me to sleep over at her house again to teach her the same thing. Isk, i've got a meeting tonite at UM. Can't make it. Last resort, she wanted me to teach her on next Sunday rite after my MBA class. I said that i want to stay back in UIA to study, since my final is just around the corner next week, but she still wants me to study at her house to study together. Masalahnya, umah dia ada ASTRO!!!! Kang sure bukak TV. Tu yg maleh tu :)

But i just agree jer, sbb kesian pulak as she need to submit her 'pre-final exam paper' to her ustaz on the next Monday. Her ustaz cakap, kalau derang tak score in final, he will pick this paper as supplementary exam paper to support the final exam's! Tak aci sungguh! Hehe.

Hari ni jugak Mak Teh lewat sent me to LRT station, ending up i was late to punch in for about 10 minutes!! I just dun understand how people can talk and have conversation about a lot of things before nak pergi keje, yang biasanya akan menyebabkan me lewat tuh. Haiyaa... in my heart, i kept begging..cepat laaar Mak Teh, cepat laaarr, kang iena lambat nanti. Tapi cakap dlm hati je ler, cakap bebetul nanti takut her housemate get irritated by me pulak. Tapi bukan me yg nak stay kat umah tu, my Mak Teh yg insisted. AND, that house is belongs to Induk, my own makcik! So, tak kisahlah kan kalau nak begitu berterus terang, tapi rasa mcm tak best ler pulak. She's the one renting that house with my Mak Teh and i'm not, which means i dun have rights to instruct people here and therelah,kan?. Hmm...

Yesterday, i requested Ika to bring my Accounting textbook and pass it to me before she went to UM, so we met at Masjid Jamek. I invited her for a drink and both of us makan capati sbb still kenyang lagi. This was about our fifth time makan di kedai makan mamak yg sama, and about the third time we were having such a good discussion. Yang kelakarnya, setiap malam jumpa kat umah, takde pulak terpk nak discuss bebende yg kami biasa discuss kat kedai mamak. So when she was in the train, i sent a message to her saying that how funny we were coz we were used to discuss about masalah negara and stuff di kedai mamak instead at our own house. She replied to me, di kedai mamaklah biasanya org2 hebat berbincang, cuba tgk kalau org tgh discusss pasal business ker, apa ker, sure cari kedai mamak after hotel. Kira ok ler tuh. Hehe.

Tu jer ler kot. Cumanya out of our discussion yesterday, tetiba i dpt ilham what should i be in the future. Cumanya tak leh nak reveal kat sini sbb not yet sure. But my heart was happy yesterday, might be it is an indicator saying that my instict is right? Dunno...we'll wait and see.

Ok, nak concentrate on keje dulu. Wassalam. :)

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