Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New day, and a new life

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I do not know why, but i really become so energetic, feel happier and revitalised again this morning. Terasa mcm lamanya tak terasa best nak pergi keje. Mungkin sebab dah hantar assignment yg grabbed a lot of my attention before, menyebabkan biler dah submit, terasa lapangnya hati. Be grateful, be grateful :)

I really feel like to jump like a small kid at my place rite now. Tak tau ler ni masalah emotional instability atau apa, kejap happy, kejap kang sedih tak pasal-pasal. I think i have to check with doc pasal my emo ni hehe.

I think all are depends on what you choose at which conditions you wanna be. If you wanna be in happy state, then you'll be happy. If vice versa, the result will be the vice versalah,kan? ;)

Ok, for today, i wanna choose happiness and proactiveness. Have to keep moving faster and faster. I've got 3 exams starting from next Saturday for my Accounting, then my Management subject on Sunday on the other week, and the next Mondaynya i've got Arabic exam pulak. I have to be very wise assigning my time to cater which subjects. And not to be forgotten, my office jobs too.

Oklah, sesaper yang terasa nak ambil MBA, especially Aini, ni nak bagitau jujur sejujurnya ni. If you think you can cope with your personal life + office job + other responsibilities or commitments, then i believe MBA is good for you. But if you think you can't, Msc (Master in Science) is a better option. Seriously, if you opt for Msc, you won't have this hectic schedule of life, and you can concentrate on other parts or things of your life that you think are much important. As for MBA, there are so many things for you to catch up. Your studies, assignments, projects and presentations, plus our existing office job rite now. Even for me myself, i'm started thinking to let go my Arabic class next sem, coz i think i have to prioritize which should come first rite now. I love Arabic so much, but i couldn't spare my guilty for not becoming a good worker as i can't concentrate on my job as what i did before i took the MBA class.

Ok, continue later insya-Allah.

May Allah bless us all.


~ Happiness is a gift out of thousands nikmah that Allah grants to us, so let us be grateful for whatever we have and we don't have for now :) ~

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