Friday, August 12, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt,


Subhanallah, kita masih berpeluang bertemu di sini sambil menghirup udara yang tak berapa segar (sbb jerebu), but we still have chance to live, to stay with our beloved ones, and ultimately to be grateful and still have chance to repent ourselves to get rahmah wa maghfirah from our ultimate love in life, which is Allah swt.

Life is short, so short that i am afraid i could not fulfill my tasks as a good daughter,sister,friend,colluege,subordinate, boss or just simply an ordinary person that should perform better in every aspect of my life.

I had so much weaknesses in me, and i admit that, and i know you guys also have your own. But let's not forget that there is still time for us to always reflect ourselves (muhasabah) and work for improvement, as life itself is a school that teach us a lot about life survival, dream fulfillments, goal achievements and ect. Along the journey, we had faced so many things that had passed thru our path, and had built and developed ourselves to become better, if it's not wiser.

If we really2 look deep into ourselves, starting from when we were babies, until the breath that we are taking now, there were so many things that could make you laugh for some 'immature' actions that we had taken during our life, and some were so sad and stressful that had made us become stronger from time to time.

Masya Allah, we had been given opportunity to have all this in life, and the most important thing is that, we had been selected to be in islam and iman since we were born (alhamdulillah), and i believe most of us had kept some jealousy towards those reverts (from other religions reverted to Islam) as Allah had clearly show them His way, had bestow them with His rahmah, how lucky they are! Just how lucky!

We are also lucky, provided we are holding steadfastly to Allah. Be a good muslim and mukmin, and always pray for our safety now and hereafter.

Walk together beside me my dear friends, for i am so weak and vulnerable to commit sins. Hold my hands tight, as i am not strong to face this world alone without strength by Allah and concern from you guys. Let's face this journey towards Allah in jama'ie in order to instill strengths among ourselves.

Don't forget about our brothers and sisters in other countries that are facing so many tribulations in life. They are tested with wars and bloodsheds, perhaps to measure their patience and kifaraah, whereas we are tested with harmony and wealth, to see whether we are grateful or not.

Alhamdulillah for i still had a chance to write like this as for quite sometimes i had no idea what to write.

Berkat hari Jumaat kot :)



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I came upon yer blog when i was searching for stuff on Ahmed Deedat. good posting. Frankly,I'm a Muslim but i dunt think im a good one. But we learn,dont we. InsyaAllah. Good luck in life :)

sakinah said...

sebaik2 kejadian...
namun tidak sebaik-baik
syukur yang terungkap
syahadah hanya di bibir
tidak pada ketundukan

sebaik2 sandaran...
kesempurnaan makrifatullah
terbuka seluas-luas
pintu keinsafan
selagi nyawa
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IeNa said...

For Anonymous 1: Thanks for ur invitation :)

For Anonymous 2: Thank you for visiting, i believe all of us here are still in learning process to be good Muslims,and together we shall put efforts to be the good ones :) Good luck to you too, and keep visiting me ya! :)

Kak Yumni,
Tiada ungkapan selain :). Barakallah :)

rol said...

A'kum. Yo. digs you, man, and thinks you're phat and wants to bookmark you.

(But seriously I think it's the blog spam that's been irking bloggers everywhere. It's new kind of nuisance marketing ploy just like email spams. It's best to be aware and be careful. Allahu'alam)

ieka said...

ntahnyer siti..sejak bile plak ko terlibat dgn industri HIP HOP ni..heheh lepas tu sape plak President Alex Padilla Gershwin semua..ekekke

IeNa said...

Actually mmg dah agak it's kinda spam, tapi mana tau betul and dia nak bookmark, bleha gak ler nak berdakwah hoho.

so how's your paper Rollie? Boleh buat? :)

I'm having QDM paper this Saturday and still have no chance to review it till now for so many reports i have to prepare. Tgh takut ni actually.

rol said...

I also hv accounting xm postponed this Sat. My hair is slowly greying bcoz of it. Last paper was OK, insya-Allah, but my essay part answer was 'tunggang langgang', flow tarak. Risau gak ni.

I saw my coursemate QDM assignment the other day and went "PADIA NI?!!" Mid term xtau la. I wish you and them all the best.