Monday, October 25, 2004

To love ourselves and others

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Just wanna share the things i've learnt during Nisa' seminar on last Saturday.

I was so shocked to see students all around Malaysia excluding Sabah n Sarawak were coming down to join the seminar (abt 50 students), which initially i was told that the meeting was for Nisa' committee which will not be more than 20 people, so i booked the hotel for 20 pax for the first time, and the amount of pax was being altered to 50 pax as being requested at the very last minute by Nisa' team. Ended up abt 80 people turned up. Very much happy actually :)

I'm not going to touch on political thingy as i think we all were 'tepu' by my last posting abt the Gov and Opposition potential relationships in Malaysia. Enough of it, i guess.

Masya-Allah, terkejutnya rasa apabila delegasi student one by one appeared and said they were coming down all the way from Penang, Kelantan, JB, Perak, gosh! How strong they were to come down to KL just for a-1 day program! They arrived here on Saturday morning, and went back to their place rite after our ifthar, on that verily night!! I felt so shameful of myself during that day for i know i have no courage to do as what they did. They have this passion to travel far away just to attend one day program, and i have to admit that i dun have that.

Shame on me, shame on me :(

Never mind, i've learnt one thing by looking at them. Do not take things for granted, and belajar untuk mengenal erti susah.

The best part during the seminar was the motivational talk given by Kak Sabrina assisted by her younger sis, Kak Nora. They touched abt love and support, changes to be thought and done,and lastly about 'ilm. Strive for knowledge.

It is common for us to say I Love You to other people, but it is quite rare for us to say physically that we love ourselves, and allow other people to love and support us for we used to mistrust people at certain times and at certain occasions. I have to admit that i never say to myself that i love myself, i sometimes do feel contented, yes, that is for sure, but to say to myself that i love myself very much, never in my life. And actually it was never appear to my mind pun to say that. I've read lots of books telling that to love others, we have to love ourselves first. Yeah, i do get the point, but in this seminar then i realized what these book writers that i've read before were saying exactly actually.

Love is not about feeling, it is about ACTION. When you love something or someone, prove it by action and not by jiwang2 or whatsoever. That is meant by love actually.

And there were some other stuff being explained during the course, and we were served by a multimedia presentation which i am 100% confident that the presentation were being done by Ija Mazlan and Asey as i saw their pictures in those presentation. Bangga pulak rasanya anak sedara and junior sendiri rajin contribute tenaga dlm hal-hal sebegini :)

That is i think for now. Insya-Allah we'll meet again tomorrow.



nuun said...

Kak Nora nih Ustazah Nora yek?.. rindunya dengan dia.. kalau jumpe kim salam ya

IeNa said...

Tak, ni bukan ust Nora :) Iena pun baru jumpa dia first time kat seminar tu actually, before this tak kenal pun :)