Friday, October 29, 2004

My younger sis buat havoc

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Guys, better believe me, my younger sis's Master project had caused an accident and someone had died!

She went to IWK (Indah Water) to take some water samples from the company's waste water treatment plant, and supposedly her assistant from UM is the one who should take the sample. What happened was, this one particular Indian guy from IWK offered his help to take the sample. Unfortunately, he slipped over and went drown despite of my younger sis and other UM and another IWK staff's efforts to rescue him. They really tried hard to save him, but to no avail.

I was the first person in the family that she informed about this, and followed by my auntie. We advice my sis not to tell our parent about this, coz i believe that my mum won't let her continue the project, for her safety reason. But my younger sis insists to tell our father, and she did this morning when my mum was not around.

Hmm..i'm not sure what will happen to her project, but what can i see, UM has no problem to let her continue her project despite of this tragedy. IWK, hmm.. not so sure. But this is not the first time accident did happened to their plant.

Last night went to see this pakcik who actually was with my sis to take the sample. He was afraid if his police statement today will be contradict to my sis's. We went to his house, and guess what, instead of we feel any nervousness, scared or whatever, we ended up laughing like nobody business coz this pakcik is seriously funny. Ada ker citer pasal burung Flamingo tercekik kat dlm kolam tu. Aiyyaa..cannot tahan gelak. Dah lama tak gelak mcm tu punyer gelak, kelakar betul :)

This morning Eqa went to UM to make police statement with other 2 UM staff.

Macam macam perkara terjadi.

Dugaan...and dugaan ini tak sehebat dugaan saudara-saudara kita di selatan Thailand.

Doakan mereka dan umat Islam seluruhnya tabah dan kuat di bulan Ramadhan ini.


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